Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I exist, after all. For now I have a facebook profile. yeay me!

It's the 7th day of Ramadhan... so far, all is okay. My dad has resorted to buying lauk and kuih at the local bazaar Ramadhan instead of cooking; this way he saves time. I have yet to lose any weight... blame it on all the sweet things I eat during berbuka, although I try to keep my rice intake low. But the kuih... ooo yum. Where the heck is my will power?

This cybercafe is too damn noisy. Will give a proper update once I get to a place where I can actually hear myself think.

Selamat Berpuasa!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Tetanus D

It was early Friday morning. She stepped out of her living room, and went outside to hang some laundry. It was humid. Hot. Sweat trickled down her back. She squinted her eyes, wishing that the day was a little cooling. Mindlessly she took one piece of t-shirt after another, and then she was done. She sighed, relieved that her chore is almost done. She bend to pick up the empty basket, when she suddenly felt a slight pain on her right foot. Her mind immediately thought of the worse, and as she examined her bleeding foot, and then her slippers, her fear was confirmed.

"Stupid fucking rusty nail poked into my kaki! aaaagh!"

How the damn nail got there, I don't know. The pain wasn't bad... It's not like the whole thing went into my foot. Just a tiny pinch. But it sucked big time when because of a tiny little thing like that, I had to go get a tetanus shot.

Damn. My left arm still hurts till now :(

The doctor was nice though. He's been there at my neighborhood forever, but that was the first time I ever went there. The usual clinic I go to was closed... The usual clinic being Malay-owned and the day being Friday. Well, it was 12.30 pm when I finally went to get my shot.

He told me that the shot would last me for two years. So now, for the next 24 months, I can get bitten and scratched by animals, and get cut by more nails and broken glasses, and not worry about getting an infection. heh. Bring it on.

... Well. Not really. :D

oohh. My babe gave me the sweetest surprise when I got here to his house today. Well the thing wasn't even for me, but how would you feel when your boyfriend of 6 years, who is known for NOT being romantic, decided to one day create a picture collage of the two of you together, and put it up as his wallpaper on his PC? Well I know that it's similar to the birthday present he made for me earlier this year, but the magic is not lost. I'm not sure when he did it, but damn it's a nice feeling. To know that someone loves you so much, that they don't mind looking at the same old face everyday.

My poor, sick but lovely Baby who is down with fever, flue and cough didn't even tell me!

And there's also a picture of me and Ikin tersesat there somehow haha.

Monday, September 03, 2007

hiatus mode: off

YESYESYES an update is due!

Why have I been silent for all this while? Everything, and nothing. haha. The major reason for my absence in the blogging scene is the simple, plain reason that I do not have any Internet connection at home, and I no longer come over to My Sayang's house as often as I did before.

So what have I been up to? Well, the highlight would be, of course, Ikin and Bad's nikah and wedding receptions. Here's a taste of what kind of loveliness I was surrounded with on one of the days:

This is taken on the day of the nikah, or solemnization ceremony. And this one is Ikin being oh-so-modelesque on the day of her reception in Melaka:

Thanks Arnie for the pictures. By the way, you still haven't given me the ones from the hotel reception.

[By the way, notice Ikin's luscious new locks? :P]

Another thing that has been taking my time is the preparing of my resume and cover letter for my internship. I've yet to send out any as I still need my testimonials and sorts from my lecturers, but insya Allah I'll start sending by middle of the month. I'm looking for a spot in a PR/advertising agency... so if you can help me out, holler at me! :)

There's also this other little thing that has yet to take up any of my time yet, but it sure will. Will let you guys know as soon as something is confirmed.

I'm missing a whole load of people right now; mainly Azzura and Ikin. It's damn obvious why I miss Ikin; she is after all my girlfriend. And her living in Tokyo... well. That's just like the bad, evil, negative version of icing on the cake. haha.

Azzura. I miss our mindless chatter on YM. The fact that I hardly get online now, and the fact that she doesn't get online as often as well until Friday is the only reason why I haven't spoken to her as I would normally would since like a week before Ikin's wedding. Emails are just not the same when you have to wait days for a reply, don't you think?

And I miss Lyana. Ohmygod I so wanna hang out with her! It's been a little bit close to impossible to see her now that she's working. And I've been canceling on her too... thousands of apologies, babe. But weekends are your days off, and I know you want to hang with Michael too, so we just have to be patient and wait till our time comes, okay?

So. Is this post good enough after a month plus of silence?

And also, I had a haircut yesterday! whee~