Monday, June 23, 2008

i want cupcakes.

So much to do, so little time.

Seriously, if it was up to me [like, really up to me and I don't have to consider how others feel but I know I have to coz I respect my dad and I'm nice that way sometimes], I'd forgo the reception and have a nice, intimate akad nikah and lunch/dinner instead. None of this worrying about things that may screw up, or about arguments that will probably happen.

None of this worrying about not having enough money to pay off things.

Let's hope that after the wedding, I'll be able to recall my wedding preparations and remember the good parts of it instead of the negative ones. Amin.

Less than three weeks away till the big day. I think Time finally discovered wings and decides to fly and leave me behind. But you know, I can't wait for the things to come after three weeks. Of course, it means that I don't have to deal with this stress anymore, but it also means that I get to be Mrs. Ezham Hafiez.

[I am right now trying to stop to say something silly to refute the romantic-ness of the above line. Kusa does that all the time; say something sweet and then ruin it by saying something like 'fuh ayat power'. I will NOT be like him! I will prove to him that we can be corny if we want to! Admittedly, this is hard. sigh.]

By the way, I've given up on trying to lose weight for my wedding haha. There's just so much stress going on, that I need my sugar and fatty food! :P

Work-wise, I am finally confirmed at my new workplace yeay! My two bosses, AM and AT [they're both Andrews so we sometimes refer to them by their initials] literally sang me praises in the confirmation letters. Not to brag, but I did improve a lot, and I'm hoping to improve a lot more so I can talk to them about more pay sometime soon. haha. And I love love love writing. Although admittedly, I find it hard to fall in love with the subject matter. [Islamic finance? Me? Srsly?]

I'm prompted to do the little meme that Ikin did on her blog. But alas, time my not permit me. Future in-laws are meeting my dad tonight.

Wish us luck!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

shh. i'm blogging from the office. don't tell anyone.

I wish there's a device that lets me blog just by thinking about them. If there is such a device, then I wouldn't have gone into a month-long [well, almost] hiatus.

It's 11:42 pm, and I'm still at the office. This is so far the most late I've stayed back at the office. My work was done by 10pm, which is still quite late, but I have to keep a colleague company.

Oh damn. Just when I want to blog, my friend decides to go home! haha.

Well. Lets hope this weekend will fare better, for the sake of my sanity.