Thursday, April 24, 2008

new baby makes 5!

After spending 12 hours of my day in front of the PC in the office, I decided to spend more time in front of another PC, but this time to blog.

And it's all because I love you, dear readers. All 5 of you.

Work is good, and tiring. My pay from my old job I still have yet to receive. Wedding plans are moving, albeit very slowly. So basically, I've nothing new to tell. Well I do. But it's not about me.

My sister Diana gave birth yesterday to one of the cutest baby boy I've ever seen in my life! They haven't decided on the name yet, but I'll keep you posted. They're torn between Zaidan or Aidan Ilham. I personally like Aidan, but Zaidan has a nice ring to it. Furthermore Zaidan in Arabic means growth/bountiful [me thinks], but we can't seem to find what Aidan means.

I can't wait to hold him!

So other than work, wedding plans, internship report, and gushing at a newborn baby, what have I been up to?

I read. It's a way for me to catch up on my readings while at the same time kill time whenever I get on the train to or from work. I'm currently re-reading The Cider House Rules. Up until a few days ago, I was reading The Time Traveler's Wife. And that book is now officially my all time favorite novel.

It is about a time traveler who meets a woman at the library where he works at one day, and was told that the future him have visited her in the past since she was six. The movie progresses from there; how their relationship develops, the impact of his frequent MIAs, how they both deal with it. It was a complex, yet simple love story. It is one of the most beautiful stories I have ever read.

I love books, and close friends will know which makes to my lost of all-time favorites. But I have never feel so strongly about any other books, like the way I feel about this one by Audrey Niffenegger. I love the book so much, that I googled the author! Seriously! I NEVER google a writer before! And I keep the book by my bed, for times when I feel like I want to read on a chapter or excerpts that I like.

And there isn't many books where I actually imagined how it will look like on the silver screen. I imagine watching beautiful things, but then again, movies based on novels hardly ever work out great, don't you think? [Apparently the movie rights was bought by New Line Cinema and Plan B, owned by a particular Mr. Pitt and his ex-wife Ms. Aniston. Will we ever see the movie out? Hmm. maybe it's not meant to be.]

GO READ THE BOOK. Seriously. Requests to borrow mine will be entertained, eventually. haha. What does that mean? I don't know :P

Gotta go get showered. Ciao all~

Sunday, April 06, 2008

i'm not gonna write you a love song

And a week has since passed.

Hello all! The week has been ultra busy for me. Starting from next week onwards, work will be piling up as I'll be given more responsibilities, such as writing reports, and a journalism duty on Tuesday which gets me excited, but oh my God I'm so afraid I'll screw things up! So wish me luck, people!~

Got myself a new pair of Levi's today after uhm... 4 years? I've always seen the brand as one of the must-haves in my wardrobe, but the price does put me off a little bit. But thanks to my Sayang, a new pair is now mine! Yeay! haha.

Wedding plans are okay. Its going on, but at a slower rate. Things happen that makes me wanna settle for a nice little solemnization ceremony instead, without all these planning for a reception. Seriously. Coz in the end, its the marriage that matters, right? Furthermore, I'd prefer a small, intimate ceremony that's perfect, rather than planning for a reception that in the end I can't call my own.

But I've made peace with the demons in my head. Whatever will be, will be. I should focus my energy on bigger things that I can control.

Like my internship report. ugh. It's on a standstill right now. I know I should be finishing them up real SOON, and I will. At least I hope so!

I'll be meeting up with my ex-boss tomorrow. He has to give me my internship evaluation, and possibly the one month and a half pay that he owes me. Wish me luck people, and do send in a few doa my way!

Okay. Gotta do some work now. A little for the office, and a bit for my internship report. Off to dinner with my Baby after that, then home and straight to bed.

Later people. Have a great week! Ciao~