Thursday, April 23, 2009

oh my.

I wish the one of the embassy interviewer would read my loathe post.

So what if a guy has never stepped outside of Malaysia? Not everyone has the privilege, the money to spend, the time to spare. I should know.

And how is he 'went straight hitting for the gold' just because his first time on an airplane is to go to the States? He was going to visit his girlfriend, for heaven's sake. Its not like he just woke up one day, decided to go to the US, because the country is so irresistible that he just have to 'hit for the gold'!

I know for sure that not all Americans working in the embassy are like that. My interviewer, for one thing, was one of the nicest man in a government office I've ever met. He didn't feel the necessity to drag my interview down and ask unnecessary questions, request to see trivial documents. He just went straight to the point.

But this other guy... such arrogance! I could not help but roll my eyes when he said what he said.

But maybe he was just having a bad day. Maybe he did not do that intentionally... you know, presenting himself as someone who is too proud of being American and thinks that everyone else in this whole wide world dreams and sighs dreamily of the US. Plus, the interviewee did not really help the situation either. Taking up a loan to visit his girlfriend? Are you kidding me?!

*deep breaths*

Anyways, my interview went extremely well. The waiting part took most of time; otherwise the interview itself took roughly five minutes. It helped that Mommy and Hubby got their visas three years ago, and that I am already working, and we've made firm plans for our May trip. So Alhamdullilah, it was easy breezy.

And I'm really looking forward to the trip. 12 days off work, 12 days with my Sayang. And his mom, his brother and Insya Allah his aunt, but it all adds up to the fun. And it has been a long while since I traveled anywhere, the last one being Bali in 2006, so I'm definitely making the most of my holiday.

Three more weeks. whee~!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


That's how old my late mother would be today if she is still alive.

Happy Birthday, Mama.

Thursday, April 09, 2009


With all my might, I hate those who are:

Ignorant: These kind of people, I meet, either in real life or virtually, every day. Mostly online, though. For instance: You guys know that I work in an Islamic finance publication, right? So sometimes, the news that I get through my Google Alerts are on Islam but not necessarily on finance. More often than I would've liked, I receive alerts on blog posts that people all over the world put up, dissing Islam up to the brim, like they know so much about the religion to be talking about it in the first place.

What the hell is up with that?! I mean, regardless of the subject matter, you should only speak up when you know what you are talking about. You don't have to be an expert on it, but at least make educated opinions statements. I know I'm no expert in Islam although I am Muslim, that's why I usually steer away from making religiously-driven postings. But you, the only Muslim you know is Osama bin Laden, and suddenly you know everything? bleurgh!

Arrogant: Why do you talk and type like you are the best human being in the world? As if the rest of humanity is beneath you, and none of our opinions matter? You refuse to accept when someone refutes your brick-hard stand on an issue, even when you probably know the other party is right.

It irks me when people use sarcasm to belittle others. Its funny when it is, but when its not... God help me. Don't your parents ever tell you not to look down on other people? Its rude!

Different people have different ways at living their life, at looking at their life. People have different goals and expectations, dreams and fears, wants and needs. So why do you, pray tell, scoff at those who feel and think differently than you?

So what if the newly-married couple is staying at their in-laws? Does it hurt you in any way? And what is it to you if they don't want to have any children yet due to financial reasons? Are you willing to offer them your savings to help them? Just because your family taught you that the females does not belong in the office, and that the men are not suppose to be in the kitchen EVER, that doesn't mean that the complete opposite won't work for other people!

Unless you know these people personally that you may be in a better position to comment on their life (to them in person, not via blogs, twitter, facebook, surat layang), reserve your opinion to yourself. Drop that holier-than-thou attitude la please. It annoys others, and it won't do you much good in the long run.


Excuse me. I'm ranting. I just don't get these people sometimes.

And mind you, these are only some of the types of personality I hate.