Saturday, August 27, 2005

me? mushy?

a song by jodeci titled good luv that i love ever since i first heard it in year 1998. enjoy!

In the morning when i open up my eyes
I still be feelin' high from the love you gave last night, girl
But i still try to get up with my friends
But they just think i'm crazy and no more do i fit in, girl
But they always been around, smokin' all day
But i just get a hit or two but i just don't feel the same, girl
I know that i'll be needing you anyday
There's only one thing i have to say

*You give good luv
In the morning
Or late at night
Every second to minute it gets me high
Good luv
In the morning
Or late at night
It's amazing how our love could feel so right

I guess it's just a habit
I feel i have to have it
Every time i see it, girl, you know i wanna grab it
And yes i do admit it
Nothing can get with it
When it comes to feeling good, your love is so addictive
Yes i do get my drink on, and i do have my fun
When it comes to love, i gotta get some of your good luv
So i turn to you, 'cause no one else can do what you do
Girl, you're so good

repeat *

I need your love, girl
Cause when i'm not with you
I'm just feenin for the things you do
I'm in my own world
'cause, girl, i'm crazy for you
'cause your love is always true
You give good luv
You give good luv
You give good luv
And that's all i do
'cause i'm strung out on you

repeat *

Friday, August 26, 2005

deafening silence

i realized today that i actually miss college. well, not exactly "oh-god-i-miss-you-i-don't-want-to-leave-EVER" kind of miss, but i enjoy talking to friends and laughing out loud till my tummy hurts. the only two people that comes to mind who can actually do that in college are jack and zaher. but zaher had his last semester in summer, so i guess we're all gonna miss him. suffian, whom i met on his last semester during the spring was also a good person to hang around with. he doesn't make me laugh out loud, but damn he's funny. and jamie too... she left 2 semesters ago. i do get to see her sometimes as her insurance agency she works at is only a few minutes walk from here. zara is back from UK, but her best friend darlina is still in alor star doing her internship. an, my little korean friend, is wickedly sensitive and likes to pinch people to her heart's content.

i like hanging out with these people, and a few others, a lot. we're not really the best of friends... except for darlina, jamie, and occasionally jack, i don't call them for chats and stuff. i guess that makes us college-mates, or just acquaintances. but they're hecka good at being my acquaintances. and in a way, these people, although they don't know it, keep me coming back to IGS. i admit to hating this place when i first came here, and in a few ways, i still do. but at least now i have people to bitch about this sucky college to.

they say that college life is the best part of your existence. i don't think i'll ever agree [not in this college, anyways], but 15 years down the road, i'll probably get at least a little sentimental about these folks.

azzura is having a little trouble friendship-wise, and it's written all over her blog although not literally. i've been in a similar, albeit different, situation before... and i wish her all the luck. whatever i said, i hope you take it as an advice, and just do what you think is good for yourself, and not anyone else's, okay?

what a way to start your 24th birthday, huh? :)

i'm going off. later world... ciao~

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


ughh. i've been so lazy lately... i have so many things that i wanted to say here, but i for the last couple of weeks, i just don't feel like constructing any words into comprehensible lines in front of the pc for 30 minutes. why? who knows. it's not like i've been doing anything... and i won't until college starts next week.

my body clock is completely ruined... i couldn't sleep before 4 am, and i only wake up at 11 am, earliest. i do know that i need to set it back to normal by the time college starts, or else i'll be having problems going to the morning classes. sigh. i look forward to the new semester [yeay! no more boredom!]... but i so despise waking up at 7.30 am to get to the 9 am class. but not in time though. i usually be 5 to 15 minutes late.

one of the things i enjoy most about being in a relationship with my boo is the kissing. not necessarily on the lips, but any form of it. i love it equally when he caught me by surprise, by kissing me on my forehead, or on top of my head. somehow makes me feel so... safe. he's such a bengot, and so ntah pape most of the times... but when he kisses me the way he does... it feels like heaven.

though i don't really know how heaven really feels. hmm.

later world... ciao~

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

too much time in my hands, hence this post

here's something to ponder upon: why would a singing/talent reality show has a different award for best vocals? most of us know for a fact that the obvious winner of the main award is not the one with the best singing ability, and i guess the producers know that too, hence the best vocal category, i assume. but damn it, it's supposed to be a singing competition! isn't the main prize given to the one with the best vocals, supposedly? furthermore, his fans voted for him for the main prize, why wouldn't they vote for him for all categories?

Yes people, i am referring to Akademi Fantasia.

thank GOD it's over! i actually don't know why it bugs me so much... it was just another reality show. It's not just mawi that bothered me, it's the whole damn show. and the fans too, I guess. 'students' get eliminated not because they can't sing, but because they don't help out around the house, or they made a bad joke. and so, the good singers [not that there's plenty of them in the show] did not get to the finals. but these 12 people's places in maestro are confirmed, so i guess it doesn't make much different. although i guess winning all that prizes would be an added bonus.

like i said, i don't know why it bugs me so much.

But i am enjoying Rockstar INXS tremendously. I think Jordis or maybe Marty should win. They have such strong vocals, and yeah, they look good. I swoon whenever I see Marty on TV! Comel sangat die tu. Rase cam nak gigit-gigit je. huhu~

i watched Rain Man for the first time last Saturday. it was, i have to admit, one of the best movies i have seen in my entire life. can't say much about the soundtrack, though... but you gotta understand, the movie was made in 1988. kusa argued that if i were to watch it say, 10 year ago, i probably would've been more appreciative. i doubt it, but hey... who knows? but anyhoot, dustin hoffman was magnificent. he made me cry twice! i'll never watch him the same way again. go and watch this movie if you wanna watch something to remind you of the value of family, especially the relationship between siblings.

movies to look forward to this week/weekend: Cinema Paradiso and Amelie. can't wait!

i just found out that Marion Raven was a part of the now-defunct bubblegum, candy coated pop duo, M2M. kinda took me by surprise coz i like her songs [those on MTV and V, anyways], but not really that much of a shock coz she did look familiar. oh well.

time to go home, now. i'm crossing my fingers [not literally] hoping to get to see my boo today. so later world... ciao~


disclaimer: what i said about Akademi Fantasia are only my most humble opinion [meaning i actually have loads more to say about it], and nothing else. if there are people reading this who would want to send me a hate-mail or whatever, save it, coz honestly, i wouldn't care. but thank you for making some time and read my blog! yeay!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

oh, satria...

Kusa's car was broken into early this morning, probably before dawn. His family are having a string of bad luck with all their cars that are parked outside; the RAV4 was broken into and the thief or thieves took the CD player, then Chik's Kembara got stolen, and now my boo's Satria. They took his CD player too... but Kusa took it out from it's place and hid it beside the driver's seat, so i think they broke into it first before they decide what to take. He was really upset about the whole thing, but he's okay now. His mom, on the other hand, was not surprised when she heard the news. The fact it all happened within one month make me believe that the culprit for all theft are the same people, maybe even a part of a syndicate or something.

Pencuri bodoh. Must be some freaking drug addicts who are too stupid to learn or do anything and ripped people's cars apart for easy money. Bangang betul. Emo la ni.

Later world... ciao~