Saturday, July 22, 2006


i'm so drained.

it's been a hectic semester, this Summer 2006. but very satisfying, indeed. Sold cookies, performed in front of a crowd, did a few speeches in class, and said "my Maths final exam paper was easy"... basically, i said and did things that i never imagined possible, all in one short semester.

had just officially ended the semester at 1 p.m. today with a final speech for my Public Speaking class. according to my lecturer, Mr. Steven, i have a natural flair for speaking in public, and that i could excel in whatever presentation that i have to do. he was honest to the others, so i don't think he was pulling my leg. but only if he knew how scared and nervous i was... i literally had to pee! [but no, i didn't pee in my pants. that would be stupid. and not at all funny. shut up, Saddique.]

i'm actually very, very pleased with myself.

it's Reza and Ani's wedding reception tomorrow... so i'm looking forward to a very tiring Sunday ahead of me. but fun, nevertheless. most of my favorite people will be there, and also the people i need to impress to cut in as one of the family. by the way, Reza is my Babe's cousin on his mother's side. they'll probably harass Kusa about being the next one in line... i'm just gonna smile and... smile some more.

Nana, Sham and Salty are leaving on the 29th... how depressing. Bangchik is leaving for Melbourne again on Tuesday... but well, that's good news. but actually, not really.

oh well.

more updates soon, Insya Allah. cheerio~