Thursday, March 30, 2006

for a piece of paper...

it's been a crazy week. and it's getting crazier.

got my mid-term result for my Personality class yesterday. Mr Arivom is one lecturer who is able to make me confuse, but understand things at the same time.

i was sure that i would get a lousy result. i didn't feel like i did good during the exam. turned out that i was only 4 marks shy from getting the full 30. woohoo~

and then there was Feature Writing. was also sure that i did badly, and i targeted that i would only get half of the full marks. and i was right. well, almost.

oh well. you win some, you lose some.

more updates during the weekend. ciao~

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Mandisa rules. She has this voice that no one really knows where it comes from [and don't say anything about her size] and it just... rules. i've seen 3 seasons of American Idol so far, and i think it's safe to say that she is one of the best female singer from the competition, besides LaToya London. yes, LaToya is WAY better than Fantasia, in my opinion.

Marty Casey rocks too. watched the rerun of Rockstar: INXS over Channel [V] last night, and he made me melt once again as he sang 'Creep'. I think there's an entry about this already. oh well.

i'm off to watch the rest of American Idol.


Sunday, March 19, 2006

till i come

yeaayyy~ i finally have time to update my blog!

i had my mid-term examination a couple of weeks ago, and now i'm busy (or try to look busy) with all 5 assignments. some are easy-peasy, and others require some real researching and report-writing. i usually procrastinate and wait to do my assignments until like 5 days before the due date, but i never had 5 at a time before. caused me to forgo my jogging session with the girls this week, too. so... wish me luck!

so what's the highlight of my life during my almost 3 weeks hiatus? definitely the Red Zone Party at F1 Village in Sepang on Friday. in the words of Fareen, and the title of my previous blog, it was so ON! we only came at 9.30 pm, just in time to catch Tall Paul's session, and we stayed through ATB's. i haven't danced like that in the longest time... you can say that i'm retired, only coming out when i need to let steam off, or simply to have a great time with 3 people that i adore; my boo Kusa, Fareen, and Ikin. met a few familiar faces from my clubbing heyday, though i bet there were more in the massive crowd. the ticket only cost us RM20 each, but the experience was priceless.

i've added the photos in a new friendster photo album i created. do check it out here.

okay. need to get back on my assignment. hope to be able to update more soon.


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

"this is so ON, weih!"

kittens came back! well, at least one did. i forgot how the story went, but Kusa came to its rescue again. but the mother will take it away again, probably. but i hope the mother will take the other one to join us instead. that would be sooo comel :)

and the surprise Fareen gave me smalam? watching Puteri Gunung Ledang - The Musical. there were scenes from the movie that was deleted, but it was a good show nonetheless. but, of course, we all know that their version didn't come close to the history, but there were good acting all around. AC Mizal could actually act! in a serious role, at that! and... dare i say it? i think he even outshone Adlin Ramli. well, he definitely outshone the guy who acted as Hang Tuah, Stephen Rahman i think. i read Patrick Teoh's blog,... or was it Afdlin Shauki's?... and apparently he is Broadway-trained. well, he's certainly a good singer, but he didn't make that much of an impression on me.

it really was a grand affair. and all the good reviews i heard and read about the musical prior to watching it was true. it didn't exactly made me think about it over and over again, or leave much an impact on me as some plays does, but it did leave me thinking "Stupid girl! and you didn't really want to watch this initially!" bad mira.

thank you thank you thank you Fareen. and yeah... it was definitely ON.

one thing was OFF though. Malaysians have this thing, a fetish probably, about clapping at every single thing. we were told 30 minutes after our supposed 20 minutes intermission, that they're having a technical problem and it would be rectified in 5 minutes. the audience actually clapped. 10 minutes later, we were told that tha problem is still being rectified, and they apologized profusedly. and... more claps?! what the *toot*?

oh well. they didn't ruin my night, try as they might.