Sunday, August 31, 2008

Merdeka Day, Eve of the 1st of Ramadhan.

Its the 51st year of independence for Malaysia. I wanted to write a short paragraph of how I feel about the country and all, but the I read Najeeb's entry and he pretty much sums up what I wanted to say.

Nevertheless, Happy Independence Day to Malaysia and all its citizens.

And tomorrow is the first day of Ramadhan. I'm very excited about it; with this being the first time with my Sayang as husband and wife. But I do feel a bit scared though, because when most wives are busy preparing food for their families, I will most probably be stuck in an LRT to get myself home. And a bit bummed possibly, because I won't get to berbuka with Baba and my sisters on a much much lesser frequency now.

I'll look forward to the weekends though, when I hope I will be able to at least cook up something simple for my Baby, and I plan to make one or two kuih raya as well. And maybe we can sneak in a day or two for berbuka with Baba. And maybe, just maybe... this year, Aidilfitri will feel like how Aidilfitri was when I was smaller, with more things to look forward to.

I hope everyone will have a wonderful Ramadhan, and may the blessings of the Almighty gives you strength in this holy month.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

on the event of a break-in

Some of you may have already know that someone broke into my Sayang's Subway store on Wednesday night. The culprit? A relatively new staff who hasn't been showing up to work since Saturday. His modus operandi makes me believe that he has been planning for this for quite some time, or worse, he did this before to a previous workplace.

He came in about 10 minutes after the night-shift staff closed down for the evening. He wore his Subway t-shirt, so that people around the area wouldn't get suspicious. We believe that he made a copy of the padlock keys using another staff's keys under the pretense of borrowing his bike [the staff had all his keys bunched up together]. He knew where to go and what to take; we lost some cash from the register, the small-change bureau [well that's what i call it], and of course, Padel's brand new laptop. He even took my Sayang's Braun Buffel bag to put the laptop in. He broke the grill at the back of the store to make it look like an outside job. Pretty smart huh? But at one point, he must've suddenly remembered that the store has CCTV cameras installed almost everywhere, and I bet he got scared. So he took a container, fill it up with water, and 'showered' the monitor with it.

And I mean just the monitor. He did absolutely nothing to the CPU which holds all the information. And that is seriously the dumbest thing.

Padel went the police station before my Sayang arrived at the store; at this point, we didn't know that the CCTV was not affected, and we didn't have a suspect. When Kusa arrived, he took the CCTV's CPU, borrowed a neighbor's monitor and plug it in, basically just trying if it would work. And then we saw him, and what he did.

Later on that day, the ever-so-smart husband of mine decided to try something to lure the fucker to the shop next day. He called the man's number, knowing that his wife would pick up, and asked the wife to tell him to collect his pay tomorrow and bring the Subway t-shirt along as to terminate his employment. It was a chance my Sayang took, and at this point we didn't know if it would work.

But it did. Boy, did it work.

I don't know what made him come to the shop this morning. Maybe it's sheer stupidity, maybe he really thought that we would never find out. From what my Sayang told me [from what his staff told him], when he came in, a couple of my Babe's staff were already waiting, one with a stick in his hand just in case he tries to run away. And, according to my husband, the fucker already had a resolved look on his face. When my Sayang finally got to the shop, two plain-clothed policemen were already there. When they showed the CCTV footage, he didn't even try to deny.

Maybe its the spirit of Ramadhan that has gotten into my Sayang and I, or maybe we truly are nice people [chewah], but the first thing we thought of is how difficult life is going to be for the wife, as she is four months' pregnant. We feel sorry. But at the same time a lesson must be taught. Nevermind that my Sayang said that the wife didn't look to shocked, and her reaction was too calm. Life is never easy when your significant other is behind bars. The police said that its too late to drop charges now as a case has been filed, so we need to pursue. We're meeting the sergeant today, so I'll update you on the progress.

For now, we are grateful that the laptop is safe [its with the police now], but there is no sign of the bag yet, and we're not too hopeful about the money. And Alhamdullilah, he's caught.

What a way to start Ramadhan, eh?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

not-so-instant dinner


I was supposed to have dinner with Noran and Azzura (and Animz too, I guess) to have a belated 'welcome to the age of 27' get-together for Zura, but I cancelled in the 11th hour as I thought I had to stay back at the office. But that didn't work out, and to sms them and say "eh let's have that dinner anyways" would be beyond rude on my part. Left with a few extra hours on my hand, and what did I do?

I made dinner for my Sayang.

Refering to the title of my post, I made him instant dinner that didn't exactly turn out to be so quick after all. The Betty Crocker tuna fettuccine alfredo I made him did save me time; and it didn't really taste that bad, considering that cream-sauced pasta is not on my favorite food list. But I wanted to give him a bit more than just out-of-the-box dinner, so I tried my hands on mug cake - basically moist chocolate cake in a mug.

It took a while longer than I expected to prepare it, probably because I was too worried about messing it up. Or maybe I was just slow. haha. The baking part was really easy and fast; only 3 minutes for each mug [I made two]. But it didn't turn out to be moist [so in the end I did sort of messed up], but it was really fluffy, and filling. And YUM! It wasn't too sweet, but 11.30pm is not really the best time to be eating cake, no?

My Babe and I ended up sharing 1 mug of cake. The other one is left alone in the kitchen, waiting to be eaten. Kesian.

It's a quarter after midnight. I should sleep.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lo and behold! Its the new blisskat!

After much procrastination [which is not new], I finally came around to actually start looking for a new layout for the blog. But I'm the least bit creative, and I really don't know much about using templates from other sources except blogger's.

After hearing my plight [more like after I whine like a schoolgirl], Ikin took it upon her to do something about it, and kind of surprised me by doing the new layout herself, and placing it together and make it look like what it is now.


It has ALL THE THINGS THAT I LOVE. And I didn't even request for any of these details from Ikin! Shows how much she knows me. And that we really don't have much friends hahaha.

First of all, there the colors... combination of pink and brown, and red. There are books, which I totally love, and a cat! And the jewelries are pretty much spot-on; the wedding ring, the necklace arwah Mama gave me, the earrings! The Mary Janes' shoes... they may be out of style, but I love them still! And I always put my hair up like that [when I actually have time to do things to my hair]. Ikin even got my mata buntang right! You rock, babe!

My Sayang said that it's cleaner now, and not so heavy anymore. So that's a definite plus.

I'm gonna go and do more 'oohs' and 'aah' over the blog.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

a day before production deadline

... and miraculously I managed to find time to do some memes. haha. Procrastinator at work!

1. Your nicknames given by loved ones:
- Mama Mia
- Merah
- busuk (but I will never acknowledge!)

2. You are a person who...
- wishes that she can run around wearing heels.

3. That someone special. Describe what makes him/her your special someone:
- He is the only person who can make me laugh even when I'm totally annoyed/pissed at him.

4. Your favorite food:
- Neng's cooking (she took care of me when I was a baby till I was 18)
- Baba's sambal tempoyak ikan bilis
- Chicken anything

5. Favorite color
- combination of pink and brown
- midnight blue

6. All-time favorite songs:
- There's a whole bunch of it, but Accidentally in Love by the Counting Crows is our official song.

7. A person's attitude or behavior that irks/annoys you:
- People who act like they know everything. No one does ok?
- People who act like they like they're the only two person in love in this whole wide effing world. Yes, I'm referring to one specific couple.
- Pushy people.

8. 3 "must-have" things in your handbags:
In this particular order
- Mobile phone
- Wallet
- Make-up bag

9. When was the last time you cried your heart out... and why?
A couple of months back, when I was preparing for my wedding. My dad and I see things differently. So we argued, we shouted, I cried.

10. Tag 5 of your friends:
- Freaks!