Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy 2006 :)

we're actually coming to the end of 2005, and also towards the end of Fareen's birthday / new year's eve celebration barbeque party. it's just a small gathering of friends basically... just me, Fareen [who prepared a WICKED salad], Ikin [who prepared a WICKED chocolate cake; recipe courtesy of Jamie Oliver and Astro's Channel 11], Kusa [who provided the place, grilled the food and is, of course, my baby], his brothers [who are great helpers!], his sister [who is currently in her room], Chik's girlfriend, and Uncle and Auntie, the latter came down occasionally to help out and eat. oh, she was a great help at setting up the grill. and the firestarter and wax that my dad provided proved to be extremely useful.

10 minutes to the countdown. i'd better be going to the living room, and be with them all. :) gonna go watch the fireworks in a while, too. :)

Happy New Year, all. Hope that your celebration is as good and memorable as mine.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

beauty killed the beast?...

... or did Carl Denham? am now at Kusa's place after watching King Kong at GSC, Midvalley.

can't believe i cried watching a movie about a huge ape. it was no normal sobs too... tears were literally streaming down my face... loads of them! haih~

it was a good movie. go watch it la people... seriously worth your money.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

attention seeking bitch at work

it's nice to finally be able to sit down and give my blog a much needed update. though i hope i'm not as tired... haih~

got back from Ciman's and Shanaz's wedding at the former's house about an hour ago. all of Kusa's friends gathered at megat's place before convoy-ing [?] together to Padang Jawa, and there were 7 cars alltogether. the weather was hot and humid, and at one point i actually borrowed the pengantin's fan from Ciman's brother Shahnon, who was also the best man. because the house is literally next to a kebun, which i assumed is theirs, the ground where they placed the tents for the kenduri were muddy as heck, but thank God i had my wedges on instead of high heels like most girls there. but still, my wedges are now pretty dirty, and i hope i can easily remove the stains without ruining one of my fave shoes. but despite all that, Shanaz looked so beautiful, and Ciman, as usual, was sweaty. but in a good way. and i found out when we were still at Megat's that it was a double wedding with Ciman's sister and her husband... so congratulations Ciman and Shanaz! and of course, Ciman's sis and hubby!

Fareen, Ikin and myself have been having loads of girly sessions since the last couple of weeks, and this week for instance, we see each other everyday from monday till thursday. the last one we had on thursday was one of the ultimate type of girly sessions... i mean, 3 girls watching 4 episodes of The L Word back-to-back... the only thing that could beat that is if the 3 girls actually engage in full-blown lesbian acts while watching the show. which we didn't. sorry to disappoint your imagination, Saddique. i have to agree with Fareen, though... Shane is hot. in a manly way. how to explain? go watch it; it'll be a lot easier.

but anyways, the sessions were, and probably will always be great. i don't have many friends, but girls like them last forever. it's the kind of friendship that i won't let anyone or anything come in between. the kind where we support each other... and at the same time, where we be blunt and if necessary, harass and tease each other to death. people see me and describe me in so many different, and sometimes, totally untrue ways... but who cares about what others are thinking when your friends know you better, kan?

i wish i have the energy to make this post longer... for the first time, i actually have a lot of things to say... but i'm so tired, and i really wanna go out with my boo later, so i better get some rest. so later people... ciao~

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

cinema verite

my exam started today, after a weekend of uncertainty of whether i would be able to sit for it. you see, the powers that be at IGS decided, at the last minute, to bar those who did not pay the tuition fees for the semester. actually, it sounds quite fair, if they were to impose it at the beginning of the semester, or at the mid term exam, in fact. but nothing about barring students until early last week, so of course, i was pissed, and worried at the same time.

according to the grapevine, if students couldn't pay RM5,000 by the time exam week commences, they will need to pay it before the 12th, in time to take the make up exam. either way, it's still a major setback to me... i couldn't afford RM5,000 until at least... oh, i don't know... the end of next year? and there's rumor about them reducing the payment to RM1,000... but we still couldn't find that much money under a week. so my dad came to the college today, 30 minutes before my first paper, and told a staff at the bursary department that he could only pay a few hundred by the middle of the month, and he explained that we're under a really tight situation.

so the bursary took our case into consideration, and i get to sit for my exam in time. and my first paper ended just 15 minutes ago.

[the thing is, they can actually take all the cases into consideration, coz really now, 5k within a week? are you fucking nuts!?!]

the verdict? i wish i could've sit for the 12th december make up paper.

haih. ciao people. and remember, when studying for your exam, don't always rely on the simplified notes your lecturer warned you not to rely on. i should know.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


...HAHAHA. i finished all three assignments that i need to submit this week within 18 hours since my sappy post. i didn't even have to cram and completely stress myself to get them done. but then again, i haven't printed them out yet, and the due date for 2 of the assignments are tomorrow... i mean, today... and anything can happen till morning comes. *touch wood*

hopefully i can now concentrate on studying for my exam and doing the movie review.

Alhamdulillah :)