Tuesday, June 22, 2004

hello again!

FINALLY! a blog to call my own... again! yeay~ obviously, i still keep the bliss and cat part of the name... as i still hope for a cat named bliss one day. huhu. most of you guys know that my dear Kusa was suppose to create a blog for the both of us to share, but he's a better procrastinator than i am, so hence the delay... and this blog. but let it be known that despite his little imperfections, i still love him loads. hehe~

but this blog is still new... it lack character, to put it simply. i'll probably get a new skin later on, or maybe not. i'll make sure to add new stuff and info later on... or to be safe, i'll just do it right after this.

anyways, i just got back from hartamas square with kusa, nana, sham and salty. had a big dinner that consisted of yong tau foo with curry and a slice of pizza from pizza brava [yummier than pizza hut, i tell you. and it doesn't cost as much!]. will probably go shoe-shopping tomorrow with nana... but i still can't get over the pink butterly bag at the mines... it's SO adorable! and the shirt at FOS... freaking cheap! and really cun!

sometimes i wish money do grow on trees...

uhh. that's about it, i guess. i feel like a virgin-blogger... i don't know what to write in my first post! so later, world! ciao~