Tuesday, March 27, 2007

i am a foodie

I love food. Carbs, fats, proteins, everything... I love love love. Be it 5-star hotel dishes that costs my entire month's allowance [Lafite, Shangri-La KL... it's been 4 years but I still think about you], to simple meals at the local warung. One of the places I enjoy going to to get my dose of sup cendawan or mushroom soup is Anjung that is only a few minutes drive from my home.

But truth be told, that place has the crappiest, shittiest service. The waitresses and waiters are slow, and one time, a waitress actually sat at the table with me, Azzura and Noran while taking our order. Like... HELLO?!! But I bear with their lousy service. Why? They serve great Malay food. And their soups... YUM! And what makes it even more bearable, is when I have great friends to eat with me. People like My Boo, Ikin, Azzura, Anim, Noran, Along and Adik. Well I never actually have a meal with Adik, but I'm sure she makes a wonderful company!

And that's why Azzura started the whole creation of Sup Cendawan Anjung and called upon me, Anim, Noran, Along and Adik to be co-authors of the spankin' new blog. But no, the blog is not created for the sake of the restaurant, mind you. It's created for the people and the spirit we all share when we go there. The endless gossip sessions, the unveiling of Anim's engagement... even the dinner me and my Babe were supposed to have with Along, Adik and Noran after we send Azzura off at KLIA. This blog is just another one of our ways to show much we love and value each other, how much each of us complete one another. Yeah... all of that mushy stuff. haha.

Plus, Anjung's sup cendawan is really good.

Monday, March 26, 2007

here we go again

Ugh. Sore throat is killing me. I've been taking lozenges since last night, and it's not doing anything. The fact that I have people smoking around me last night is probably a contributing factor, but no one smoked in my sleep! How come it's still painful?!


My Boo left for the airport at 6 a.m... He's going to Jakarta. Been quite a traveller this year, that Babe of mine... and in May, he'd be gone to Brisbane for a couple of weeks. OoOOooOOOo I wanna come along for the sole reason of meeting Azzura! :(( uwaaaa. Nak usha surfer dudes! Nak makan fish and chips [although the one in KLCC is better, according to Zura]. Nak rimmeeell! NAK AZZURA!!!

Anyways, I did some serious shopping for my ball/prom/dance/charity event/whateverelse yesterday. Bought myself a red hot dress, a cool pair of white wedges, and a small bag to match. And I spent only +- RM130 for all of the items! Talk about a freaking bargain! *lets out a happy sigh* It's good to shop when one have money to spend. Thank you sayang!

The bed beckons. Didn't really get much sleep last night. It was kinda hot.

Sore throat... BE GONE! haha. Gosh I wish it's that easy.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I don't know how long I've been in this cybercafe, finishing up on my Sales Management assignment. 3 hours, perhaps? Oh well. The price one has to pay when there's no Internet at home. The computer isn't that bad, but I hate the OpenOffice software program. Why can't the world unite and just use Microsoft Office? My life would be so much easier.

I will be the emcee for my the ball/prom/dance/charity event/I don't what else they call it next week. And amazingly, I volunteered. I'm not feeling nervous at all. Well, the fact that I won't be alone is probably the main reason, but you wouldn't caught me volunteering for something that requires interaction with a large crowd last year. Dr. Steven's Public Speaking class does wonders for my self-believe, I tell ya. Not self-esteem, because I have too much of that already. But I never believed I could actually do it until May last year.

Let's just wait till the 29th, shall we? We'll see if I end up peeing in my... uhm... panties.

Assignments are killing me. Too much of them, but lucky for me, not at once. There's a lot of things to do, that's for sure... but instead of my lecturers dumping everything on me at once, they actually gave my assignments, quizzes and discussions a few at a time, with differing due dates. It's actually much easier this way... I don't have to struggle to finish up 3-4 assignments at once. I still struggle, and it's still crazy... but in a more peaceful kind of way.

But who am I kidding? I basically LIVE to procrastinate!

Thursday, March 15, 2007


I'm at my bengot of a boyfriend's home, supposedly doing a research for my Biology assignment. Kind of tired right now... I actually slept while my lecturer was talking in front of the class during my Sales Management class this evening... I haven't done that since high school! Reason for tiredness is unknown... but I figure that I'm gonna be a lot more tired come this weekend, with 2 assignments due and a quiz on Monday.

My Sayang tagged me on his blog [which he updated twice in 24 hours! yeay baby!], and so here goes:

I change my handbag depending on what I wear on a particular day, but these are the things that's in my handbag right now:

+ small wallet [cash, IC, college ID, ATM card, receipts and ticket stubs that should be trashed]
+ handphone
+ make-up bag [comprises of Body Shop's two-way powder, Body Shop's lip gloss, Bath and Body Works' lip shine, Revlon lipstick, Lancome blusher, In2It eyebrow definer, Maybelline mascara, L'oreal eyeliner, Clean and Clear facial blotter]
+ Contradiction perfume vial
+ a mirror
+ a lace fan from Belgium
+ house keys
+ a pepper spray [which I hope I don't ever have to use!]
+ an extra hair band and clip
+ Sunnies

And I'm tagging you, dear reader, to list down whatever shit you have in your bag and post it in your blog, if you have any.

Okay gotta go. Mosquitoes are hovering around me right now. I'm off to get myself a shower.

Assignments? Ughh.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Happiness comes in the form of 2 kick-ass servings of char kuey teow, Walls' Magnum Classic ice-cream, and that Belgian Chocolate canned drink from Nestle.

Ooh. My Babe updated his blog! After a year and a half! That calls for a celebration! woohoo~

Ciao ;)

Friday, March 09, 2007

i desire the little things

An update is due. But honestly, I don't know what to write about. I should write something, since this is one of the cheapest way of communication between me and Azzura and Animz... although Animz can't post any comment here. Get your own connection soon okay? :)

Now let's see. Where to start? College. Well... things have been a little rollercoaster-ish for me. On one side it's completely hectic, but at the same time things are a little calmer since I'm 2/3 done with my midterm exam. At one point I get super-pumped to finish up my due assignments... But procrastination is the name of my game, and so the later assignments are taking a backseat. Even those that require continuous progress reports fall under this category, I'm afraid.

It'll bite me in the ass, and it'll bite me hard. It's not that I don't care... I just don't care at this moment. There's a difference.

I've been playing a lot of bowling these past few weeks... sometimes twice in a week. I'm getting better at it [I hope!], but so far I've only had 2 strikes. haha. Even first-timer Lyana, a girl from college, plays better than me. My Baby and I were supposed to go tonight, but the traffic was horrible so we had to ditch the idea. Maybe tomorrow.

The Fire Club of ADP Department, SEGi College prom is at the end of the month... and truth be told, I'm rather excited about it. Admittedly, I'm not as involved as I'd like to be, but I'm still excited nevertheless. Lyana is doing a hell of a job at organizing it, Vijay is all boss-like at it [well someone has to be!], and Jack is performing a number with Wendy, Jay and who knows who else.

The main question remains unanswered: What the heck am I going to wear that night?

To Nana: Where the heck is my phone call, woman? You promised me juicy gossips!

Okay. I'm off to looking at possible dresses online. Ciao meow~