Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Allergy reaction sucks.

Not being able to eat crab happily without a worry of an allergy attack SUCKS even more!!! But I'll find a way >:P

I missed two classes so far this week, and one more later today. My fever has subsided, but my body is still somewhat achy, and my throat hurts a lot less than yesterday. Don't get me started on the phlegm, though. ughh.

I managed to finish up my Abnormal Psychology assignment without any sleepless nights... yeay! It's due today at 2:15 pm, so although I won't be going to class, I still need to get to college and hand-in my assignment.

On another note, former clubbing buddies of mine are getting married! Reena and Afif, I wish you guys all the best, and I'll definitely be coming to the reception!

Shower time! whee~

Monday, November 20, 2006

belated Hallow's Eve

Friday was wonderful. One of the most memorable nights this year thus far. I didn't come in a costume, but it was still great nevertheless.

Our department [the ADP department] in SEGi held a Halloween Night as the big end to our spooktacular week. Yeah, it's two weeks late... but 31st October was during our Raya holiday, and our department had a Psychology thing last week. I took part in a play as I too am doing a Psychology subject this semester. Preparation for it was bad, though the result was not as disastrous as I thought it would have been. I was a doctor attending to my patients with various psychological disorders... haha!

Anyways, back to the Halloween celebration. As part of the countdown to the party, we had a few activities lined-up during the whole week, and I was helping out with the Movie Day we held on Tuesday. We screened Amityville Horror, and of course, I didn't stay for the movie. I would scare me out of... whatever I wore that day. haha. Amanda did a great job at attracting the customers though. Other activities included a PS2 tournament, tattoo and food booth, the student/lecturer auction and of course, the fashion show... which I half-heartedly joined in. Sudha was desperate for models, and I thought "hey, why not?" But when I got home, it turned into "Oh God, WHY?!" haha. But all is good... I didn't fall off the wooden thingy that was the runway! yeay!

And at the party itself I was in charge of two performances... one was the Whose Line Is It Anyway-style game that in my personal opinion, I could've organized better. But it was great nevertheless... Thanks to my actors Hadi, Jack and Joshua, and of course, Dahlia. I think the audience loved it... a repeat performance one day, perhaps? And i rocked as the host too, of course :P

The other one was a result from a proposal Mr. Vijay made that we couldn't refuse... exactly a week before the big night, he told us that if we manage to prepare a few performances within 7 days, we won't have to do our group assignment. And we were crazy... and none of us hesitated to agree. And so me and another friend, Shiura was appointed as the drama leaders/scriptwriters/directors of a Halloween play.

It was freaking insane... the thing is, writing the script wasn't too bad, and finding the actors was hard, though wasn't the hardest part. The most difficult was gathering everyone up ON TIME to rehearse. We didn't get to have a proper rehearsal until a few hours before the party started! I was freaking out, and so did my lead actress, Nurul. But as soon as we ended our rehearsal, I just had a good vibe about the whole thing. There were minor glitches here and there, but everything went considerably smooth.

haha. Well this is a pretty lengthy post on a college party with no booze, don't you think? The thing is, up until last semester, you wouldn't caught me dead on stage saying even one little line... unless it's a presentation and my grades depend on it. But this week alone, I was on stage twice, and I was nowhere near a nervous breakdown! Those who knew me would realize that I always try to get away from doing anything that involves speaking in front of an audience, but I have to say [though this may sound really corny], the Public Speaking class I took last semester helped a great deal in getting rid of my anxiety. Sure, I still get nervous going up on stage... but I don't hide from it anymore... instead, I embrace it... :P So THANK YOU Dr. Steven... you r0x0r!

haih. I'm getting sooo sleepy. I should be doing my assignment right now, It's due on Wednesday. I know, I know... I do this to myself all the time. And no, I don't work better under pressure. I just have this relationship I can't get out of with procrastination... haha.

I'm off. Till my next post, y'all. Ciao~

Monday, November 06, 2006


It's 5 a.m, and I've finally finished up my assignments... well, those that are due tomorrow, anyways. I'm sleepy, I'm tired, and I have this nagging headache that's more annoying than it is painful.

Time to sleep. whee.

ooh. By the way, anyone watched The Revolver yet? If you have, do drop me a line and please tell me what the freakin' movie is all about. I watched it yesterday... it started off fine, it was enjoyable. A few things happened... then suddenly it ended. I was left clueless.

Oh well.

Happy Monday, everyone!