Monday, February 28, 2005

procrastinator at work.

my mid-term exam started today, and my first paper was Interpersonal Communication which ended 2 1/2 hours ago. it went better than i thought it would, and i wish i could say the same about my Philosophy paper on wednesday. i'm so worried! and yet i'm not doing anything about it! arghkt! haha. no one else to blame but me la kan?

i probably won't be getting my Disco Boogie, after all. i don't feel like explaining now, coz there is still a chance of me getting it... so i'll let you guys know when everything is confirmed. let's just wait and see whether i smile, or cry... okay?

it's getting late... i should head home now. more news later, Insya Allah.


Sunday, February 27, 2005

oh, crab!

here's something for you guys to ponder on...

what makes a person 'mulia'? does praying 5 times a day without fail and read the Quran every night makes a person noble? what if the same person lies, and bitch about other people? is she/he still mulia? in my opinion, that's being religious. but even religions - not just Islam - state that it's sinful to lie and talk behind people's back.

share your thoughts.

on a happier note, kusa and i came back from asia cafe in subang an hour ago. i FINALLY got my crabs! asia cafe is subang's equivalent to hartamas square... but to find a parking spot is like looking for a 5 sen coin in a big bag full of nuts and bolts! murder! but kusa and i both enjoyed our meal, and are planning to go back... but not in the near future. we, especially kusa, need to find our will and patience again. haha.

i need to get some shut-eye... so freaking sleepy! but first i need to wake kusa up... Man U is playing tonight. but he's sleeping like a baby, i hate to interrupt! ~sigh~

later, world~

Friday, February 25, 2005

let's boogie all weekend!

yeay! my babe kusa is getting me a blythe for my birthday present, and ikin has placed the order on the net for me! which blythe, you ask? the Disco Boogie! i'm ecstatic! i'm getting a new girl, and it's a Disco Boogie! i've been wanting it since FOREVER, but the price in KL is murder, mainly because Disco Boogie 1st came out in 2002, so now it's limited in the market! ikin has managed to place the order and all i have to pay is the normal price blythe lovers pay for a normal, least expensive one! i'm so happy! happy happy happy! BLISS!

now... for the question that we always ask when a new girl comes: what should i name her?

hehehe. i wanna go somewhere, and give little jumps of joy for a while. later~

Thursday, February 24, 2005

a cheerios moment

i am typing here with no expectation that my entry today will be published, as there is an ongoing love-hate thing going on with the connection in my college's lab. i will however, type at my heart's content, with a little hope it'll make it, and curse like i've never cursed before if it were to fail to make it into my blog. as i do with most things in life. yeay for mira.

mid term is in 4 days time, and i am especially unprepared for my philosophy paper. i was asked by my sister, what do you study in philosophy? and i said, i don't know... the textbook? plato's cave? the theories of materalist, existantialist, the traditional views, etc? so many things to remember! the thing is, subjects that requires critical thinking scares me because there's a thin line between being on the right track and totally out of topic. ~sigh~ i die.

do check out the adspring05 link if you guys have the time. it's basically a blog of my college's advertising class charity project, so if you have the will and means to donate, please do so. :)

ikin, i read your blog. and i laughed. so bengot of you to not notice your license has been a year overdue! only you can do that! :P

i have a sudden craving for teh ais. hmm.

later, world~

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


yeaaayyyy! i now have a shoutbox! and links too! mucho lurvveee ikin-chan! you r0x0r! haha.

i don't actually have much to say... but since i haven't been updating for quite sometime now, i'll just type as what comes to mind k? bear with me, people :P

kusa came back from bali. yeay! he got me some real nice stuff too. tak sangka die pandai pilih kain. haha. songket some more. haha lagi.

ala sangap plak. i'll post more later. cheerio~

Saturday, February 12, 2005

what the hell?

that was all i had to say when i read a certain someone's post in a certain somewhere. the reason why i'm being secretive about who and where is because i don't want him/her knocking on my door, or my face, to be honest. but the person wrote [or pasted, i'm not sure] an essay on sex education... and i don't understand people who agrees on that view. clearly (s)he was lost on what sex education really is... (s)he thought sex education is teaching people the acts of sex! literally! like, what goes where... that kind of stuff. so (s)he was going on and on about how it's something that people don't need to learn, and that even without sex ed, there's still bohjan and bohsia and prostitution... and if sex ed comes into the picture, the bad western ideas will certainly take over! i wanted to laugh, but i didn't. i'm having this terrible sore throat... the essay just wasn't worth the pain. but the thing that got me the most was the fact that (s)he was using a certain club's name as a handle. but at the same time (s)he was preaching. and (s)he got his facts wrong. sex education is about educating people about sex; it's risks, the steps you should take to prevent any accidents from happening, about reproduction... not literally teach people about the functions of your... uhh... member! aiyoh. heart attack la like this.

just to make things clear, i don't usually do this. when people say something somewhere, i don't go to my own blog or whatever space and diss the other party. i got that once from someone who couldn't understand why i have to write down my favorite books' names on my old blog [yeah i know... silly, ain't it?]... but this. my thoughts probably costs a lot less then 20 cents, but at least they're not misleading.

okay. gonna go get myself some zzz's. valentine's day is in 2 days time, by the way... but my man will be celebrating with his officemates at the beaches in bali. jealousy reigns supreme in mira. until he comes back. on the 20th. ~sigh~ 2 years of long distance mira... and you can't handle 8 days? sheesh. well to be honest, it's not the fact that he'd be away that kills me... it's just that... well, to put it simply... I WANNA GO TOO! :( bali la wei... mesti layan giler.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

i have 10 minutes to kill before my time is up here in the cc. i'm feeling really sick right now... when i'm sick, i'm also low... so i'm not in my best mood. really wanted to go see my bebeh, but then tak larat, what to do?

i have a resolution: to actively start blogging again. miahahaha. i said that many, many times before. this time i might just mean it. we'll see.

i wanna be well!