Monday, May 23, 2005

vote for my gurl~

i have entered Kaelika in "Show Us Your Customized Girl" at and it would be really great if you guys could vote for her! what you guys need to do is email and say "i wanna vote for #120, #121 and #122" [those are my entry numbers]. ikin and fareen also entered the contest, though fareen's are under kusa's name coz ikin and i decided to surprise her with the entry. wanna check out our entries and all others? go to i probably won't win... look at all the other entries! some are so beautiful! mine, i think, is among the average ones, but your vote can change all that :) ikin did a really good job on my gurl. thank you mz ikin! you rawk!

so go ahead and vote for her... please, please, pretty please?!

later all! ciao~

Friday, May 13, 2005

are you fond of sand dunes and salty air...

i need a holiday. i DESERVE a holiday. ~sigh~ i hope i get rm5 for everytime i say that to myself... in that case, i'd be able to go to my well-deserved holiday, with extras to spend!

i've been so quiet lately... in terms of blogging, i mean. everytime i get online, i'd tell myself "check mail, then off to updating my blog". and then i'd chat with ikin or zura or my booboo or some other friend, or answer emails so emotionally that in the end, i just get SO lazy to blog. does it happen to you to? or is it just me? nyeheh.

i'm in the process of taking my learner's licence... by the end of next week, i think i should start on my Probation/Prohibition/P-sumthin licence. i hope to get everything finished by the 2nd or 3rd week of class [which is starting on the 24th May] so then i can concentrate on my short semester.

kusa and i are celebrating our 4th year at the end of this month! OMG! 4 years?! gile lama! haha! for those who knew, it's not 4 whole years, but in a way it was. we've been through so so SO much together, and to be honest, i think the relationship is getting a whole lot better than it was 2 years ago. there's still a lot of differences, but there's too much love going on to let things get sour again... kisu kisu, beh! *buat emoticon kiss cam kat yahoo messenger* hehe *and the jelir lidah muke masam one also* haha! goodness... this is SUCH a big deal for me! @_@

and oh... he got me the loveliest birthday gift 2 weeks ago... a lolita guess bag! thank you so vewy much sayang... you rule! :)

it was nurul's birthday on the 7th of May, and the freaks were all so busy on saturday, so zura, animz, fareen and i decided to gave her a little surprise on the 5th. the plan was to go to nurul's house and present her with gifts and a cake. little did we know that we ended up being the ones to get a surprise! she wasn't even home! hahahah! but going out with the freaks are always fun, so although nurul wasn't home and we were a bit disappointed, we still very much enjoyed each other's company.

and it was jubo's... oops, sorry!... najeeb's birthday on monday... kusa, ikin and i decided to do a little something for him since we haven't seen him for quite some time. ikin came for a day especially to do this! i took what happened during nurul's 'surprise' as a lesson, and so we decided to take him out for dinner at cozy corner, and only surprise him with a cake! it was one of the nicest cheesecake i've ever tasted... yumz! hope you had fun that day jeeb... it was the least we could do. sorry takde ferrari enzo... lom cukup kaya la. :P

oh well. this is all. for now. if i don't update this weekend [which is VERY likely] have a fun weekend, as i think i'm gonna enjoy mine. ciao~