Saturday, November 22, 2008

just a short one.

Thank you so much for the wishes and support some of you gave before my appraisal. It really means a lot to me.

It went well; it was still scary as feck, but no major screw-ups. All in all, I'm happy with them, they're happy with me, so for now we have a good relationship and hopefully it'll stay this way for a long time.


Can't type a long one, I'm determined to finish reading Love in the Time of Cholera this weekend. Has it already been two months since I bought it? Dang it, it usually takes me about 4 days to finish up a book!

Oh well. Wish me luck!

Monday, November 17, 2008

the nerve of me.

I'm freaking out.

They tell me I have nothing to worry about; the appraisal is about getting my feedback on how I am in the company, how I feel, what I want to change, and what I want. That's what they say.

But there's this feeling. I'm anxious. Like I'm going to screw up somehow tomorrow.

Like they're going to realize that Elmira Azlan does not belong in the company.


I worry too much sometimes.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

saturdays will no longer feel like saturdays for the next six months

Went for my first non-managerial finance class today. Eight hours of accounting and shares was overwhelming, to say the least.

I hope I'll get something out of it. But if my cluelessness and sleepy state of being were any indication, I'm in for a rough ride.

Anyhoot. Here's one thing I miss the most about not living with my family anymore: the fact that I'm not living with them anymore.

Sure, we fight like cats and dogs [sometimes cats and cats], but making stupid jokes with them, being bullied by the little ones and gossiping with my sisters are always great. We're slightly dysfunctional, but we perform best that way.

Now that the class has begun, we're going to be making less visits to Serdang, but my Sayang and I are going to try. Like tomorrow. We're going out for breakfast at Raju in Jalan Gasing. It's like, millions of miles away from Serdang, but we thought it'll be nice to do something together since we don't have much chance to anymore.

Need to pack up some things. Gotta go!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

a bad day, but a great night.

If it wasn't for the date I had with the girls last night, I probably would have gone home and bang my head against the wall, screaming 'Why the fuck was I so stupid?!' over and over again. And I've been coughing like mad, so much that my chest hurts with every cough, so my day was definitely horrible. And that's an understatement.

I screwed up for the latest issue of the newsletter. Going into details would be lengthy, unnecessary and painful for me, and so I won't. And it's not something that I would want to remember either... though I know it's not something that I can easily forget. I'm pretty sure Melisa and Karen, two of my colleagues, as well as my boss are freaking stressed about it despite telling me to chill and not let it bother me too much; in the words my boss, 'shit happens'.

Suffice to say [in this blog at least], that it was the biggest fuck-up I ever did, and I'm surprised - but VERY thankful! - that I still have my job.

Moving on.

Azzura, Noran and I planned the outing since we met up at Zura's open house three weeks ago, so I wasn't going to let my depressed post-screw up state and my coughing stop me from having a great time. Anim joined in as well, although she just arrived from Perak.

We started off with dinner at Rak Thai in The Gardens. The food was, hmm... well, it depends on who you ask. If it's me and Zura, then we say its really good coz our dishes turned out really really yummy. Animz and Noran would say otherwise about theirs though.

Afterwards, off we go to Kenko to have the dead skin on our feet nibbled by little fishies. I didn't really have much reservations when we went there... I mean, I know it's gonna be ticklish, but how bad can it be? I seemed to have forgotten that I am EXTREMELY ticklish, until Noran and Azzura dipped their feet in first, and squirmed. When the three of them have completely soaked their feet in the water, mine was still a quarter way there, only dipping the cracked heels part of my feet.

I did manage to distract myself by taking photos, but I will probably need a book the next time around to completely divert my thoughts from the tickles.

The verdict? My cracked heels are really bad, so the 30 minutes was not enough for me to see any visible results. My feet did feel refreshed though, so it wasn't a complete waste. The girls said that they feel the results... I guess it works for those with not-too-serious cracked heels.

And we're definitely coming back again.

We've decided to make these little indulgence, such as this trip to Kenko, a permanent fixture in our monthly calendar. It's something that we have to do I guess, with our busy schedule not permitting us to meet up as much as we used to.

We finished off by having desserts at Secret Recipe. [by the way, its funny how I crave for ice-cream when I can't have any.] We talked and bitched; the perfect way to end the night, me thinks.

So thank you girls for brightening up my otherwise lousy day. Can't wait for the end of November for our next beauty trip. :)