Thursday, August 24, 2006

in regard to the title of my previous post

It's not Fadhi Izdihar, but Faidhi Ilham, the Malay equivalent to the Arabic word of Izdihar. Whatever his name may be, he is hecka adorable!


My Babe left me this morning... but only for three weeks. It wasn't to hard to say goodbye, because obviously, i get to see him again in three weeks. But maaannn... i reek with jealousy right now! Three weeks of holiday! In the States! California, then NEW YORK! well actually Jersey, but New York is like, only next door! It'll be cool to be able to go to California for the obvious reason of meeting up with the Troops [Nana, Salty and Sham], and it'll be grand to go to New York coz it's NEW freaking YORK! gaaaahhhhh!!!

But I would fool no one if I say that I wouldn't be missing my Sayang that much. C'mon... I miss him even when i knew I'd see him the next day. So for 20 days... yeah, I'd say I'll miss him too damn much by the middle of next week.

Though admittedly, I kind of like missing him. Coz when he finally gets back, I get to come up with a valid reason to make him hug me just a little tighter, and cuddle me for a while longer.

And the stuff he'll bring back for me is an added bonus.

I'm off... ciao.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

here comes Faidhi Izdihar!

yeay~ a new nephew to call my... uhm, nephew!

my sis gave birth to a 2.95 kg baby boy last sunday night, but i haven't seen him just yet. but i will, once i get better. get better, you ask?

the healthy record that i have is finally broken after 6 months and a half.

close friends and loved ones will remember that the last time i got sick was the week after i came back from Bali, and that was when i spent 7 days at home, doing literally nothing. and before that, i get sick once in every month on average, and not just small sniffs here and there, but the whole works. similarly, now i'm having a major case of flu and fever, but my sore throat is going away, and i sure hope i won't start coughing. i was convinced yesterday that my sore throat started because i was talking on the phone all the time since, well, that's the nature of my job.

which reminds me... i started my part-time job last thursday as a surveyor. in other words, that annoying person who calls in uninvited and ask you damn too many questions about a certain product or service. [as of yesterday, we handled a project for TM, and from tomorrow onwards, i'll be calling Singapore for a SOA project. don't ask me what SOA is yet.] but i didn't go to work today [what's the point of calling people up if you can't talk?!], and probably tomorrow, too. that's the cool thing about my job... you can come whenever is okay for you, but it's best to come as often as you can, coz they pay by the hour, and by each questionnaires that you get done.

so basically, i better get well real soon, or i'll be missing out on some desperately-needed money.

ughh... college is starting next week too. sucks. have to go check the schedule on friday. ooohh... and my results too. wish me luck.

till later, y'all... ciao~

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Medley lagu-lagu KRU

So me, my Babe and Fareen accompanied Ikin and his mom and bro to send Bad off last night at KLIA. Ikin cried a little bit [she didn't when we sent him off last year], but not really down... good on ya, gurl! and on the way back, we did what i would have thought impossible on any other regular day.

the title of this post says it all.

blame it on my Boo. he started it first hoping to annoy the hell out of me, and it usually would've worked, except for a couple of things; there's an ex-Yusry groupie in the car [that's Fareen], and... well, i hate to admit this, but i had a thing for KRU's ballads. and we all did. coz Kusa remember most of the songs, and so did Ikin! haha!

maybe it was my Sayang's attempt at cheering Ikin up too, and i think it kinda have worked. though it would have probably been much better if they're not sappy ballads. or maybe it worked because the songs are sappy. oh well. can't help it if their good songs are ballads.

ohhh... and guys, the song that i didn't remember the title last night... it was 'Apa Saja'. heh.

Monday, August 07, 2006

i'll try not to make blogging a monthly thing

wow... been a while since i blogged. almost seems like i lead a hectic, busy, i-don't-have-time-to-blog kind of life, but the truth is, i'm just lazy. that, and i don't have a Net connection to use at my will. and also when i want to blog, all the things that i want to blog about comes rushing through my brain, and there's so many things, then i suddenly feel tired and, uhm, lazy. heh.

a few things happened... Ani and Reza's reception, Nana and the gang left, so did Chik, Ikin's wedding... i mean engagement, among other things. a few things are about to happen... Fen's leaving, college is starting again in two weeks, there's a part-time job interview tomorrow... i should get into details, i know. but so malas lah. haha.

so what's the point of this post then? to let all of you loyal readers know that i'm still alive, of course! haha~

yeah poyo i know. ciao all~