Sunday, March 27, 2005

strange to meet you

a few things has happened in the past week... some bad, some good, some i don't give a shit about. not much to be said here, coz i really hate thinking about some of the stuff, but the highlight of my week was of course, dinner with the gurls at naili's on wednesday. the food was great, but the company i was with was, as always, freakin awesome! thank you animz, azzura, dila, fareen, ili, wirda, and also zaf and my baybee kusa. a special thanks to fareen and zaf for picking me up, and an even more speshul one to my sayang for sending me back home. <3 <3 and of course, wirda for that luver-ly bag! made me feel so bad for not giving you a pressie. so takpe... the next time i see you, i'll get you a lil something aight?

i have also been bombarded with one assignments after another, and one more is coming tomorrow. i should be tied up and get really busy until my finals come, but being the procrastinator that i am, busy-ness will only set in a week before the finals. that is, 2 weeks from now. not only busy-ness, but also stress. and pressure. ooh i get the tingles just thinking about it. haha.

Kusa's and my friend is here from the States for his annual visit. Andy's visit is mainly to the dentist [apparently it's cheaper here] and to get his supply of DVDs. and as it has always been for the past few years, he will also be going to bangkok for a few days. i don't think it would be an exaggeration to say that KL is like second home for Andy. i'm still not clear on why, but yeah... :) i can't wait to see him again, maybe in the next 2 days, maybe after he got back from bangkok, but i sure want my choccies! he's like my annual supplier of hershey's and reese's. mmmm reese's... remind me to save some for myself before giving it to the reese's vultures, that is my sisters. haha.

forget what i said about procrastinating. it's scary man. i think i'll start with a couple of easy assignments first. so later world... ciao~

Monday, March 21, 2005

kicking myself silly

my greatest regret this year so far is not going to the forces of nature concert. why? because i don't have any damn cash with me. i was DYING to go! lauryn hill, damn it! wyclef jean! reading ili's blog depresses me. but do go there and read it... i agree with everything she says, even the bsb part. sad, but true. :) i should have worked part time and quit after getting rm82. well okay, more than rm82. blergh. so my gurls who i am meeting this wednesday, especially those who went to the concert, please... no discussion on last friday night k? although ikin did make me feel a little better by that gyuudon experience. it was surprisingly easy to make. i' m gonna make some later this week. kot. nyeh.

i have another hour to spare before my next class. i'll be spending the whole day at college, so hopefully i need not feel the wrath of the supposed hottest day of the year, with the possibility of the temperature reaching 40 degrees celcius. yeay for air-conditioning! i am also very hungry, and very much broke. sigh. i should have worked part time.

ikin-chan... i miss kaelika. can i have her back this week? thank you! :)

later, world... ciao~

Friday, March 11, 2005

all my innocence is wasted on the dead and dreaming...

i'm currently at my mom's office in UPM, and she's holding an oral exam for one of her students. for those who doesn't know, my mother is a malay language lecturer and she teaches basic malay to foreign students studying in UPM as it's a requirement to at least get a pass in bahasa melayu in order to get their degree. so anyways, the atmosphere here right now is very tensed... my mom is, to put it bluntly, very pissed. and disappointed. she has been teaching her students for months, but apparently they haven't been paying attention... i mean, this particular girl argues with my mom about some pronounciation rule. i don't want to dwell on it, but man... i wouldn't have that kind of patience ever. my mom just sits there and you can sense how much she is trying to control her anger.

the student left. uh-oh... another one just walked in!

my babe Kusa is on his way to penang for some work-related thing. i won't be seeing him until sunday night, or monday... so i'm free for the weekend. anyone wanna go for coffee or lepak? gimme a buzz. :) Kusa was sweet enough to come see me at 3:00 this morning, maybe because he doesn't want to miss me too much. but i believe it's because he knows how much i would nag him for not seeing me before he leaves. haha.

there's not much else i want to say, for now. so later world! ciao~

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

are you brave enough to leave with me tonight?

after much discussion with my dear friend Ikin and my dearest man Kusa, i have decided to let go of the Disco Boogie Blythe, and get that birthday present backup, which is a pair of Adidas Mary Jane... i think it's limited edition. i would give up almost anything for DB, but the shipping charges is ridiculous that i believe it's better to ask my friend, Alex to look for it for me. so it's the shoes then... a very pretty pair too.

things are shitty today, so far. my 50 ringgit was stolen, there was a traffic jam on my way to college, and i didn't go to class. it's a stoopid reason for not going to class, especially when i was already at the door, but i was so fucking stressed. i actually don't know why i feel this bad. worse things had happened to me in the past, but i feel like kicking someone's butt right now. maybe it's a collection of things... the bracelet my mom gave to me for my birthday is missing since 2 days ago. i'm crossing my fingers that maybe it actually fell in Kusa's car, but i'm not letting my hopes run up too high. and when it's definite, i'm gonna have to tell my mom, and then it'll be all shitty again. shittier, actually.

i have another class at 4 pm, and another one from 6 till 9. i'm gonna leave early as i have a dinner date with my gurls... but then again, i might just forget about going to class, go home and wallow in self-pity until one of the freakz pick me up at 8. but there's a short presentation i need to do, but i probably can get away with it till next week. but maybe going to my effective listening class would be great. i like my lecturer. he's funny.

this is all, until later. ciao, world~

Saturday, March 05, 2005

nothing happens by coincidence

just got back from a really filling dinner at Pizza Uno. gotta love their home-made ravioli... and don't get me started on the bread pudding! a definite YUM!

still no news on Disco Boogie... but fret not, there's a birthday present backup :) i'm equally excited about that one... will update soonest as i get news.

i'm banned from posting any comments on my own blog. i have no idea why. quite funny la actually... i'm banned from something that is my own. and i'm supposed to call the owner if there's an error. okay. no problem. contact owner. i'll get on it. all i gotta do is... contact myself.

... right.

my philosophy paper was bad. but it was better than i expected. coz i honestly thought it would be extra super duper hard. alas, i was wrong. it was only plain hard. no problem there. :P

if you're thinking of watching a movie this weekend, go for Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. Seriously layan! It might not be your cup of tea [for the fact that it's quite sad and unfair, those who read the books should know!], but it was brilliant. Jim Carrey was superb. and the kids... i adore them all! sunny was just too cute!

sorry for the messy post. i don't quite feel like myself tonight. but it hasn't been a bad day. as a matter of fact, it's quite lovely. hmm :)

later world... ciao~