Wednesday, May 30, 2007


It is officially the 6th Annual Day of the Bengots.

Happiness is him.

Happy Anniversary, Baby. I love you, I adore you, I have a need for you. And in turn you annoy me, you tickle me till I squeal, and you make me so geram that I want to do nothing more than gigit you to death.

And yet I can't get enough of you. And I hope you feel the same.

Aiyoh. I'm hopeless.

I posted the lyrics to this song before, but here it is again, because this is my blog, and today is my day with my Sayang.

Santana feat. Michelle Branch and The Wreckers
I'm Feeling You

Sometimes I imagine the world without you
But most time I'm just so happy that I ever find you
It's a complicated web
That you weave inside my head
So much pleasure with such pain
How we always always stay the same

I'm feeling the way you cross my mind
And you save me in the nick of time
I'm riding the highs, I'm digging the lows
Coz at least I feel alive
I've never faced so many emotional days
But my life is good
I'm feeling you

You go and then I can finally breath in
Coz baby I know in the end you're never leaving
Well we rarely ever sane
I drive you crazy and you do the same
But your fire fills my soul
And it warms me up like no one knows

repeat chorus

Oh I'm feeling the way that you cross my mind
And the way that you save me in the nick of time
Oh I'm feeling the way when you walk on by
I feel light, I feel love
I feel butterflies
I feel butterflies


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

you're my favorite mistake

A cup of black coffee and a slice of apple pie at 1.30 a.m. is never never never never never ever a good idea. Even for someone who claims that caffeine doesn't quite work to keep her awake. And also for someone who rarely gets sugar high.

Three and a half hours later, and I am nowhere near Dreamland. This will definitely cost me tomorrow.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

and the kat waits...

It's been three weeks.

It didn't exactly float and pass me by; nor was it the hardest thing I had to do. But he is on his way home.

I don't know why, but I'm really really anxious.

20 minutes, he said.


Friday, May 18, 2007


Melinda Doolittle is out of the race? Are you fucking kidding me?!

What has the world came into?

Monday, May 14, 2007

hungry for my sayang. :P

A bout of diarrhoea and vomiting. Fool-proof way to end your weekend, indeed.

My own fault, obviously. I wasn't eating right on Saturday, and in the end it cost me my Sunday. My plan to cat-sit Zoe was halted, but at least I get to spend quality time with Faidhi; currently the most adorable baby on planet Earth, in my book.

My granduncle passed away on Friday evening, and we only found out about it on Saturday morning at 11 a.m. My dad was obviously miffed that no one told him - and any of us, for that matter - earlier. We went to visit my grandauntie and her children at noon at their house in TTDI, and since there are four kids with us, my sister Kak Azfa and I decided to babysit the children at Kak Diana's house while they all went for the tahlil.

Yup, my first time ever babysitting all of them at once. And seriously, taking care of a 9-month-old baby is so so so much easier than watching over a 3-year-old toddler. SERIOUSLY.

Woke up the next morning, and immediately I knew that I was unwell. I felt like shit the whole day [and literally, too] and goodness, I hate the loss-of-appetite feeling. Your stomach is grumbling and you know you're hungry... but you couldn't eat anything because you know you're going to end up throwing everything back out.

I'm still having my diarrhoea, and my appetite hasn't returned. sigh. Have I told you guys that I hate being sick?

But then again, spending time with Faidhi beats almost every horrible things that happened this weekend. He is comel even after puking his dinner out! haih~

I'm off. Zoe needs a little attention.


Friday, May 11, 2007

It's official; I miss my baby

Zuhri, if you happen to stumble upon my blog, Lyana told me about your father. I'm sorry to hear about it, and I know for a fact that you can get through this.


Here's a hypothetical question: What would you do if a man with whom you are completely in love with tells you that the reason he can't be in a relationship with you is because he doesn't like the way your mind works?

I had a dream last night, where the above-mentioned situation occured. I will not into details of the dream, but what happened was, the girl tried to prove to the guy that she can be what he wants her to be.

I woke up as soon as the dream ended, and I pictured myself being the girl. I immediately thought: Well if you don't like the way that my mind works, you're not worthy of my time then.

Oh well. People do crazy things for love.

Today is the 10th day. 9 more days to go till I get to see my Sayang again. waaa hurry up and let it be 20th May already. I miss you :(

And uhm Zoe pooped beside the TV cabinet when I left her last Wednesday. I don't know what to do about her. Come back and teach her a lesson ok? haha.

Toodles everyone. Not that there's a lot of people reading this blog anyways. But toodles, nonetheless.


Friday, May 04, 2007

When you're dreaming with a broken heart, The waking up is the hardest part

It feels so GOOD to be done with Biology!

Had the final two papers of my exam yesterday, Statistics and Bio back to back. Statistics was okay; had a little crash study group session with Hadi and Dahlia. Me and Hadi decided to just forget about studying Bio since we're not going to remember anything anyways, but it turned out that most of the stuff I read through came out, and so I was kind of hitting myself a little for not reading more of the notes.

But no... no regrets. I'm just happy to be able to answer at least some of the questions. And now, three weeks of cat-sitting!

Zoe decided to be the princess that she is and poop all over the place when she was left alone yesterday. Auntie and Alia came back from Jakarta to the most horrible of smell when they opened up the door, and they saw poop everywhere. Thank goodness the help they hired to come once a week came this morning... or else we would have to clean it up ourselves. blergh. I was pissed at her for a while, but something must have scared the shit out of her [haha] or maybe she panicked. Instead of being all angry, I ended up feeding her.

It's the third day of my "Kusa-less Days and Nights" haha, discounting of course the day he left. I was such a whine when he went away for two weeks to the States last year, so this time I keep on telling myself not to sweat the little things. So what if he doesn't reply my sms on regular basis? Like he ever does! And he calls me at least once a day, so all is good. We don't talk long, only up to 5 minutes max each time. The roaming charges are crazy high! I end up talking so very fast, not allowing a moment of silence to ever get in the way. haha. I want my Baby to call me everyday, yes... but I don't want to kill him with all the bills!

Goodness. How did I go through 2 years of long-distance again?

But it sucks to be on his bed without him to hug... though I really don't mind the extra space. hehe :D

I've been listening to John Mayer over and over again. There's something about his voice that I find captivating. There's this particular song, I Don't Trust Myself (With Loving You) that I swear can pass as a make out song, but the lyrics say otherwise. But the music, his voice... sigh. The combination has the power of making the least imaginative of people sway, I believe.

Ooo. Just had a J.Co donut. I ate it while shaking my head, not believing the amount of calories I'm putting inside my mouth, but it's so good I can't put it down. Well. Off I go then. Ciao~