Friday, March 27, 2009

red flats is <3

It's very very hard to concentrate when you're hungry. *pats tummy*

... See? I don't even remember the next line I wanted to type out after the first one above, and I was just thinking about it like a minute ago!

Anyways, got a new pair of flats that a colleague ordered for me from Indonesia. Yup, I occasionally shop online. Well, I only buy from the Indonesian shoe shop and a local plus-size online boutique. Tried both shops just for the heck of it, and I'm glad the good turned out great.

But no, that does not mean that I'll start shopping online religiously. There's something about going to a store, trying things out for myself, imagining what occasions you can wear the top/dress/pants/shoes to, and then only taking out my wallet to pay for the item.

Wah and suddenly my concentration level risen up.

Hidayah... aku laparrrr!

Friday, March 20, 2009

trippin' on smoothie

Still no Internet at home.

Been a while since I was able to log on to Facebook, to find that the look has changed. And MSN Messenger too!

Have yet to really explore it to decide whether I love it or loathe it. I will soon, I hope.

till later~

Sunday, March 08, 2009

The first one live from Shah Alam

I am now getting online from a mamak in Seksyen 11, Shah Alam, which I think is kind of like a formal officiation of our residency in the city.

Didn't really get the chance to tell everyone, but we've moved in my in-laws' new house since Tuesday. The house is very much ready, but there are boxes still left unpacked in our bedrooms. No real rush to unpack everything as yet I suppose, as my Sayang and I haven't bought our bookshelf yet, and we still need a coffee table.

But Alhamdullilah, our bedroom is bigger now, and no more single bed yeay!

We still don't have a telephone line or Astro though, which is why I'm here at the mamak. Kusa wants to watch the Man U - Fulham game, and I need my Facebook fix. And YM. And I want to blog.

Moving on.

My hubby and I went to see Jason Mraz on Wednesday with Zura and her friend Akmar, Hadi and Lyana, and we HAD A BLAST! Seriously, I regretted not getting the standing tickets... I want the Polaroid pic he took of himself!

And Mraz sounds so much better live, and he looked so damn awesome, to the extent that I think Hadi has a crush on him! haha~ But I'm glad that I went with some of my greatest friends... you guys are the bomb! <3

Hmm so what else?

ooooh. I've been making more effort to read lately, and I'm reading my second book in a week now. Its chick-lit, Falling Out of Fashin by Karen Yampolsky, not something that I usually read. But Zura is right; it does make a good read after a long day of work, when you want something easy to read. I Googled the book online, and apparently it was inspired by real life events. Go look it up, if you are interested :)

I have 4 more book in my collection that I've yet to read, but already I am planning to buy more hahahaha.

On the downside, I got a scare earlier today when my sister told me that my dad is having difficulty to move around because of a sudden pain at the waist area. Got really worried, so Kusa and I rushed to Serdang. He's not feeling any much better even after a reflexology treatment, but at least he can joke around. So we're glad. If things doesn't get any better tomorrow, we're planning to take him to the hospital. Do pray for him yea?

Anyways, The Matta Travel Fair is on next weekend, and I'm planning to go scout for cheap deals for our anniversary in July. We're aiming for something local, and probably somewhere by the beach. Any suggestions?

So how's this as a first post from our new neighborhood?