Saturday, January 28, 2006

a very bali birthday

i typed a lengthy post yesterday about how my birthday is coming, and about my bali-cum-birthday celebration trip to Bali. then the connection decided to die on me, and i was so pissed i decided against retyping everything.

but my flight is delayed from 4.30 pm to 7 pm, and so i thought... "i got time to kill, might as well do it." so here i am :)

my birthday is tomorrow people... i'm turning 25! somehow or rather, it doesn't quite bother me. it's a big number, i admit... it's only an additional by 1 number, but 24 and 25... the difference is BIG. i realize that... and it still doesn't bother me. well yeah it does a little, coz godammit i'm gonna be a quarter of a century old! but what else? it's corny... but i'm me. i don't act my age, though i realize that i'm more timid that my sugar-high girlfriends... what does that say? that i'm 25 but not 25?

it doesn't help that i have a 26-going-on-27 year old kid as a boyfriend... but even he himself is a wonder to look at. he's so childish at times, and can be really jahat, but he is by far the most responsible man i know besides my dad... he's a perfectionist, and very choleric.

it's the eve of my birthday, and instead of the usual "yeay-it's-my-bday-get-me-a-present-foo!" that i always do each and everytime without fail, here i am, in front of my babe's pc, pondering about maturity and age.

but then again... it's my birthday tomorrow! those who reads my blog shall give me presents! haha.


ikin and i made apple strudels yesterday... it was the best homemade dessert i had this year! [yes, the year had only just begun, but who cares?!] it was so simple to make too... i'll probably try to make it on my own one day. we weren't celebrating anything... we just thought that it'll be a nice way to hang out and for ikin, a reason to load on carbs. haha. bloat me all the way to hell, but it was worth it :) thank you ikin! :)

oh well. this is all for now, i guess. i'll try to update my blog, probably with photos when i'm in Jakarta or Bali. Do sms me with your birthday wishes, if any... don't bother calling... if i were to pick up, i'll have to pay too... so save your money and time with just a simple message. thank you :)

will miss KL and u guys so very much... love to all! *kisses*


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

sick again.

here's a thought.

i think i figured out what i am allergic to. for those who are new to my blog [soooo unlikely, but who knows?], i get sick once in every month on average, but i haven't been sick for a while already... until yesterday. i think now i know why.

i'm allergic to college.

i've come to that conclusion because i was having my semester break, and i did not get sick even once in those 5 weeks plus. well, not that i remember anyways. but my throat has been bugging me since late last week, and last nite, it got worse, and i started coughing. just when class are starting. coincidence? hmm.

or maybe it's not college in general. maybe it's studying. or maybe just IGS. a lot of possibilities. they're crap, i know... but imagine the headline it'll make. "Girl Allergic to College". then we'll have people all over Malaysia, maybe the world, who will be making the same claims, and stop going to schools and colleges and universities, maybe offices. then the government will have to subsidies every single one of them, because it's already a legitimate medical condition at this point, and the spirit of Malaysia Boleh lives on.


*all this are crap. you don't believe any of those stuff i said, do you? YOU DO? OMGWTFLOLBBQSAUCE!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

fuck lah.

it's almost 7 am and i couldn't sleep.

the end.

Friday, January 13, 2006

the official Milo Day

not the drink, mind you. but the friend. hehe.

i was trying to sleep at 2.30 in the morning when my phone rang. i picked it up, and Milo's name was written across the screen. i was like... "what the t00t?" i picked it up, and we didn't hang up until exactly 1 hour, 30 minutes and 1 second later. my phone has this internal timer thing going on; every time a phone call reaches that time line, it'll automatically disconnects itself. pissed me off a bit last night, coz hello?... how often do i get a random phone call from Milo? but his phone call meant so much to me, coz i'd like to think of us being kinda close although we don't really see or talk to each other like we used to, and i hope we can go to the sky together again sometime soon :)

which is why today is the official Milo Day. :)

Sunday, January 01, 2006

the perfect flaw

we had a little discussion about the major things that happened to us in 2005 on the way to see the fireworks last night. i lead a mediocre life, so there was almost nothing that came to mind when Ikin asked me, "what are the major things that happened to you, Mira?" [ok, so she didn't exactly say those words, but you get it]. all i could say was, "my mom." [and those are my exact words]

there are, of course, other things and occurences. i'm still in the middle of taking my driver's license, i lost a significant amount of weight and 2 dress sizes, and uh... my hair was de-virginized a few days before Aidilfitri. haha.

but my mother's demise took a toll on me. not physically... but a day that goes by without me thinking about things that i could've done differently is rare, and i think about her everyday. i'm not known for remembering the past... but this is different.

my one other regret in my life is also, i assume, my mother's regret. i did not complete my Performing Arts diploma programme in UiTM. even before she passed away, i wondered many times how it would've been if i were to complete the diploma. i would probably completed my degree too by now, and maybe started working, instead of still going to college. and everytime, i would stop wondering, because i am happy with my small circle of friends now, and the sappy me says, that i am perfectly happy with my relationship with Kusa. i probably wouldn't be able to keep my friendship with the freakz, and i would probably never meet Ikin and my babe. many things would have happened; many things wouldn't have happened. i am happy now, no doubt.

i still do think about UiTM nowadays, admittedly. especially friends like shuhana, fadz, and umar. and sometimes... just sometimes, i think about how i would have made my mother happy that she had the chance to see me complete my education.

and then i would stop myself again, and like today, i would probably say, "what's the use of regrets? she would have still left as it was time, and now... i have Ikin, Fareen, Kusa and Zura to talk to about my mother. about anything. and the freakz. would i still have them if things were different? would i have anyone?"

i'll never know. the only certainty i have is now. my friends. my future plans. which i plan to keep and have until the end of my time.

Insya Allah.