Sunday, May 11, 2008

a bridezilla in the making

Okay. Enough relaxing after finishing up the report. From this week onwards, it's full-on wedding planning, baby.

Two months. Two short months.

You know how crazy these few months had been? I was so busy and tied up with stuff, I didn't even realize until about 4 days ago that my anniversary is coming at the end of the month. And that 2 weeks ago (27th April to be exact) was supposed to be me and my Sayang's own version of Valentine's. I never forget details like these. Never.

Oh well. I'll have a lifetime to remember. And a lifetime to keep on reminding him and hit him on his arm if he doesn't.

Saturday, May 03, 2008


I have so much to tell, but at the same time I'm so tired I don't know if I can go for a long post this time. But here goes:

Alhamdullilah, my internship report has already been sent this evening. It's a whole load of burden off my chest, and my back, the whole of me. This means that I can concentrate on my wedding plans right now, and I have more 'me' time. And hopefully, I'll get to see Lyana after sooooo many times of pulling out at the last minute; either by herself or me.

Some of you may know, some may not; my former employer has given me my pay last week. Alhamdullilah! Met up with him yesterday to get his signature on my report, but some shit happened but at the end of the day, I'm glad that I don't have to ever deal with him again. Seriously.

And to celebrate the good week that I've had, I decided to cut my hair whee~

I'll take pictures [insya Allah] and show it to the world. It's basically shorter, the shortest since the past couple of years kot. No drastic change here; I'd save radical haircuts until after my wedding, thank you very much!

Ooh. I also had a celebratory dinner as well. I treated my Sayang [and myself, duh~] to some Fatty Crab! Ohmygod it's the best ever! My Sayang said that my method of cracking open the crabs is 'brutal', but dang it, that's how you enjoy your crab, kan? I had SOOOO much, that I think I've had my quota for at least a few months. I woke up this morning glowing from a good dinner. haha. My Baby would believe me; he knew how much I wanted to eat crabs for the past week or so.

Hmm. So what else yea? Oh, I've shifted to a new office. I'm with the same company, but since the old building will be demolished to make way for some new development, REDmoney has been shifted to Menara KUB, in Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. It's more spacious, and there's a lot of places to eat... but the convenience shops suck big time. There's two, and they're both small. It's nothing like the one we're used to in Angkasa Raya. Back at the old building, Kenda [that's the name of the shop] has TONS of things we can buy. International magazines, a selection of sandwiches including turkey ham, fruit tarts, crystal bracelets, good meehon goreng, and the best yet, collectors' old currency notes. I'm hitting myself for not getting that ancient 10 sen [or was it 50 sen] bill for Baba. I don't know from what year it's from, but Baba would have loved it.

But anyways. Some may assume that by the thing's I've listed, Kenda must be a sort of chic convenience shop. But I tell you it's not. It's seriously similar to one of those Kedai Runcit Ah Chong, only cleaner and more organized. I haven't been there that long to miss the building, but I sure will miss uncle Kenda.

Okay. I gotta go find the answer for life's biggest and most difficult question: What to have for dinner tonight?

Ciao all~