Friday, July 31, 2009

oh my.

There is not much happening in my life for me to blog about.

I'm not doing nothing. Just not much, I guess.

Being nauseous almost all the time makes me lazy. Which I usually fight off by trying to do things.

Which sometimes doesn't work.

Oh well. I'm off to my dad's for the weekend, while my husband will battle it out in a paintball tournament in Melaka.

Now lets finish packing.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

better late than never.

My last day at the office was eventful.

Kicked it off with lunch at Chinois KLCC with Ayu Aziz (who left the company on the same day as I did) and Ayu Musa (who left the company about a month before we both did). It was a good lunch - great food, awesome company. We mainly bitched and gossiped and talked and laughed... the usual ingredient for a girly lunch. :P

Ayu and I were fashionably late when arriving at the office at 3pm... haha. We then went out for tea with Shashi and Mr. Siva, which was kind of sad as it would be the last tea-break we would have together.

Went back to the office, finish up on clearing my stuff on the table as well as my PC, and then a lil get together with everyone for a proper farewell. Mr. Siva talked, then AM talked, got our going-away gift, and then for some reason they forgot that Ayu and I were supposed to be saying something as well. Which kinda worked to my advantage. I was feeling emotional.

Took loads of photos with almost everyone, before heading down to Stadium Negara for a farewell party. Which was actually just another reason to get drunk, smoke and laugh at the silliest thing.

They're sweet to smoke from a distance of me, so even when the wind blew towards me I didn't smell much of the cigarettes... except when most of them smoked at once. But still, its not something I'd like to go through again for the next 8 months or so.

A little mishap happened before the party animals moved their asses to Marketplace, which made everyone worry for about 15 minutes. Once the situation was under control, almost everyone was back to their jovial self, and then my Sayang picked me up from outside the club (and no, I did not step into Marketplace, just in case someone wonders why I would when I'm pregnant).

So thanks Mel for organizing the party, and much love to everyone who came. Admittedly, there's one person or two that I could do without, but hey, I'm not complaining.

I'm sorry that this blog post sounded so much like a narrative. I guess I want to remind myself of what happened... so that I don't forget :)

I'm honestly going to miss most of these people. And this may be hard to believe, but to an extent I am going to miss Thursday nights as well. Yeah the stress drove me away, but there's also the bond that we share.

OK emo mode is on.

Sunday, July 12, 2009



ok tak sempat nak buat post panjang-panjang. bai!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

never have a tiny dot-like being made me feel so happy.

Nak blog pasal apa eh?

Well, obviously I should be sharing my good news. That I am pregnant. Kusa and I are, insya Allah if things goes well, having a child. After so much angst on my on my 25th June post, I will be able to say to the naysayers to shut up.

Or maybe I shouldn't say anything to them. It is my pregnancy. I like to share, but I'm afraid it'll lead to more other angst-ridden post because someone said something that angers me.

Needless to say, I am ecstatic. Especially after the first check-up with my gynaecologist earlier today. Its not just a urine test thingy with a little positive sign. This is an actual, little dot that I can see.

I am scared of course; the first trimester is the most trying of the entire 9 months, they say. And the fact that our little dot is so very new... I'm taking extra precautions, even though the doctor said that 'life goes on as usual'.

And through it all, I'm glad I have my Babe with me. Alhamdullilah... for both the little dot and the man Ezham Hafiez ;)

Happy happy happy!

OK lets move on.

I am currently - or should I say hopefully - on my second last week at work. I say 'hopefully', since that the powers that be (my bosses I mean) have yet to find my replacement.

I really really want to leave by the 17th July. Mainly because that was the deadline I gave myself, after one of the bosses' assurance that they are 'looking at mid-July' as my final day. I'm afraid that if I am to stay longer, my already-lacklustre job performance would just go out of the window and commit suicide, rendering the company unhappy in the end that they might just kick me out anyways.

There are other reasons of course, but it wouldn't be nice of me to say anything.

Shower. That's what I'll do now.