Sunday, December 24, 2006


Yes yes, I should be updating my blog.

I've been waiting for Azzura to email me the photos of Anim's engagement, but it's been days and no pictures of a pretty lady in blue made way into my gmail. I wanted to make this whole dramatic post about her, and the fact that she didn't tell us - let alone invite us! - to her engagement on the 10th of December. And to think that Azzura knew about it and didn't say a thing! Not even during Nurul's wedding, coz yeah... she knew since then! I felt like I was stabbed when I found out :(

Well. Not really. Dramatic ni. haha.

What happened was, me, Azzura and Noran were at Anjung, this makan place near my home to have our dinner and supper [yes, we stayed that long]. We were waiting for Animz on the false pretext that Azzura wanted to show us pictures of her duduk belakang friend at the office [long story; no time to explain]. And doing so requires a laptop coz it's in her thumbdrive, and Animz had the laptop. When Animz finally came, and sat down, and turned on her laptop, we three were made to close our eyes, and I knew immediately something was up. Or she wanted to give us presents. But it wasn't anyone's birthday. So we waited. Until she told us to open up our eyes. And we did.

Appeared on the screen was a nicely made bed, with what seemed to be satin bedsheet. Now, in the Malay culture, a picture of a nicely made bed with satin bedsheet can only mean two things: an engagement, or a wedding. And I heard Noran said "aaa awak tunang ke Anim?" I think I was in denial for a good 10 seconds, coz I thought, hey... Animz would have invited me! And Noran! The freaks!

Boy was I wrong.

And a few seconds after that, a picture of a lovely looking Animz in a pretty blue baju kurung, and bunned-up hair. And I said, with all the sarcastic energy I could gather up in 3 seconds: SOMEBODY GOT ENGAGED! Which was met with laughter from the girls, but dang it Animz! And you too, Zura!

Me and Noran was more shocked at the engagement rather than feeling angry about them not telling us, but it was fun when they both said sorry and asking us not to do the same when we get engaged, insya Allah. And yeah, I actually do understand that Anim's decision to be engaged was not planned [under 2 weeks of preparation!], and even Azzura didn't know the date of the engagement, thus she too was not there. But still... it was fun. hehe.

Congratulations, Animz dearie. After all you've been through, you deserve this.

And if anyone I am close to decides to pull this kind of stunt hoping that I won't be upset, then you got another thing coming right at ya, buddy.

Pictures will be up soonest I get them. *sneers at Zura*

More news soon. Right now, I have a boyfriend whom I could I use a little cuddle from.

Ciao, all~

Thursday, December 14, 2006

nuts over toffee

Last Monday was the 2nd annual commencement ceremony of the ADP Department of SEGi College, and it was, I think, pretty much a blast. There were of course a few things that can be worked on, but attendance was good, and we were ahead of schedule. Of course, there was this little incident where there were not enough certificates up on stage for the graduates, but Nurul handled the situation like a pro [who was a little freaked!]. And the was also the alumni members of Upper Iowa University who - I'm not exaggerating - graced the event. I hope when I graduate next year, they'd come again.

That is, if I do graduate next year. oooo pray for me!

And then there was my final exam papers on Tuesday and Wednesday. I fucked my Business Law paper, but I think I did kinda well for Writing for Media. But whatever... I'm on a month long holiday! whee~

... though I have to spend it working. Where else can I get money for the dance next year?

Better log out now. Am now using Ikin's uber-cool laptop at Starbucks, KL Central. Anna [Ikin's bro's gf] makes the best iced chocolate ever! Yummy~


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

OMG! major update ahead!

Has it really been that long since my last post?

I'm not sure if I have enough time to do a lengthy post, but here's an update nevertheless. Accompanied by a few pictures. And you all know that when it comes to me, pictures are very hard to come by. hehe.

And let's start it off with Nurul's wedding to a very lucky Fikri.

I love this picture! Taken from Azzura :)

The wedding was held at Nurul's home in Kajang on the 25th November, and of course, with a Bollywood theme. I've never been to a Malay wedding that plays solely Hindi songs before! She was gorgeous, I have to say, and I am so happy that she is happy. Her pelamin or dais was simple, but nevertheless beautiful. And i can't stress this enough... she was GORGEOUS!

2 freaksters down, 8 more to go... I wonder who's next?

The very next day was Reena's and Apip's wedding.

She was one of the girls who i used to hang out with, and one of my Backroom/Movement partners. And that's how she and Apip met, to be honest. All thanks to Yanti and her supermobile! haha. Anyways, we weren't especially close to each other... but she is one of the people who colored my life back in 2000. They hooked up just 3 months before my Babe and I, but no, that does not mean that wedding bells are ringing just yet for us. :P

Goodness... I honestly miss those days.

More pictures from the weddings can be seen here, but there's not many from Reena's.

And moving on...

On Monday, Alia suddenly had some sort of urge to bake. Yup, bake. So I came over and we made some lover-ly lemon and peach muffins, and fruit truffles.

Don't judge muffins by their... uhh... look?

Admittedly, they don't look like much. In fact, they're actually burnt. But they were delish, nevertheless. Alia wasn't too happy about it, but she munch on them like nobody's business anyways. But kudos to both of us for somewhat successfully made our first muffins EVER! yeay~

So that's all for now. Oh, and just for the heck of it, here's a couple of pictures of my little angels/devils/loves of my life.

Amir Haziq, Megat Andhar, Puteri Nur Irdina [believe it or not, she's the naughtiest of them all!]

Faidhi Ilham - bundle of joy!

And that is all... for now. :)


Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Allergy reaction sucks.

Not being able to eat crab happily without a worry of an allergy attack SUCKS even more!!! But I'll find a way >:P

I missed two classes so far this week, and one more later today. My fever has subsided, but my body is still somewhat achy, and my throat hurts a lot less than yesterday. Don't get me started on the phlegm, though. ughh.

I managed to finish up my Abnormal Psychology assignment without any sleepless nights... yeay! It's due today at 2:15 pm, so although I won't be going to class, I still need to get to college and hand-in my assignment.

On another note, former clubbing buddies of mine are getting married! Reena and Afif, I wish you guys all the best, and I'll definitely be coming to the reception!

Shower time! whee~

Monday, November 20, 2006

belated Hallow's Eve

Friday was wonderful. One of the most memorable nights this year thus far. I didn't come in a costume, but it was still great nevertheless.

Our department [the ADP department] in SEGi held a Halloween Night as the big end to our spooktacular week. Yeah, it's two weeks late... but 31st October was during our Raya holiday, and our department had a Psychology thing last week. I took part in a play as I too am doing a Psychology subject this semester. Preparation for it was bad, though the result was not as disastrous as I thought it would have been. I was a doctor attending to my patients with various psychological disorders... haha!

Anyways, back to the Halloween celebration. As part of the countdown to the party, we had a few activities lined-up during the whole week, and I was helping out with the Movie Day we held on Tuesday. We screened Amityville Horror, and of course, I didn't stay for the movie. I would scare me out of... whatever I wore that day. haha. Amanda did a great job at attracting the customers though. Other activities included a PS2 tournament, tattoo and food booth, the student/lecturer auction and of course, the fashion show... which I half-heartedly joined in. Sudha was desperate for models, and I thought "hey, why not?" But when I got home, it turned into "Oh God, WHY?!" haha. But all is good... I didn't fall off the wooden thingy that was the runway! yeay!

And at the party itself I was in charge of two performances... one was the Whose Line Is It Anyway-style game that in my personal opinion, I could've organized better. But it was great nevertheless... Thanks to my actors Hadi, Jack and Joshua, and of course, Dahlia. I think the audience loved it... a repeat performance one day, perhaps? And i rocked as the host too, of course :P

The other one was a result from a proposal Mr. Vijay made that we couldn't refuse... exactly a week before the big night, he told us that if we manage to prepare a few performances within 7 days, we won't have to do our group assignment. And we were crazy... and none of us hesitated to agree. And so me and another friend, Shiura was appointed as the drama leaders/scriptwriters/directors of a Halloween play.

It was freaking insane... the thing is, writing the script wasn't too bad, and finding the actors was hard, though wasn't the hardest part. The most difficult was gathering everyone up ON TIME to rehearse. We didn't get to have a proper rehearsal until a few hours before the party started! I was freaking out, and so did my lead actress, Nurul. But as soon as we ended our rehearsal, I just had a good vibe about the whole thing. There were minor glitches here and there, but everything went considerably smooth.

haha. Well this is a pretty lengthy post on a college party with no booze, don't you think? The thing is, up until last semester, you wouldn't caught me dead on stage saying even one little line... unless it's a presentation and my grades depend on it. But this week alone, I was on stage twice, and I was nowhere near a nervous breakdown! Those who knew me would realize that I always try to get away from doing anything that involves speaking in front of an audience, but I have to say [though this may sound really corny], the Public Speaking class I took last semester helped a great deal in getting rid of my anxiety. Sure, I still get nervous going up on stage... but I don't hide from it anymore... instead, I embrace it... :P So THANK YOU Dr. Steven... you r0x0r!

haih. I'm getting sooo sleepy. I should be doing my assignment right now, It's due on Wednesday. I know, I know... I do this to myself all the time. And no, I don't work better under pressure. I just have this relationship I can't get out of with procrastination... haha.

I'm off. Till my next post, y'all. Ciao~

Monday, November 06, 2006


It's 5 a.m, and I've finally finished up my assignments... well, those that are due tomorrow, anyways. I'm sleepy, I'm tired, and I have this nagging headache that's more annoying than it is painful.

Time to sleep. whee.

ooh. By the way, anyone watched The Revolver yet? If you have, do drop me a line and please tell me what the freakin' movie is all about. I watched it yesterday... it started off fine, it was enjoyable. A few things happened... then suddenly it ended. I was left clueless.

Oh well.

Happy Monday, everyone!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


It's the week after Raya, and the craziness of the festivities is finally subsiding. Back to college, to assignments, to waking up at 6 a.m to get to the 9 a.m class on time.

My Raya was fine. Okay. Well nothing much happened. Heh... so much for making the most of Syawal. But it wasn't all bad... I got some duit raya. And visiting my relatives was quite nice, actually. But I guess the fact that we were only there for only one night played a big part in the experience being nice hehe.

Ugh. An assignment due on Friday, another due next Monday. Oh, the joy.

More update later, Insya Allah. Gonna go munch on something.


Thursday, October 19, 2006


Was doing my routine blog check on the blogs I usually read. Zura tagged me to do a survey, and since I'm so lazy to start on my assignment [that's due tomorrow by the way], but I have plenty of time to waste, here's the questionnaire :)

1. Four Jobs I Have In My Life
+Admin Assistant at a security company in Kelana Jaya
+Product Advisor at The Body Shop, The Mines
+Admin Assistant at the Graduate Studies Office, UPM
+Part-timing at a marketing research firm, KL

2. Four Movies I can Watch Over and Over
+The Shawshank Redemption
+Strictly Ballroom [so freaking cheesy, but I love it nonetheless!]
+Amelie [Audrey Toutou rocks!]
+P. Ramlee classics!

3. Four TV Shows I Love To Watch
+Heroes [though I don't watch them on TV...]
+CSI Vegas [as above]
+21 Jump Street [I'd buy the DVD set if I could. This is when I first fell hard on Johnny Depp]
+Whose Line Is It Anyway?

4. Four Places I've Lived
+Ladang 1, UPM
+Bangi [tho I can barely remember the place]
+Taman Sri Serdang
+Uhm Bandar Tun Razak? [heh My Sayang's family home. I'm here a lot!]

5. Four Places I've Been On Vacation To
+Langkawi [we should do it again!]
+Bali [oooh heavenly!]
+Europe [London-Brussels-Amsterdam-Cologne-Paris-London]
+California! [well, I haven't really. But I WILL!]

6. Four Places I'd Rather Be In
+Anywhere with my Babe instead of doing assignments. blergh.
+Holidaying, relaxing, not worrying
+SHOPPING with loads of money to burrrrnnnn~
+In bed. But I can't!

7. Four Of My Favorite Food [I definitely need more space... 4 is not enough!]
+Anything Chocolatey!
+My dad's ikan bilis sambal tempoyak
+Tom Yam! ooooo~

8. Four Websites I Visit Daily
+My e-mails
+My blog
+Friendster and Myspace

9. Four Victims To Do This Tag
+Well, not four, just YOU. Whoever you are. hehe.

NOW I can start on my assignment. Or maybe not. haih~

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Grissom is hot.

My first midterm paper on Monday was a total disaster. I have two more papers to go, and I am trying my best to not have the same sinking feeling that I felt after Monday's paper on Friday. Here's hoping for the best.

I'm off for a day trip to Singapore tomorrow with my Sayang. I'm not really looking forward to the 10-hour return trip on a bus, but the curry mee at Isle Cafe sure is making me drool already. Even after eating more fried chicken than I should in one night. We had a small birthday celebration for Ikin... it's her 24th birthday today, i mean yesterday. We only did what we could, so my Babe bought a bucket of KFC, and Fareen brought Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence for dessert. Indulgence indeed.

And then we watched two episodes of the latest season of CSI, and the third episode of Heroes. Which ALL of you should be watching.

So anyways. Singapore tomorrow. But no sleep for me tonight; I think I'm gonna hit the books afterwards. So Ikin, Happy Birthday! I hope the KFC and the cake and the company and tv series and the groping was a good celebration for you. Happy 24th! :)

Aih I'm sooo sleepy... :/

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan: Mira's Cut


I am bored.

I'm currently at college, waiting for today's classes to be over. Nothing really happened worth mentioning about, but I feel like typing. And telling stuff. But there's nothing to tell. Hence the dilemma.

Puasa is going on and about without any major glitch. My midterm is starting on Monday. And no, I haven't really prepared for any paper. There's more work to be done, more activities to be held. Less money to be made as I don't really have time to go for my part-time job. But all is good, so far; it is Ramadhan, so I don't spend money on food except for berbuka.

Talking about berbuka, I've been eating a LOT since Saturday. Had a barbeque-cum-berbuka party for my dad... We were celebrating his 64th birthday which was on the 25th September. My Boo Kusa and Ikin came over too, and there were SO MANY FOOD! I was surprised I didn't gain any kgs! Sunday was berbuka time with the Freaksters, and because I didn't want Ikin to berbuka alone [coz i hate to buka alone!], I invited her along too. Kusa was there as well, of course. We went to this place called Rimbun Klasik in Bangi, and though the company was wonderful, the food and service of the restaurant SUCKED BIG TIME. How bad did it suck? So bad that if it wasn't for the fact that I was fasting, I would have cursed so very badly.

On Monday, my Sayang was kind enough to entertain my sudden craving for the steamboat in Brickfields, so that's where we headed to for buka. The food did NOT dissapoint despite it lacklustre decor, and it was as delish as I first went there in the 90s with my family. And yesterday was splurge day... me, Kusa and Ikin had a scrumptuous dinner at Friday's, Life Center.

I'm fat. And I love it. As long as I don't gain anymore than what I'm trying to still lose. haha.

Today me and my Babe are gonna lay low, and just eat at a tomyam warong in Cheras. They don't cost much, but those steamed ikan kembong are yummy!

Ooh. Class is starting in 5 minutes. Cheerio~

Monday, October 02, 2006


For my Baby :)

Aqualung - Brighter than Sunshine

I never understood before
I never knew what love was for
My heart was broke, my head was sore
What a feeling

Tied up in ancient history
I didnt believe in destiny
I look up you're standing next to me
What a feeling

What a feeling in my soul
Love burns brighter than sunshine
Brighter than sunshine
Let the rain fall, i don't care
I'm yours and suddenly you're mine
Suddenly you're mine
And it's brighter than sunshine

I never saw it happening
I'd given up and given in
I just couldn't take the hurt again
What a feeling

I didn't have the strength to fight
Suddenly you seemed so right
Me and you
What a feeling

What a feeling in my soul
Love burns brighter than sunshine
It's brighter than sunshine
Let the rain fall, I don't care
I'm yours and suddenly you're mine
Suddenly you're mine

It's brighter than the sun
It's brighter than the sun
It's brighter than the sun, sun, shine.

Love will remain a mystery
But give me your hand and you will see
Your heart is keeping time with me

What a feeling in my soul
Love burns brighter than sunshine
It's brighter than sunshine
Let the rain fall, I don't care
I'm yours and suddenly you're mine
Suddenly you're mine

I got a feeling in my soul...

Monday, September 25, 2006

the second day


I'm sitting here, in my boyfriend's chair, in front of his PC, completely forgetting what I wanted to blog about.

How annoying.

Anyways, Selamat Berpuasa to my Muslim friends. Hope that we all get through Ramadhan with more than just "Hey, I managed to not drink and eat during the day for one whole month! Cool!" hehe. I'm actually telling myself that :D And i resolve to have a great Raya, though I don't know how, coz it has been pretty drabby and unexciting for the past few years, especially last year. But this year, I wanna try. It's gonna be hard, without my mother around, but let's try and be positive, shall we?

oooh. I just remembered what I wanna blog about! but there's 10 minutes left till the break of fast. So... Later all! Ciao~

Thursday, September 21, 2006


When I was a Performing Arts student in UiTM, I hung out a lot with a group of people who are so diverse and comes from different places, and yet so freakishly alike. There's Shu... short, cute Kelantanese girl with guy problems who was also my roommate; Fadz, a Bangsar girl a year older than I am with all the experience in the world; and Umar, the Sarawakian guy in our little foursome but somehow fitted like a glove with us crazy girls. And plus, he had a crush on Fadz [last time i checked, they were together].

They're the reason why I sometimes look at myself 6 years ago, and thought: "Why the fuck did I leave UiTM?" Well, among other things, admittedly. I loved my faculty. But that's for another post.

There's also other people that I was close to, but I didn't have with the rest what I had with these three people. We didn't even last a full year, sure... but there was chemistry there between the four of us. Without one, we were almost incomplete.

I've experienced similar chemistries with other people since then; with Ikin, with my clubbing buddies, with my Boo a thousand times over.

I'm not regretting. My choices in the past did not make me the person I am today, though it did shape the path that I took, and maybe, will take. And I made good choices. I love where I am now, and I like the person I've become.

I just wonder what happened to them. What's happening. We probably won't hit off as well as we did back in 2000, but hey... maybe we will.


Thursday, September 14, 2006

fucking stupid.

Was happily browsing thru Friendster when I glanced over at the Bulletin Board section. The title of Yana's bulletin [i love my boifren] caught my attention, and so i clicked away. This is the content:


Message: You have 200 seconds to repost this or your mom will die.

only say one

.I have a boyfriend now
.I have a girlfriend now
.I want a boyfriend
.I want a girlfriend
.I like someone
.We broke up for sure
.I am single
.I LOVE my boyfriend
.I LOVE my girlfriend
.I'm ugly
.i'm too pretty for you


No one believes this stuff, and i'm sure Yana didn't; she probably posted it just for the heck of it. But seriously, whoever created this, is one messed up dude who has nothing better to do but wish for someone's mother to die.

Not even your worst enemy deserves this kind of shit, regardless of it being just a chain letter.

just my 2 sen of thought.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


my Babe and his mom are returning home! actually they're already on their way here. so in a few minutes, i'm gonna be happy, ecstatic, overjoyed, thrilled, excited, glad etc etc etc. :)

it's all going to be good.

later! ciao~

Sunday, September 10, 2006

another weekend gone.. well, almost.

Didn't do much for the weekend, and for the remaining 13 hours, not much is planned either. Went out with Ikin the whole day yesterday; First we went to Midvalley to see my dear cayunk Milo. He wanted to treat me for a movie, and that he did... we watched My Super Ex-Girlfriend. It was a fun movie as a whole, though admittedly there was nothing much to it. Everything about the movie we saw coming, but it did have its moments. Uma Thurman was good... and I've always have a soft spot for Luke Wilson.

Later after that, me and Ikin went straight to Mantin, to see Alia. KTJ was having a house singing competition, and Alia's Irinah House won first prize! She was so adorable! And cute! And pinchable! Gigit also can... haha.

And then, it's back to Bandar Tun Razak. Made some maggi, drank some water, lepak for a while, then straight to bed.

And here I am still, waiting for Ikin to decide what she should be getting her mother as her birthday gift. Then maybe we go out again. Or maybe not. Who knows? Ikin's weird.

And I'm off to drool over some really cool shoes from Nine West. Ciao~

Friday, September 08, 2006


My Sayang, Kusa the Boosook is coming back, scheduled to arrive on Wednesday morning. however, i'd like to state here that i can in actual fact function without my Babe around, though admittedly i do stumble when i don't get to talk to him for days.

what i'm trying to say is this:
the kat's bliss is returning home by middle of next week.


Monday, September 04, 2006

the kat is not so blissful today

i shouldn't have said that i like missing Kusa. he is not calling me, or sending me any sms, or even get online. i hate missing someone who is completely unreachable. even only for a day.

spent a four-day weekend at Kusa's place last night as Alia came home from KTJ for the Merdeka weekend. Ikin came on Friday to join us, and i think we had a blast just lepakking and do nothing. went to watch Monster House on Saturday night... for an animated, supposedly-for-kids movie, it sure was scary! i'd say go and watch it with your tots, but keep their eyes closed for most of the parts. heh.

i'm hungry. ciao~

Thursday, August 24, 2006

in regard to the title of my previous post

It's not Fadhi Izdihar, but Faidhi Ilham, the Malay equivalent to the Arabic word of Izdihar. Whatever his name may be, he is hecka adorable!


My Babe left me this morning... but only for three weeks. It wasn't to hard to say goodbye, because obviously, i get to see him again in three weeks. But maaannn... i reek with jealousy right now! Three weeks of holiday! In the States! California, then NEW YORK! well actually Jersey, but New York is like, only next door! It'll be cool to be able to go to California for the obvious reason of meeting up with the Troops [Nana, Salty and Sham], and it'll be grand to go to New York coz it's NEW freaking YORK! gaaaahhhhh!!!

But I would fool no one if I say that I wouldn't be missing my Sayang that much. C'mon... I miss him even when i knew I'd see him the next day. So for 20 days... yeah, I'd say I'll miss him too damn much by the middle of next week.

Though admittedly, I kind of like missing him. Coz when he finally gets back, I get to come up with a valid reason to make him hug me just a little tighter, and cuddle me for a while longer.

And the stuff he'll bring back for me is an added bonus.

I'm off... ciao.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

here comes Faidhi Izdihar!

yeay~ a new nephew to call my... uhm, nephew!

my sis gave birth to a 2.95 kg baby boy last sunday night, but i haven't seen him just yet. but i will, once i get better. get better, you ask?

the healthy record that i have is finally broken after 6 months and a half.

close friends and loved ones will remember that the last time i got sick was the week after i came back from Bali, and that was when i spent 7 days at home, doing literally nothing. and before that, i get sick once in every month on average, and not just small sniffs here and there, but the whole works. similarly, now i'm having a major case of flu and fever, but my sore throat is going away, and i sure hope i won't start coughing. i was convinced yesterday that my sore throat started because i was talking on the phone all the time since, well, that's the nature of my job.

which reminds me... i started my part-time job last thursday as a surveyor. in other words, that annoying person who calls in uninvited and ask you damn too many questions about a certain product or service. [as of yesterday, we handled a project for TM, and from tomorrow onwards, i'll be calling Singapore for a SOA project. don't ask me what SOA is yet.] but i didn't go to work today [what's the point of calling people up if you can't talk?!], and probably tomorrow, too. that's the cool thing about my job... you can come whenever is okay for you, but it's best to come as often as you can, coz they pay by the hour, and by each questionnaires that you get done.

so basically, i better get well real soon, or i'll be missing out on some desperately-needed money.

ughh... college is starting next week too. sucks. have to go check the schedule on friday. ooohh... and my results too. wish me luck.

till later, y'all... ciao~

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Medley lagu-lagu KRU

So me, my Babe and Fareen accompanied Ikin and his mom and bro to send Bad off last night at KLIA. Ikin cried a little bit [she didn't when we sent him off last year], but not really down... good on ya, gurl! and on the way back, we did what i would have thought impossible on any other regular day.

the title of this post says it all.

blame it on my Boo. he started it first hoping to annoy the hell out of me, and it usually would've worked, except for a couple of things; there's an ex-Yusry groupie in the car [that's Fareen], and... well, i hate to admit this, but i had a thing for KRU's ballads. and we all did. coz Kusa remember most of the songs, and so did Ikin! haha!

maybe it was my Sayang's attempt at cheering Ikin up too, and i think it kinda have worked. though it would have probably been much better if they're not sappy ballads. or maybe it worked because the songs are sappy. oh well. can't help it if their good songs are ballads.

ohhh... and guys, the song that i didn't remember the title last night... it was 'Apa Saja'. heh.

Monday, August 07, 2006

i'll try not to make blogging a monthly thing

wow... been a while since i blogged. almost seems like i lead a hectic, busy, i-don't-have-time-to-blog kind of life, but the truth is, i'm just lazy. that, and i don't have a Net connection to use at my will. and also when i want to blog, all the things that i want to blog about comes rushing through my brain, and there's so many things, then i suddenly feel tired and, uhm, lazy. heh.

a few things happened... Ani and Reza's reception, Nana and the gang left, so did Chik, Ikin's wedding... i mean engagement, among other things. a few things are about to happen... Fen's leaving, college is starting again in two weeks, there's a part-time job interview tomorrow... i should get into details, i know. but so malas lah. haha.

so what's the point of this post then? to let all of you loyal readers know that i'm still alive, of course! haha~

yeah poyo i know. ciao all~

Saturday, July 22, 2006


i'm so drained.

it's been a hectic semester, this Summer 2006. but very satisfying, indeed. Sold cookies, performed in front of a crowd, did a few speeches in class, and said "my Maths final exam paper was easy"... basically, i said and did things that i never imagined possible, all in one short semester.

had just officially ended the semester at 1 p.m. today with a final speech for my Public Speaking class. according to my lecturer, Mr. Steven, i have a natural flair for speaking in public, and that i could excel in whatever presentation that i have to do. he was honest to the others, so i don't think he was pulling my leg. but only if he knew how scared and nervous i was... i literally had to pee! [but no, i didn't pee in my pants. that would be stupid. and not at all funny. shut up, Saddique.]

i'm actually very, very pleased with myself.

it's Reza and Ani's wedding reception tomorrow... so i'm looking forward to a very tiring Sunday ahead of me. but fun, nevertheless. most of my favorite people will be there, and also the people i need to impress to cut in as one of the family. by the way, Reza is my Babe's cousin on his mother's side. they'll probably harass Kusa about being the next one in line... i'm just gonna smile and... smile some more.

Nana, Sham and Salty are leaving on the 29th... how depressing. Bangchik is leaving for Melbourne again on Tuesday... but well, that's good news. but actually, not really.

oh well.

more updates soon, Insya Allah. cheerio~

Friday, June 30, 2006

scratched and bitten by Zoe

as promised :)

she looks absolutely precious, don't you think?


Kenzo is the most adorable cat in the whole wide world and i don't care what you have to say because this is my opinion, and what i say goes.

ok so that was uncalled for. but seriously, Zoe [short for Kenzo, duh] is sooooo comel! plus she's a mixed breed of Persian and Himalayan, so can you imagine how she looks like?! well if you can't i'm gonna help you out with that soon, once my Babe starts taking photos of her. such a scaredy-cat [it's her first day at her new home], but VERY inquisitive. and i know for a fact that Ikin, who is usually so afraid of a cat getting within like a 1000 mile radius around her, is even warming up to Zoe, even patting her head and rubbing her at her tummy and neck.

love makes the world go round, but cats make the world worthwhile. haha.

more updates soon. now i have to go and finish up my assignment. or play with Zoe a little while.


Friday, June 23, 2006

cooking flour and flowers in the sink

It was the most fun i had in a couple of months, and next Thursday, we're gonna do it all over again. This time, i hope, there won't be any creepy guys leaning over to Ikin who say, "I like you" over and over again.

But that's only a minor glitch in comparison to the wonderful company i had that night. And the new friend i made, Shreen!

Check out the photos from our night out here.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

one year today

... well, not much to say about it, really.

it's been a year since my mom passed away.

well, that's it... i guess. what else is there to say? how i feel? what my views are? how do i cope? is everything good and dandy?

what do you think? i mean, really. what you think i feel, is probably what i am feeling. there's a whole load of stuff going inside my head, and i don't know how to express it with words.


Saturday, June 10, 2006

i just HAVE to put this up somewhere!

*warning: this is a private joke only some of us share, so i'm sorry if you don't get it. i'll promise that my next post will be something that all of us can enjoy!*

"oh my GOD... this is not a typo, she just doesn't know how to spell."

SO true, Alia! so very true! hahahhahaha.

OMG!!! 5 whole years?! Happy Anniversary Baby!

sorry for the long delay in updating my blog. well no, i'm not exactly sorry... but you know... uhmm. nevermind. didn't really have the time to sit and type lengthy words with bundles of homeworks and a midterm coming up in about a week. oh well. here i am.

had the loveliest 5th year anniversary with Kusa that i could ever ask for on the 31st of May. we didn't exactly have the money to do anything fancy, but we did enough to have a wonderful time. we had dinner an Mr Ho's before watching Actorlympics in it's opening night. great dinner, and an even greater entertainment. what else could a girl ask for?

oh yeah... diamonds on platinum pieces, a lifetime supply of Coach bags and Ferragamo shoes, not to mention a whole load of Annick Goutal's perfumes.

but for the kind of money we had, it was heaven.

i've said it before and i am saying it again; i am the luckiest girl in the world for having this man with me. i mean yeah, 5 years is nothing compared to the countless couples all around the world who has been in love for more half a decade... there would always be a better person or couple to epitomise what love is. but Kusa is my best. i'm not sure about the whole wide world, but he is the best for me. but with the kind of things going on around us, and the fact that we had that 3 months blunder somewhere in 2003, 5 years is a freakin' achievement.

i guess maybe it's like a mark. a line we have to cross, see if we could survive. and we did. and insya Allah after this, we could cross many more lines like this, and grow stronger.

and remember Babe... it's not a matter of 'if', but a matter of 'when'. hehe.

on a more recent news, Nana is here! my Sayang's cousin that is. along with Sham, her brother and her boyfriend Salty of course. yeay! 2 months of gossiping to make up for all the time we couldn't do it face to face... man, you're gonna cause a havoc here! and i'm so looking forward to it!

hmm... the bed beckons me...

Sunday, May 21, 2006

slice me up and cut me open

Some of you may have heard, some still hasn't. Others came and visited, and even looked at the scar. I had my appendix removed after three days of gruelling pain on monday, 8th of May, and because this is my blog, and because i love sharing, and sometimes even make people cringe, here's a full account of what happened, so if guys has any of the signs, you will know what to do:

I woke up on Saturday morning with the worst kind of stomach pain that left me literally handicapped. Well actually, the pain started the night before, but it was not so bad, and i did not get enough sleep on thursday night, so i went to bed anyways. I asked my dad to send me to the clinic, which was only a stone-throw away. The doctor asked me to lie down, and pressed in between breasts, only slightly lower. she pressed hard. I cringed, but that's not where the real pain was. She moved to my upper abdomen, and i told her that it's painful.

"Sakit? But not as bad as here kan?" She moved back to my chest. And again, she pressed hard.

"Uhm yeah... situ pun sakit..."

"Nothing to worry about... Just a really bad case of gastric... I'll give you some medicine and that should be fine."

I said okay, and left... only to come back a few hours later as the pain did not subside for even a tiny weeny bit, and the doctor gave me two jabs on my butt; one for the pain, one for my gastric.

It was no better that night too; Kusa got so worried that he said he'll take me to his usual clinic in Desa Pandan as the doctor in Serdang may have given me the wrong medicine. And by Sunday morning, i had no appetite at all, diarrhoea was ridicilously bad, and I threw up 3 times before my baby picked me up at around 3 p.m.

The doctor in the Pandan clinic didn't check my stomach, but she didn't recognize any of the medicine given by the Serdang doctor either, so she gave me some Novaluzid instead. Novaluzid is apparently, the general gel-like oral medicine for gastric, and was supposed to show its effectiveness by that night itself. But it didn't. My sweet, patient sayang asked me to sleep over at his place that night, so "if the pain doesn't go away, we'll go to Ampang Puteri [a specialist hospital in, where else, Ampang] tomorrow."

And it didn't. The next day - Monday - the pain shifted to my lower abdomen, most prominently on the right side. Walking by now had become such an arduous task, and I practically moved like a snail.

When i get into the specialist's clinic, and after i explained to Dr. Koh's all my symptoms, he said it was a clear case of appendicitis. he asked me to lie down, so he can check my tummy, and after pressing my lower ab a few times, and after asking me over and over again "Does it hurt?", he said that my appendix was bad. To further confirm it, I had to go through a few tests; urine, blood, and ultrasound to ensure that it was not something else. Went back to his clinic, and he said that it's already at a serious stage, and i need to have my surgery that night itself. I think he used the word "acute".

But since Ampang Puteri is a private hospital, and my dad couldn't afford the costs, my beloved had to drive me to Hospital Serdang at around 5 p.m. Showed the doctor in the emergency unit my ultrasound and tests result, but maybe she needed a confirmation, or maybe it was a procedure... they had me take the blood and urine tests again. An hour later, i was wheeled in back into the room with my eldest sister Kak Cica and my baby.

Now the doctor said that it probably wasn't appendix at all; it could be urinary tract infection. Whatever that is. She said that i have two options; either go home and rest for a night and see how things are by tomorrow, or they could admit me for one night so they could monitor me. I said, okay... monitor me. My sister too. Kusa? "I'm taking you to Ampang Puteri right now."

He was visibly upset for me. I had to wait to take the same tests i just took a couple of hours ago, and now the doctor was saying that it probably wasn't appendix, when the specialist in Ampang Puteri already said that i need to be operated on that night itself. A nurse then wheeled me to the emergency ward, where a doctor who would later be my surgeon would come and check my stomach. During this time i learned later on, that my sayang contacted Dr. Koh, and had let Dr. Koh spoke to the doctors in Hospital Serdang, urging them to operate on me that night.

And so the surgeon checked on me, and he said that he was 90% sure it's appendicitis. So i was rushed to the ward, changed into my operation gown, and was again wheeled around, this time to the operating theatre. My sisters Kak Cica and Kak Tana tailed along, and waved goodbye to me. My boo was not there... but them being there calmed me down a little. But still...

I was fucking terrified. and freaking nervous.

But my anesthetician was nice. and i think he was pretty hot. Clearly he was an expert... he put me at ease without any anesthetic just yet. I didn't even realized that i was knocked out, and suddenly i was woken up by the nurses outside the operating theatre.

All is fine. Alhamdulillah.

The next day, I found out that my appendix had already perforated, a fancy word they use to say that they found holes in it. And that it already leaked a little... they had to keep me for an extra day to ensure that i'm fine. Post-operation, I hated the way i feel in the hospital. The bed [which almost killed my back], the food [worsened my appetite!], the IV drop [ughh]... almost everything. But despite it all, i feel better after the operation than i did three days before they cut me open. And still, if people ask me what was the worst part about the whole experience, i would say, "i wish i was knocked out when the nurses in Pusat Perubatan UPM took off my 6 stitches". It hurt like hell, weihh!

It's all because of my sayang... what he had done for me during my whole ordeal. He drove me around, even taking a day off on Monday so he could take me to Ampang Puteri. He was persistent at making sure that I get my operation that night too... and visited me every single day without fail, even having to go back to his office in Bukit Damansara. *Corny Alert!!!* I love you, I love you, I love you booboo... I honestly don't know what I would have done without you... >:P

And my family too... Especially my dad. They did numerous things for me, and the little things made them even more special. Just walking with me to the operating theatre was sweet of Kak Cica and Kak Tana... Kak Hani and family gave up their bed and room for me for a week just so I don't have to sleep on my mattress on the floor. Kak Pa stayed with me at the hospital during my first night. They can get on my nerves, like sisters do, but it's things like this that made me see that I matter.

To those who visited me... Zura, Animz and Ikin, of course. Zura and Animz, thanks for taking time off from your busy schedule for me... and Ikin, thanks for coming even when you're unwell yourself.

And to those who think that "Oh it was just a minor operation... nothing big", well fuck you. I was never operated on before, and my condition was serious, and hey... people died because of appendicitis okay?

But there are a couple of good things about the operation and the 10+ day bed rest... I now have another thing in common with my babe! We both had our appendix removed! YEAY! haha. And also, my skin has never looked better! It's so smooth now... my whiteheads are all virtually gone! and no zits! How cool is that?! Though I realize, college is starting tomorrow... My happiness regarding the condition of my face will definitely be shortlived, with all that fumes and bacteria... :(

So that's the lowdown on me and my appendicitis. Thank you for reading! Ciao~

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

*full-blast fangirl mode*

just a quickie:

i was in my dad's car barely 10 minutes ago, on the way to college, reading my Personality notes as my dad rambled about how tired he is, and how he hates the traffic near my college. fly flm was playing this really catchy song, but i wasn't paying attention until it ended. even when the female voice introduced the next song, i didn't budge from my notes... until she mentioned a name and a song title that made my exam today and my dad's grumblings seemed mediocre.

"... Marty Casey and The Lovehammers, Trees"

i LITERALLY smiled while singing along to the song, and when i get off the car, i was actually... happier.

eiiiiii Ikin if you're here instead of being an arnab way over there in Tokyo, i would've called you and say "TURN ON THE RADIO RIGHT NOW! my Marty is singing!"


Friday, April 14, 2006

how low can you get?

Yasmin Ahmad in her blog said that people who went to cineplexes to watch her latest movie Gubra were being turned down by the person behind the counter, who said that the cinema hall was full. but in some cases, someone who watched the screenings said that the halls could acommodate more people as they were only half-full...

so what exactly is going on here? who knows?

and how exactly is the local movie industry is suppose to flourish with this kind of mentality surrounding us?

sad, don't you think?

happy birthday, Mama. if you're around, you would be 58 today. you would be young, you would be beautiful, you would be cherished. you would be loved.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

put this record on

this is currently my fave song. such a soulful, soulful voice.

"Put Your Record On" - Corinne Bailey Rae
Three little birds, sat on my window
And they told me I don't need to worry
Summer came like cinnamon
So sweet
Little girls double-dutch on the concrete.
Maybe sometimes, we got it wrong
But it's alright
The more things seem to change
The more they stay the same
Oh, don't you hesitate.
Go, put your records on
Tell me your favourite song
You go ahead, let your hair down
Sapphire and faded jeans
I hope you get your dreams
Just go ahead, let your hair down
You're gonna find yourself somewhere, somehow.
Blue as the sky, sombre and lonely
Sipping tea in the bar by the road side (just relax, just relax)
Don't you let those other boys fool you
Gotta love that afro hairdo.
Maybe sometimes, we feel afraid
But it's alright
The more you stay the same
The more they seem to change
Don't you think it's strange?
Repeat #
Just more than I could take, pity for pity's sake
Some nights kept me awake, I thought that I was stronger
When you gonna realise, that you don't even have to try any longer
Do what you want to.
Repeat #


on a different music-related note, Mandisa is out of the race. Sigh~ it's just not right. but then again, it just proves that even people who we all believe could make it big stumble sometimes. and yes, song choice is VERY important.

but i want more of her.... :(

nothing new this week, by the way. being the procrastinator that i am, i haven't started on any of my assignments, and my Personality lecturer has given us a new one to be done by Wednesday. haih~ i need to get started on my assignments. now. now. NOW.

ok maybe in a couple of hours... ^_^;;

just got back from a brisk walk/gossip session with Azzura and Animz. no jogging at all today, we were too busy bitching about people, and ourselves. hehe. but the walk did make up for the heavy dinner i had with Kusa, his bro Fen and the dearest Auntie Rosnah at Chili's Bangsar last night. had the oh-so-famous cheese fries for starters, and beef fajitas as a main course. and that molten chocolate cake did what desserts meant to do... bloated me out of my mind!

so here's hoping for a productive Sunday~

ciao all!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

for a piece of paper...

it's been a crazy week. and it's getting crazier.

got my mid-term result for my Personality class yesterday. Mr Arivom is one lecturer who is able to make me confuse, but understand things at the same time.

i was sure that i would get a lousy result. i didn't feel like i did good during the exam. turned out that i was only 4 marks shy from getting the full 30. woohoo~

and then there was Feature Writing. was also sure that i did badly, and i targeted that i would only get half of the full marks. and i was right. well, almost.

oh well. you win some, you lose some.

more updates during the weekend. ciao~

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Mandisa rules. She has this voice that no one really knows where it comes from [and don't say anything about her size] and it just... rules. i've seen 3 seasons of American Idol so far, and i think it's safe to say that she is one of the best female singer from the competition, besides LaToya London. yes, LaToya is WAY better than Fantasia, in my opinion.

Marty Casey rocks too. watched the rerun of Rockstar: INXS over Channel [V] last night, and he made me melt once again as he sang 'Creep'. I think there's an entry about this already. oh well.

i'm off to watch the rest of American Idol.


Sunday, March 19, 2006

till i come

yeaayyy~ i finally have time to update my blog!

i had my mid-term examination a couple of weeks ago, and now i'm busy (or try to look busy) with all 5 assignments. some are easy-peasy, and others require some real researching and report-writing. i usually procrastinate and wait to do my assignments until like 5 days before the due date, but i never had 5 at a time before. caused me to forgo my jogging session with the girls this week, too. so... wish me luck!

so what's the highlight of my life during my almost 3 weeks hiatus? definitely the Red Zone Party at F1 Village in Sepang on Friday. in the words of Fareen, and the title of my previous blog, it was so ON! we only came at 9.30 pm, just in time to catch Tall Paul's session, and we stayed through ATB's. i haven't danced like that in the longest time... you can say that i'm retired, only coming out when i need to let steam off, or simply to have a great time with 3 people that i adore; my boo Kusa, Fareen, and Ikin. met a few familiar faces from my clubbing heyday, though i bet there were more in the massive crowd. the ticket only cost us RM20 each, but the experience was priceless.

i've added the photos in a new friendster photo album i created. do check it out here.

okay. need to get back on my assignment. hope to be able to update more soon.


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

"this is so ON, weih!"

kittens came back! well, at least one did. i forgot how the story went, but Kusa came to its rescue again. but the mother will take it away again, probably. but i hope the mother will take the other one to join us instead. that would be sooo comel :)

and the surprise Fareen gave me smalam? watching Puteri Gunung Ledang - The Musical. there were scenes from the movie that was deleted, but it was a good show nonetheless. but, of course, we all know that their version didn't come close to the history, but there were good acting all around. AC Mizal could actually act! in a serious role, at that! and... dare i say it? i think he even outshone Adlin Ramli. well, he definitely outshone the guy who acted as Hang Tuah, Stephen Rahman i think. i read Patrick Teoh's blog,... or was it Afdlin Shauki's?... and apparently he is Broadway-trained. well, he's certainly a good singer, but he didn't make that much of an impression on me.

it really was a grand affair. and all the good reviews i heard and read about the musical prior to watching it was true. it didn't exactly made me think about it over and over again, or leave much an impact on me as some plays does, but it did leave me thinking "Stupid girl! and you didn't really want to watch this initially!" bad mira.

thank you thank you thank you Fareen. and yeah... it was definitely ON.

one thing was OFF though. Malaysians have this thing, a fetish probably, about clapping at every single thing. we were told 30 minutes after our supposed 20 minutes intermission, that they're having a technical problem and it would be rectified in 5 minutes. the audience actually clapped. 10 minutes later, we were told that tha problem is still being rectified, and they apologized profusedly. and... more claps?! what the *toot*?

oh well. they didn't ruin my night, try as they might.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

mixed emotions

kitties are gone. their mother took them away, probably hiding them from us. or maybe she's just jealous coz we took them out of the box and play with them, and we didn't play with her as much. blergh. kusa was totally bummed about it, as was i. we're still are. :(

a good brisk walk yesterday, with Zura and Animz. and a great sauna with Ikin. had supper with Ikin, Fareen, and my Boo the Super Bengot.

Fareen is giving me a surprise later this evening. an outing somewhere, probably. Ikin knows what it is, and where. i was assured that i would enjoy it, whatever it is. so... yeay~

i'm hungry.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

tapai ala mode

my family and i [minus Kak Syisya, Abang Zul and Haziq] went to Kak Wadie's wedding last night. Kak Wadie is sort of like my parent's anak angkat... pretty much what Ikin and occasionally Fareen is to the family too. she was Kak Azfa's coursemate during their UPM days... she would come around ever so often, especially when she had no money to buy lunch... haha. when we heard that she was tying the knot, there was no hesitation... EVERYONE must go! Kak Syisya and Abang Zul, of course, couldn't make it, as Haziq was just released from the hospital. He had his tonsils removed. it was a minor operation, but Haziq is only 6, so it's kinda major to all of us.

anyways, the wedding was simple, and yet gorgeous. it was grand, but not royalty-grand... i'm pretty sure they spent a lot to be able to make a ceremony like that a success, but i don't think they splurged. i heard through the grapevine [and by grapevine, i mean Kak Azfa], that the beautiful dress she wore costs her RM13,000. probably untrue, coz yes the dress is beautiful, and so was the wearer, and probably worth every sen, but 13k? hmm.

so anyways, Kusa picked me up and we went to his place after that. while inside the house, we heard incessant purring, so we went out to find where it was coming from. and there we saw them, two little kittens, inside the drain with their mother watching from above. my Boo decided not to do anything about it as we didn't want to upset their mother, but a few hours later, rain was pouring out so badly, and the purring grew and grew. my sayang, the kittens rescuer went out, took the kittens out from the drain, and placed them and their mother inside a box.

they're still outside, and the kittens are SO adorable! we have yet to come up with a name for them, and we're still unsure whether the mother would be taking them away soon, but i hope they'll stay. :)

oh well. i'm off now. am going out again later, despite my assignments. sigh. cheerio~

and by the way, tapai when eaten with vanilla ice-cream, is surprisingly delish.


Monday, February 20, 2006


do you have a friend who you owe RM50 to, and when you explained that you couldn't pay her back for at least another month, she said "fuck off lah"? or when you say thank you to her as she is paying for your drink, you get the answer "whateverrrr~"? i mean... "fuck off lah"? what kind of answer is that?

i do. i'd like to mention her name, but i don't want people to go borrow money from her and not pay her, thinking "oh mira didn't have to pay so why should i?" ok that's stupid, but you know who you are, and i'd like to say that you are one crazy biatch. but your answers sure beats the formality of "oh nevermind, i know how tight you are with money these days" or "ala don't mention it". instead of 5 seconds of awkwardness, with you last night, i had 30 seconds of "huh? what the hell?" twice.

told ya i'd put this up on my blog :P

went out with Zura and Animz for our first weekly jogging session. OH. MY. GOD. it was the best brisk walk i've had in recent years, and definitely the most tiring, coz, well... the last time i did any form of proper exercise was back in my UiTM days. and even back then, i did not spend an hour and 20 minutes at one go. tapi best. look forward to our next session... but i'm SO glad it's a week away!

oh well. i'm gonna go freshen up now. will probably go out for dinner later. jogging la konon. gaya hidup sihat la sangat. pastu kuar gi dinner... the hell? haha.

ciao all~

Saturday, February 18, 2006

coolness gayness.

hey all. things has been slow for the past two weeks, especially last week. i had another fever-flu-sore throat-cough episode, which ended by last friday, Alhamdulillah. when i first had my sore throat, i actually though to myself "oh no, not again!" honestly, i did. turns out that this time, it'll be much worse. worse than any of the recent flu i ever had. my sore throat lasted for three days, which resulted in my lost of appetite, and hence, my lost of weight. which is good considering that i really need to lose my post-bali weight, but bad coz i was hungry for days, but i can hardly swallow. ugh. and then, on friday i had an eye infection, which according to the doctor, is related to my flu and fever, and whatever allergy i am having. so it was one bad thing after another, for one whole week.

so now i'm trying to condition myself to find out what exactly i am allergic to. my babe is trying not to smoke around me as much, and i will try to remember what i eat every time, so the next time i get sick i get to single out one food item as the probable culprit. but then again, it could be anything. sigh.

but the next week, which was this week, started well. i had no class on monday, and Zura was bored after a bad experience at the customs sale in putrajaya, so we (plus Noran) went out to Sunway Pyramid in search of a black bag for Zura. she needed a bag big enough for her organizer and files, which isn't really much of a problem, but as it turns out, it is quite a task. Azzura and i went out again on thursday, this time with Animz to Midvalley, continuing our Quest for the Black Bag, and this time we had loads of options, but none of it are black. there were this really cool bags in red and brown we found at Dorothy Perkins, and one in coffee brown at the House of Leather... or something. i tried my best as a good friend to keep her grounded, reminding her ever so often that it's black she's looking for, but i am thankful i am not her. coz that red bag in DP is freaking cun. so is the brown one in House of Leather. hehe. and again, we left midvalley without accomplishing our Quest, but i did buy three pairs of really cun earrings for RM10.

Valentine's also came and went without much hoopla. went out for dinner with my boo Kusa and Ikin, and after that we went to Kusa's place to watch Crash. i'm telling you guys now, GO WATCH CRASH. it's one of the best movies i've seen in recent.. uhh.. months. and since we didn't really celebrate it, and Kusa thought Valentine's Day is stupid, he came up with the solution that we should have our own Day of Love on the 27th of April. why April? and why 27th? no one really knew. not even my babe. but one thing is for sure... i'm gonna hold you on that sayang. 27th April, okay? hehehe. muahs yayank~

and now i am at my baby's place. was watching him watch the game between Manchester United and Liverpool while eating pizza, but then i got bored, so i came online. so here's hoping that next week would start productively, with a jogging date with Azzura, Animz, and possibly Noran. and whoever else wants to join. hope that somehow we could make it into a weekly affair.

hope that the rest of your weekend would be a fun-filled affair. cheerio!

Saturday, February 11, 2006


well, i just realized today that Kusa and i took lousy pictures during our Jakarta-Bali trip. there's great pictures of us though, but not much on the scenery, the beach, etc. the more reason to go back to Bali, i guess. :P

so please check it out here. more will be added soon, depending on how long it'll take for Alia to transfer her pictures.

much love, and ciao~

Friday, February 03, 2006


i'm baaaaaaaaccckkk~

i just got back from Jakarta last night. the whole trip had been awesome. Bali was awesome. i can't stop having this awesome feeling inside me. as i told Ikin last night during our YM bitching session, it's probably because i've been wanting to go to Bali and i just can't get over the fact that i finally did, but i believe it's the whole experience. when Kusa told me about his trip last year [which incidentally was also around the Lunar Year as it was this year... i hope it's a yearly ritual so i can go again next year!], he didn't say it was going to be like this! there's soooo many faces of Bali... the surfers' paradise in Kuta, the market-style souvenir shops in Seminyak and Kuta, the arts centre in Ubud, the volcano in Kintamani... I HAVE TO GO AGAIN! 3 days was not enough!

it was the best birthday gift and celebration i've had so far, that's for sure. :) all thanks to the ever-so-generous Auntie and Uncle.

but then again, i threw up the night of my birthday. there we were, in this fine dining restaurant, and i started feeling queazy and a little dizzy. at first i thought because of my hunger... i haven't ate anything proper, tho i ate a bunch of stuff during the afternoon. as it turns out, my first day of eating balinese dishes plus the breakfast we had in jakarta caught my tummy by surprise, and so the puke. i didn't get to enjoy my lobster that night, though i did take a few spoonful of the sinfully delicious chocolate mud cake thingy...

but the next day i ate 4 meals including 2 rice dishes for brunch and dinner like there's no tomorrow. yup, my diet took a holiday. but there is not even a single regret in me. yes, i think i gained all the weight i lost last year, but if i were to repeat going to Bali for the first time again, i probably will do the same. what's a few more months of dieting in comparison to a great birthday gift to Bali? Ikin would beg to differ, and so would many other people, but i don't care! muahahahah~

heh. :D

but it rained a bit in Bali. and the timing was almost too perfect. we were going up the mountains to see the volcano, and 5 minutes before we were about to see anything, it got foggy and rain drizzled down. in the end, when we got up, what we could see was really thick clouds, and no volcano.

oh well. enough about Bali. it was awesome but there's no place like home! i've yet to go back home as we were to tired to travel anymore last night. will probably go out later anyways, so maybe i'll be home by tonight. can't wait to see Irdina! and i miss the freaks! well, i don't get to see them as much as i would love to in any case, but at least when i'm in KL in nearer to them gurls. and Fareen and Ikin of course. and somehow, even college.

oh fuck i have an assignment due on Thursday.

so later all, and thanks for reading my blog. i'll be putting up pictures soon and i'll let you know when i do. have a great weekend!


Saturday, January 28, 2006

a very bali birthday

i typed a lengthy post yesterday about how my birthday is coming, and about my bali-cum-birthday celebration trip to Bali. then the connection decided to die on me, and i was so pissed i decided against retyping everything.

but my flight is delayed from 4.30 pm to 7 pm, and so i thought... "i got time to kill, might as well do it." so here i am :)

my birthday is tomorrow people... i'm turning 25! somehow or rather, it doesn't quite bother me. it's a big number, i admit... it's only an additional by 1 number, but 24 and 25... the difference is BIG. i realize that... and it still doesn't bother me. well yeah it does a little, coz godammit i'm gonna be a quarter of a century old! but what else? it's corny... but i'm me. i don't act my age, though i realize that i'm more timid that my sugar-high girlfriends... what does that say? that i'm 25 but not 25?

it doesn't help that i have a 26-going-on-27 year old kid as a boyfriend... but even he himself is a wonder to look at. he's so childish at times, and can be really jahat, but he is by far the most responsible man i know besides my dad... he's a perfectionist, and very choleric.

it's the eve of my birthday, and instead of the usual "yeay-it's-my-bday-get-me-a-present-foo!" that i always do each and everytime without fail, here i am, in front of my babe's pc, pondering about maturity and age.

but then again... it's my birthday tomorrow! those who reads my blog shall give me presents! haha.


ikin and i made apple strudels yesterday... it was the best homemade dessert i had this year! [yes, the year had only just begun, but who cares?!] it was so simple to make too... i'll probably try to make it on my own one day. we weren't celebrating anything... we just thought that it'll be a nice way to hang out and for ikin, a reason to load on carbs. haha. bloat me all the way to hell, but it was worth it :) thank you ikin! :)

oh well. this is all for now, i guess. i'll try to update my blog, probably with photos when i'm in Jakarta or Bali. Do sms me with your birthday wishes, if any... don't bother calling... if i were to pick up, i'll have to pay too... so save your money and time with just a simple message. thank you :)

will miss KL and u guys so very much... love to all! *kisses*


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

sick again.

here's a thought.

i think i figured out what i am allergic to. for those who are new to my blog [soooo unlikely, but who knows?], i get sick once in every month on average, but i haven't been sick for a while already... until yesterday. i think now i know why.

i'm allergic to college.

i've come to that conclusion because i was having my semester break, and i did not get sick even once in those 5 weeks plus. well, not that i remember anyways. but my throat has been bugging me since late last week, and last nite, it got worse, and i started coughing. just when class are starting. coincidence? hmm.

or maybe it's not college in general. maybe it's studying. or maybe just IGS. a lot of possibilities. they're crap, i know... but imagine the headline it'll make. "Girl Allergic to College". then we'll have people all over Malaysia, maybe the world, who will be making the same claims, and stop going to schools and colleges and universities, maybe offices. then the government will have to subsidies every single one of them, because it's already a legitimate medical condition at this point, and the spirit of Malaysia Boleh lives on.


*all this are crap. you don't believe any of those stuff i said, do you? YOU DO? OMGWTFLOLBBQSAUCE!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

fuck lah.

it's almost 7 am and i couldn't sleep.

the end.

Friday, January 13, 2006

the official Milo Day

not the drink, mind you. but the friend. hehe.

i was trying to sleep at 2.30 in the morning when my phone rang. i picked it up, and Milo's name was written across the screen. i was like... "what the t00t?" i picked it up, and we didn't hang up until exactly 1 hour, 30 minutes and 1 second later. my phone has this internal timer thing going on; every time a phone call reaches that time line, it'll automatically disconnects itself. pissed me off a bit last night, coz hello?... how often do i get a random phone call from Milo? but his phone call meant so much to me, coz i'd like to think of us being kinda close although we don't really see or talk to each other like we used to, and i hope we can go to the sky together again sometime soon :)

which is why today is the official Milo Day. :)

Sunday, January 01, 2006

the perfect flaw

we had a little discussion about the major things that happened to us in 2005 on the way to see the fireworks last night. i lead a mediocre life, so there was almost nothing that came to mind when Ikin asked me, "what are the major things that happened to you, Mira?" [ok, so she didn't exactly say those words, but you get it]. all i could say was, "my mom." [and those are my exact words]

there are, of course, other things and occurences. i'm still in the middle of taking my driver's license, i lost a significant amount of weight and 2 dress sizes, and uh... my hair was de-virginized a few days before Aidilfitri. haha.

but my mother's demise took a toll on me. not physically... but a day that goes by without me thinking about things that i could've done differently is rare, and i think about her everyday. i'm not known for remembering the past... but this is different.

my one other regret in my life is also, i assume, my mother's regret. i did not complete my Performing Arts diploma programme in UiTM. even before she passed away, i wondered many times how it would've been if i were to complete the diploma. i would probably completed my degree too by now, and maybe started working, instead of still going to college. and everytime, i would stop wondering, because i am happy with my small circle of friends now, and the sappy me says, that i am perfectly happy with my relationship with Kusa. i probably wouldn't be able to keep my friendship with the freakz, and i would probably never meet Ikin and my babe. many things would have happened; many things wouldn't have happened. i am happy now, no doubt.

i still do think about UiTM nowadays, admittedly. especially friends like shuhana, fadz, and umar. and sometimes... just sometimes, i think about how i would have made my mother happy that she had the chance to see me complete my education.

and then i would stop myself again, and like today, i would probably say, "what's the use of regrets? she would have still left as it was time, and now... i have Ikin, Fareen, Kusa and Zura to talk to about my mother. about anything. and the freakz. would i still have them if things were different? would i have anyone?"

i'll never know. the only certainty i have is now. my friends. my future plans. which i plan to keep and have until the end of my time.

Insya Allah.