Friday, November 27, 2009

almost like a miracle.

Today, Friday 27th November 2009, on Aidiladha, I finally felt my baby's first kicks.

Not the fluttering kind that friends and baby books said I would feel initially (at my stage, its a bit too late for flutters), but these are real, solid bumps on my tummy. Three times, at least.

I was wondering when I would feel it. I wondered the most, I think, yesterday. It has already been 25 weeks, and by this time usually moms-to-be would already feel some kind of routine activities from the baby. Me? Not much. Close to nothing, in fact. Frankly speaking I was not too worried about the inactivities; I was anxious for it to begin.

But today was... wonderful. The first that I realized was in the morning when I just woke up, then at my Sayang's grandparents' place while I was lying down, and the last was when we were in the car on the way back from my dad's.

Hoping - and praying - for many more. :)

Alhamdullilah. It makes me even more thankful and in awe of Allah and His gift. :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

the tale of the three kittehs

Alia has become some sort of an adoptive parent to three little kittens we found in a box outside our house on Saturday morning.

Now, the box was not left by some inconsiderate stranger who did not want to care for little kittens outside our gate. Instead, the box was actually moved from our house in Shah Alam from the old house in Cheras two days before. Initially we didn't know how that could've happen. One of our most popular assumption was that the mommy kitty has moved the kittens from its original birthing place due to a threat, and found our little box outside the kitchen door the best place to hide her babies.

But upon investigations (chewah!), we found out that the mommy kitty gave birth to the kittens at our old house in Cheras, and we've brought the kittens to our place in Shah Alam by accident. How did we come to that conclusion? Because we went to the old neighborhood today for a wedding, and found that one of the windows on the house's first floor was open, and there were cat's pawprints all over that area.

It is still an assumption, but its the only one that makes the most sense.

I can't imagine the stress the mommy is going through. She's probably frantic right now, searching for her little ones :(

But at the moment, we've decided to focus on the problem at hand: how to take care of these kittens. They're newborn, and their eyes are not yet opened, and feeding them started out as a bit of a challenge.

For my babe and I, there's a sense of dejavu in the whole situation. We were here before. About 2 years before our princess Zoey came into the picture, we took in three little kittens left abandoned at my college in Langat to our place, and we tried so hard to take care of them. But then one by one... they didn't survive :( So when the both of us found out about these new kittens, we were wary. But worried. We are still hoping. And in my case, I try very hard not to get attached to them. But at the same time... its so hard to keep a distance!

Anyway Alia persisted, and the maids are helping out a lot, and Alhamdullilah it seems like the kitties are responding well to Alia's brand of TLC. Well... at least two of them are. The third one is looking a little bit sicker and frailer than the other two. But no bad thoughts! Must stay positive :)

Hopefully, Insya Allah, we will get to nurse them to health. And keep them, love them, play with them.


Monday, November 16, 2009

celebrate good times, come on!

Hello all~

I had quite an eventful weekend. The family celebrated Kak Hani's belated birthday with dinner on Saturday at Madam Kwan's. It was a great night because of my awesome family... but the food was a letdown. It wasn't that bad, it's just... average.

On Sunday afternoon we went to Dina's kindergarten's year-end party/concert. She was absolutely adorable! She is also the top of her class among five-year olds, so we we're beaming! Like seriously beaming! Its amazing how the kindergarten teachers get the kids to behave during the concert... But of course, all hell broke loose when the concert ended and the buffet began.

And later that night a birthday dinner for my babe's brother, Fen (who shares Hani's birthdate!). Dinner was held at The Ship... Awesome sirloin steak! I was too full for dessert, but still managed to finish up Alia's vanilla ice-cream haha.

I thought it was a great weekend of celebration. The celebration of life, its progresses, and how we grow older (but not necessarily wiser!).

Talking about birthdays; Insya Allah if all goes well, today will mark the arrival of a very adorable and loved baby boy into the world! Congratulations in advance to Bad and Ikin! I pray for a safe labor and delivery for both mama and baby, Amin! Can't wait to see the three of you soon :)

And a moment of reflection:
Kak Hani said something to me and Kak Azfa in the car on our way back home from Dina's concert; that birthdays should be celebrated by celebrating the mothers that gave birth to us. I was struck by how obvious and simple that notion is, but somehow most of us -including me - fail to notice that. We shouldn't be asking our moms for birthday presents; we should be giving them flowers, chocolates, that bottle of perfume she's been eyeing, etc. Or visit her grave if she has passed on.

I'm not saying that we should do without partying for our birthdays from this moment onwards, but that we should include our mothers, one way or another, in it.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

time for change.

GAAAHH! My blog layout is all crazy!

Will get it fixed by the end of day, insya Allah. In the meantime, sorry for the tomatoes!


Oh yeay! Blog layout is fixed! Thank you Ikinnnnnnnn~ *muahsandhuggles*

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