Wednesday, February 21, 2007

one after another. i'm such a wimp

You know that old wives' tale that when you have an ulcer in your mouth, apply a pinch of salt on it, and though it may sting a little, it'll be cured in no time? Do you?

Don't believe it. It stings A LOT, and I could still feel the salt stabbing me under my tongue after 30 minutes. And I'm still not cured!

Oh well.

Stitches are out. Didn't hurt a bit.

I realize that I sometimes share too much in my blog. Well. Sharing IS caring... hehe.

Or is it sharing is scaring? hmm.

Oh how I despise people with new handphones... sigh.

Ok peeps... ciao~

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Operation went fine. Although I was cringing the whole 30 minutes of the surgery. It was no fun at all when the dentist was digging at my gum, trying to get my tooth out. Wasn't painful, but you try have someone digging in your mouth like that. And the drilling... Goodness. My tooth had to be broken down to three parts!

Post op; for the first hour it was hell. Until 5 pm that evening, hell worsened. And slowly after that, the pain subsided. Took me two rounds of painkillers for them to actually work!

And now my right cheek is still swollen [truth be told, I look like Quasimodo], and the pain is still there. Minimized, but still there. Need another check up tomorrow, and the three stitches will only be removed next Tuesday.

Ikin is back! yeay! Azzura and Animz are sorely missed. damn.

Anim where are the pictures?!

Later all. Need to make a few phone calls. Ciao~

Sunday, February 11, 2007

absence makes the heart grows fonder

Anim has left. Her flight was at 4:45 p.m. A little sad at the moment. We used to be really close with each other... hanging out every other day whenever she was at her mom's office, and I was at my mom's. She was also studying at MTDC which is located in UPM itself, and she would invite me to the events they had.

We haven't been doing that for some time already now... but I love her all the same. I'll miss you babe... :(

Azzura is leaving tonight, 11:30 p.m flight. haih. Talk about a double whammy. Here's another freak with whom I share everything [well, almost] with. We've shared so much over the years... a year and a half isn't too bad. I think. haih again.

You know I love you, and you definitely know how much I wish you'd be here... :/

A wisdom tooth that grows sideways is murderously painful. But then again, the surgery to remove this killer tooth would cause as much hurt, I suppose. Oh well. 2 more days, and I'll find out.

Till my next post. And at the rate of how often I update my blog, it can take up to two weeks. huhu.


Saturday, February 03, 2007

a quarter plus one

I've put up the photos from Sungai Congkak on the Friendster photo album... you guys can check the photo out here. Still no sign of my Bluetooth USB device, so still no photo from Noran's phone-cam.

Most of you would know that I celebrated my 26th birthday on the 29th. I had a few different celebrations... I first kicked it off with a dinner and bowling outing with a few of my closest mates on the eve of my birthday. The plan was to have dinner and then play a few games in Midvalley, but the traffic was too crazy for me and my Sayang, so we decided to make a few last minute changes. Instead of going to Midvalley, we went to Bangsar Village for an early dinner at Nando's, and then we're off to Bangsar Shopping Complex for a couple of games of bowling.

I sucked. Along and Noran, both who played for the first time ever, actually had really high scores. [And Along hasn't stopped bragging since!]

Others who were there during the dinner and bowling thing was Anim, her fiancee Hazril and En. Milo. Zura and Fareen could only stay for dinner coz they're lame. hahaha don't smack me! It was a joke! They made plans, hence their absence. We missed you girls!

The day itself was celebrated with very little fanfare... but of course, with my Boo. He picked me up from college [I had to go to college on my birthday! SUCK!], and we went straight to dinner at Chili's One Utama. Went bowling again afterwards coz Kusa is really serious about picking up bowling again.

I didn't get to meet Ikin on the 29th, so she came to KL the very next day to meet up with me and Fareen for a little Bengot Angels belated birthday dinner. We had a lovely dinner and dessert at Secret Recipe in Alamanda, and I totally splurged, leaving me broke for the rest of the week. haha. But it was my birthday. And I was - and still is - HAPPY! yeay~

Thank you so much for everyone who sent me the lover-ly birthday wishes. Thanks to Azzura for those choc chip cookies [I won't be getting them for the next year and a half! uwaaaa!], and thanks also to my sis Kak Diani for giving me that RM100. w00t! Thank you Fareen for her thoughtfulness in wanting to get me tix for Gamarjobat. And also to everyone who wants to get me presents but hasn't yet... no worries, I don't mind waiting. haha!

And a special shoutout to my Baby for the wonderful birthday present! It was perfect, Sayang! I love love love LOVE YOU!

Photos will be up as soon as I get them from Animz.

Oh well. This is all for now. Azzura is leaving in like a week. Ohmygod.

Ciao all~