Friday, June 30, 2006

scratched and bitten by Zoe

as promised :)

she looks absolutely precious, don't you think?


Kenzo is the most adorable cat in the whole wide world and i don't care what you have to say because this is my opinion, and what i say goes.

ok so that was uncalled for. but seriously, Zoe [short for Kenzo, duh] is sooooo comel! plus she's a mixed breed of Persian and Himalayan, so can you imagine how she looks like?! well if you can't i'm gonna help you out with that soon, once my Babe starts taking photos of her. such a scaredy-cat [it's her first day at her new home], but VERY inquisitive. and i know for a fact that Ikin, who is usually so afraid of a cat getting within like a 1000 mile radius around her, is even warming up to Zoe, even patting her head and rubbing her at her tummy and neck.

love makes the world go round, but cats make the world worthwhile. haha.

more updates soon. now i have to go and finish up my assignment. or play with Zoe a little while.


Friday, June 23, 2006

cooking flour and flowers in the sink

It was the most fun i had in a couple of months, and next Thursday, we're gonna do it all over again. This time, i hope, there won't be any creepy guys leaning over to Ikin who say, "I like you" over and over again.

But that's only a minor glitch in comparison to the wonderful company i had that night. And the new friend i made, Shreen!

Check out the photos from our night out here.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

one year today

... well, not much to say about it, really.

it's been a year since my mom passed away.

well, that's it... i guess. what else is there to say? how i feel? what my views are? how do i cope? is everything good and dandy?

what do you think? i mean, really. what you think i feel, is probably what i am feeling. there's a whole load of stuff going inside my head, and i don't know how to express it with words.


Saturday, June 10, 2006

i just HAVE to put this up somewhere!

*warning: this is a private joke only some of us share, so i'm sorry if you don't get it. i'll promise that my next post will be something that all of us can enjoy!*

"oh my GOD... this is not a typo, she just doesn't know how to spell."

SO true, Alia! so very true! hahahhahaha.

OMG!!! 5 whole years?! Happy Anniversary Baby!

sorry for the long delay in updating my blog. well no, i'm not exactly sorry... but you know... uhmm. nevermind. didn't really have the time to sit and type lengthy words with bundles of homeworks and a midterm coming up in about a week. oh well. here i am.

had the loveliest 5th year anniversary with Kusa that i could ever ask for on the 31st of May. we didn't exactly have the money to do anything fancy, but we did enough to have a wonderful time. we had dinner an Mr Ho's before watching Actorlympics in it's opening night. great dinner, and an even greater entertainment. what else could a girl ask for?

oh yeah... diamonds on platinum pieces, a lifetime supply of Coach bags and Ferragamo shoes, not to mention a whole load of Annick Goutal's perfumes.

but for the kind of money we had, it was heaven.

i've said it before and i am saying it again; i am the luckiest girl in the world for having this man with me. i mean yeah, 5 years is nothing compared to the countless couples all around the world who has been in love for more half a decade... there would always be a better person or couple to epitomise what love is. but Kusa is my best. i'm not sure about the whole wide world, but he is the best for me. but with the kind of things going on around us, and the fact that we had that 3 months blunder somewhere in 2003, 5 years is a freakin' achievement.

i guess maybe it's like a mark. a line we have to cross, see if we could survive. and we did. and insya Allah after this, we could cross many more lines like this, and grow stronger.

and remember Babe... it's not a matter of 'if', but a matter of 'when'. hehe.

on a more recent news, Nana is here! my Sayang's cousin that is. along with Sham, her brother and her boyfriend Salty of course. yeay! 2 months of gossiping to make up for all the time we couldn't do it face to face... man, you're gonna cause a havoc here! and i'm so looking forward to it!

hmm... the bed beckons me...