Wednesday, April 27, 2005

sticky side up!

my cuti officially starts today... yeay! i submitted my assignment, and so now... i am bored. 3 more weeks to go, and i have NO IDEA what to do! forget about getting a part time job... who would want to hire me for 3 weeks only?! working longer than that is, i believe, out of the question. i have yet to test my ability to 'multi-task': work and study at the same time. i know my mom won't let me because she believes that i would eventually fail either at college or at work. well then... i guess it's back to the old way of getting extra money... just plain save it. haiya. so what now? penang for cuti, maybe? hmmz.

i'm at the college by the way... just got back from meeting suffian, and we had a good conversation-smoke(suff)-makan(me!)-minum session at the new syed bistro at south city plaza. the food and drinks were fine... except for my limau ais... it tasted like it was made from cordial, but they placed in a few biji limau for show. gile la. haha.

life... sdn. bhd 3 was superb at the very least. it's been so long since i last watched a play, and my rindu kinda got 'terubat' with the presence of patrick teoh, susan lankaster, ari ratos, samantha schubert, nell ng, gavin yap, etc, etc. on the stage. the stories they tell happens everyday, especially the one by sobri anuar... so typically melayu, and refreshing at the same time. and he was so selamba during the whole time, i felt like giving him a hug! my babe kusa who lost his theatre-virginity on sunday was equally impressed, so i think it wouldn't be so hard to ask him out on a 'play-date' after this... :)

who goes to cozy corner in ampang park, or used to? go now la... they have new menus and stuff... even escargot! which they insist on pronouncing as escargoT... no silent T! kinda annoying, but sedap. talking about food... i'm going to pizza uno later... yeay for yummy bread pudding and caesar salad! and yeay for my sayang who's going to pick me up later! weehuu~

okay lah. wanna go down to the bursary, then head home. relax a while, get ready, and go out. so guys, if you are free, gimme a buzz. especially to the freaks, and mizz ikin. and sesape la. huhaa~ later people... ciao!

Friday, April 22, 2005

waiting for the rain to stop...

i was actually at a different cybercafe and i logged out after 2 hours. only then i realized that it's raining SO heavily, that walking home isn't such a great idea. so now i am at another cc, and i am online again, and since now i don't really have anything to do, i decided to blog.

my final exam for the semester was over on monday, and now i have approximately 5 weeks to bore myself and do nothing. but not exactly yet, as i still have one assignment to pass up. it's good kot in a way... i have something to do until wednesday. the due date for the paper is on friday, but i wanna hand it in earlier. after that? i'm still considering about the part time working thing. if any of you guys know of anyone or any place that could use some help, notify me, eh? the pay doesn't have to be high as long as it's appropirate for the job i'd be doing. nyeh.

i'm off to see life... sdn bhd on sunday [damn... i've been telling EVERYONE about that!] and i hope to have a fruitful and enjoyable weekend. work to be done, theatre to go to... i hope you guys will have the same fun weekend. later all... ciao~!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

i'm too tired to think of a title.

ah. finally... an update. i'll try to make this a long one, to compensate the weeks i have spent in silence to all of you, my poor, waiting readers. or does this entry equals to suffering on your part, because you were actually hoping that you don't have to read my crap anymore? pity you then, coz i ain't stopping! huha.

the cancer fundraising event went on pretty well... not the best event in the world, but i think we did okay. everyone was having fun despite all the stress, and getting to the big day was a hella bumpy ride. for the pre-event a few days before saturday, i had a group of people working with me handling a handprinting project, and we also had henna tattoo drawing, which quite obviously was a big hit. everyone couldn't get enough of my 'artist', and she was really good, actually. thanks to all of you guys who worked so freaking hard to ensure the success of the event. it may not be up to expectations, but it was still awesome.

so what else has been happening? my babe Kusa is still busy with work, as always. I retrieved my tickets for the third installment of life... sdn. bhd. earlier on today with ikin's help. Kusa got 2 passes for "White Noise", and i'm really considering whether to go or not as even the lousiest horror ride at disneyland in paris freaked me out a little. yes, i'm sad. and if there were only one time where i would be jealous of the nature of my sayang's job, it would be yesterday. i do not wish to elaborate. sigh~

my mom's birthday is tomorrow, and i am freaking broke. i wanted to buy my mom a set of crabtree & evelyn's body lotion and shower gel since i have a buy one get one free voucher, but i seriously can't afford anything at the moment. to my mother, Puan Normah Abdullah, Happy Birthday! love you to little tiny bits and pieces! sigh~ i need to get a part time job.

oh, by the way, my final exams start this saturday with 1 paper, and ends on monday with 2 papers. and then i would be on my way to a month of complete boredom, if i do not have anything to do during my holiday. hmmz.

this is all for now. i'm so sleepy... and i have to get up early tomorrow. till later, world... ciao~