Wednesday, November 30, 2005

speed of life

3 assignments to submit by end of week.
another one by next tuesday.
1 movie review to write.
3 movies to watch for final exam. [excluding 1 for the review]
study for 4 subjects for exam.
exam is next week.

until 5.00 p.m, 9th of December, my life will be hell.

... or so i hope.


Saturday, November 19, 2005

the last love song on this little planet...

i have been delaying my update as nothing worth mentioning here had happened to me since last week. but then there was yesterday, and for a good routine bitching amongst close mates, i was willing to skip my interviewing class just so i could go to coffee bean instead of the usual starbucks, and just hang.

Fareen had her off day yesterday, and Ikin's here till later today. we had only planned to meet the night before, so it was kind of impromptu. it was, as always, nice to be with two of the girls i most care about in the whole entire universe, just drinking coffee [or in my case, caramel apple ice blended] or plain water and eating a piece of apple crumble and a slice of merry berry cheesecake. i think we stayed at the same spot for almost 3 hours, exclusive of the one hour we stayed at secret recipe earlier on for lunch. even the window shopping we had in between was laced with gossips and news updates... i literally walked till the sole of my feet ached. honestly, i had to tip-toe after taking off the shoes at Kusa's home when we got back.

but i still would do it all over again :)... maybe in a more comfortable pair of shoes, though.

i found out just half an hour ago that something of mine was so significant that some people decided to plagiarize it and feature it on a fake bag! take a look here, and tell me what does the blythe picture on the top left of the bag remind you of? if you say it reminds of you my blythe, kaelika, you're right! it IS my kaeli! it's actually from a picture that Ikin took so we could enter the blythe contest on This is Blythe. i don't really know who decided to create the bag, but Ikin found it from a taiwan online shop, and though i'm a little upset, the dear optimistic Ikin told me to take it as a compliment. so now, instead of bashing this people about how i should be getting royalties out of this, i want to have a free bag! it's the least they could do for me, don't you think? hehe.

today also marks the first time i got bitten by a dog. yes. you read it right. i was bitten by a stupid, fucking, babi betul dog on the way to catch a cab for my ethics class. the damage wasn't physically severe; i managed to pull my leg before it could get through my jeans. which i am glad for. it's not my fave pair of jeans, but it's still a levi's, and there is NO WAY i'm throwing away a levi's unless, of course, it's ruined and waaaaayyy past wearability. but anyways, the psychological effect is worse... though i'm already a lot calmer. Kusa and Chik made a joke about it as a part of their way to get me laughing and cheering me up... that's probably why i'm already starting to put it behind me. but still, it's not yet funny to me, so wait for probably a week before cracking up jokes and make fun of it, okay? [Saddique, Najeeb, and maybe Suffian; Take Note!]

thank god my father has a little garden, so finding clean soil to use as part of the 'samak' process wouldn't be a hassle. but god help me, if i ever see that dog again, i'll kick it's butt so hard that if it could talk, it'll wished it was never born in the first place.

or i'll just ran away as fast as i can. better yet, don't walk around that area EVER AGAIN.

going home to clean my leg now... ciao all~

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

that movie review

Salon was out on the first day of Raya. i read ili's blog and her opinion on the movie, which sorta reminded me that i wanted to post my assignment for the movie review in september. the assignment i submitted was lengthy, so i've decided against it. furthermore, not many people watched it back then... and now that people have started talking about it, i thought, maybe i should too.

Salon was not a bad movie... but it wasn't good either. i wasn't excited about it as i've never heard about it before, and so i honestly didn't know what to expect. was it going to be another sepet? or sembilu? i found out it was neither... too bad, but nasib baik. the movie is sorta like gol & gincu, though gol is better in so many ways. not the best movie to watch, but it has it's winning moments.

the only actors whose acting i think worth being mentioned were pierre andre's and chelsia ng's. and of course, ho yuhang's and khatijah tan's presence lightened up the screen whenever they appear, albeit very briefly. the bad actors were many. especially raja farah. i was confused as what she was supposed to be; a determined, young entrepreneur with a mind of her own, or a girl who didn't even know what she really wanted and so she just follow people around doing what they want to do? this was her first movie, and it showed. ngasrizal ngasri's character was unnecessary, also confusing. the way he dresses and talk contradicted. jojo struys? she tried too hard, and her malay is so stiff, she shouldn't even bother. the scripts and its flow was good... they tried to make it as natural as possible, and it worked. then jojo say her lines, and all hell broke loose. ok so that was an exaggeration. but you get what i mean.

i saw the ending coming from the moment the movie started, but when it came, i went "... what just happened?" the director/writer/whoever responsible should've let the story develop a bit more before jumping in like that. the fact that they shot the movie within 12 days probably contributed to why the movie lacked in depth, but as i was told, shooting under a couple of weeks in normal in malaysia. hmmz.

but i like the music. and the fact they didn't use any dubbing. correct me if i'm wrong, though i don't think i am... but salon is the first movie for alternate studios, and though in my review i gave it a 2.5 out of 5, i think it's better than most malay movies ala yusof haslam out there. and it's a malaysian movie, not a malay movie. so that's good. go watch it at your own risk. and it's better not to have any expectations.

oh well. i'm going home. i came to college this morning to find out that my class has been cancelled. and the only class for the day pulak tu. hish~

looking forward to tonight... meeting Iz again after so many months. dinner with the freaks... the joy!!! :)

disclaimer: remember guys, my opinions are my own. no need to defend the movie or bash it up to me. i'm all about malaysian movies and cinema, more so after i started reading Yasmin Ahmad's and Afdlin Shauki's blogs religiously. if you have time go check out their blogs, and thank you for reading my blog and taking notice of my most humble opinion... yeay~!

Monday, November 07, 2005

raya tales and college blues

How was your raya? mine went well, most of the time. but at one point or another, it did suck. i was reminded by my nosy aunties and bitchy relatives why i hate going back to kampung. imagine being asked about your late mother's possesions by people who shouldn't care coz it's not their business anyways. and because my cousin with whom i share the same birth year got engaged on the 3rd of Syawal, i was constantly bombarded with the same question with each auntie, uncle, and elder cousins: "Mira, engkau bile pulak lagi?" [so when's your turn, Mira?] at first it was fine... i happily answered "tak tau lagi la Mak Long/Acu/Auntie... we'll see". but when you couldn't keep track of the number of people who asked you that, and you start to forget if the same auntie asked you the question the night before, you tend to get irritated, and try as hard as you could not to give out a rude answer.

i wanted to scream "i have every intention to get married, but let me do it in my own time and space! BUZZ OFF, you nosy fucker!!!" but of course, i didn't. otherwise, i wouldn't live to make this entry.

gossips are abundant during raya season. who did what, what was said, who's dating who... this year's raya gossipers seem to be working overtime. although most of the things said are true, but the intention of those relaying the news and the way they say it seemed to suggest malicious intent, and in my family, or any family, that's never good.

but my raya did have its share of good times. i got an RM50 duit raya, the first day of raya with all of us sisters, husbands [if any], our dad and brother went wonderfully, and somehow i managed to keep my eating low, but i did munch on loads of kuih raya.

and i'm definitely looking forward to the raya convoy the freaks always have since we were all in form 4. my god... has it been 8 years already?! anyways, i do hope we get to do it this year too, although the prospect doesn't look too good. but we will all try, kan?

let's stop talking about raya now, shall we?

college started again today, and it's almost as if we didn't have the one week holiday. students are busy with their laptops or inside the computer labs, and i just had 2 group discussions for my final projects and presentation. pretty much the usual stuff. and somehow i got dragged into playing win, lose or draw with a bunch of guys while waiting for jack to come by. i had to draw lesbian gorrilas. LESBIAN GORRILAS? how the hell does one draw lesbian gorrilas, i asked the opposing team after i failed to draw anything comprehensible within the given one minute. "Easy," one of the guys, Prakash said. so he drew 2 boobs facing each other, with nipples, suggesting lesbians, and a potrait of a supposed ape, but it ended up looking like a t-rex. i should have known. just minutes before, one of them had to draw homo sapiens, so for the homo part, he drew 2 dicks facing each other. complete with nuts. haih~

my 5.30 pm class today is cancelled, which is good... it means that my group members and i have time to finish up our project, and submit it next week. and it also means that i have more time to prepare the powerpoint presentation for tomorrow. to be honest... i don't like standing in front of a crowd, and talk while everyone is watching. but being a communications major student, that's something i should be getting used to. sigh~ i really should get started now.

so cheerio people, and thank you for reading my blog! :)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

the chemical-smelling hair

i permed my hair today... yeay! it's not exactly a farah fawcett hairdo, and it doesn't really look like catherine zeta-jones' hair that i wanted the stylist to emulate... but i think it looks good on me. pictures will be up on friendster soon... if i'm not too lazy. i also got myself a new pair of slip-ons from vincci that i've been eyeing for a week now. i was having second thoughts for a while, but i really hated going through all the shoes again... not with that kind of crowd. what kind of crowd, you ask? the "it's-a-public-holiday-and-there's-a-sale-at-vincci-so-let's-trash-the-place" kind of crowd. not very pleasant. and i collected my baju raya from the tailor yesterday, and after a few alterations, it was ready. so does this mean that i'm all set for raya? must be, kan?

not quite.

puasa has come and gone hurriedly, it seems to me. you know how when you were younger you would actually count the days to raya, and by the 3rd of ramadhan you thought, "man, why can't this month go any faster?", and fasting appeared almost draggy? well okay... maybe just me then. there's none of that this time. there's only one day left in ramadhan, and when it hit me this morning, i thought "WHAT THE HELL?!". literally.

i guess what i'm trying to say is, puasa and raya this time 'round is not what it was to me 10, or even 5 years ago. heck, i think i was excited for last year's. honestly, i don't know why. i do know that without my mother, nothing is ever the same. well, to be honest... there's not that much difference, but at least she was there before. and we always know that we're gonna spend at least a night in Ulu Kinta or Tanjung Rambutan [the pekan, not the hospital!], either at my grandparents' or one of my aunties' place. but this year... i honestly don't know if we're gonna get out of town.

which reminds me... my opah; my mom's mom, passed away during syawal last year. sigh.

but the rest will remain the same, insya Allah. i usually look forward to raya mornings when the five of us sisters will go through my mom's jewelry with her and pick what we would like to wear for the day, with mama's approval, of course. though this time the four younger siblings will do that under the watchful eyes of the eldest. there's also the asking for forgiveness part of the day, and this year, as it was last year, i will get no duit raya. sigh.

i remember when i was smaller, my mom told me, "kecik-kecik tak payah duit raya banyak-banyak, orang besar je boleh dapat", and when i grew up, she said, "dah besar tak payah duit raya banyak-banyak, budak kecik je dapat". haih~ it was a no-win situation. and still is! grr.

here's something new for this aidilfitri: i'll be visiting my mother's grave. and i'll probably shed my first tear of raya ever.

oh well.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Maaf Zahir Batin to all Muslims... sorry if i ever did or said anything that hurt you, either intentionally or accidentally. i'm a meanie sometimes, but i'm usually nice :) remember to have a great raya, and be safe in whatever you do... well, at least do enough to survive on the first few days of syawal. huuhaa~

Happy holidays to all!