Saturday, March 27, 2010

warning: this is a baby-related post.

... Well, most of the content is. :)

My confinement ended almost 2 weeks ago... and I haven't been able to stop eating sweet treats since then haha. Yeah I know I'm suppose to be losing weight and not add on to it, and really, I have no excuse for myself. Shame on you, Mira! I'm just waiting for the phase to go off... Assuming that it'll go away eventually :P

My Sayang and I went out last Monday to satiate my craving for Chili's, and in a way to 'celebrate' my new-found freedom. Wish I didn't binge on those artichoke dip, coz when my ribs arrived I could only eat like 5 small bites before giving up. Haih rugi. Oh well. Will be going out tomorrow to buy Hamzah's stroller (Quinny Buzz yeay!), and then a quick stop to Midvalley. Maybe Japanese for lunch? hmmm.

Hamzah has doubled his birth weight yeay! He was born 1.82kg, and last week he hit the 3.5kg mark. We expect his weight to be about 4kg by now. He's having a bit of a reflux problem, but not too much. One of the cons of formula-feeding I guess.

Oh and he's going to be 2 months' old on Monday whee! As for his milestones... he's begun cooing already, but not to anyone directly. He can hold his gaze on a person/object for longer now, and he tends to reach out to grab stuff sometimes... usually when he's angry haha.

And yes, I realize that at his age he should be able to do a bit more, like giving out a social smile and laughter, but Hamzah's adjusted age is only 2 weeks... so I pretty much treat him like a newborn when it comes to his developments.

Ooooh. He can also fit into some of his day clothes already! yeay! haha.

By right, I should be going back to work on 30th March... but ntah la. It seems that being a stay-at-home-mom is an option as well, if certain things go to plan. hmm.

By the way, expect a lot of baby posts from now on. Hamzah seems to be the only topic I talk about with passion nowadays.

Makan time!