Tuesday, February 28, 2006

mixed emotions

kitties are gone. their mother took them away, probably hiding them from us. or maybe she's just jealous coz we took them out of the box and play with them, and we didn't play with her as much. blergh. kusa was totally bummed about it, as was i. we're still are. :(

a good brisk walk yesterday, with Zura and Animz. and a great sauna with Ikin. had supper with Ikin, Fareen, and my Boo the Super Bengot.

Fareen is giving me a surprise later this evening. an outing somewhere, probably. Ikin knows what it is, and where. i was assured that i would enjoy it, whatever it is. so... yeay~

i'm hungry.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

tapai ala mode

my family and i [minus Kak Syisya, Abang Zul and Haziq] went to Kak Wadie's wedding last night. Kak Wadie is sort of like my parent's anak angkat... pretty much what Ikin and occasionally Fareen is to the family too. she was Kak Azfa's coursemate during their UPM days... she would come around ever so often, especially when she had no money to buy lunch... haha. when we heard that she was tying the knot, there was no hesitation... EVERYONE must go! Kak Syisya and Abang Zul, of course, couldn't make it, as Haziq was just released from the hospital. He had his tonsils removed. it was a minor operation, but Haziq is only 6, so it's kinda major to all of us.

anyways, the wedding was simple, and yet gorgeous. it was grand, but not royalty-grand... i'm pretty sure they spent a lot to be able to make a ceremony like that a success, but i don't think they splurged. i heard through the grapevine [and by grapevine, i mean Kak Azfa], that the beautiful dress she wore costs her RM13,000. probably untrue, coz yes the dress is beautiful, and so was the wearer, and probably worth every sen, but 13k? hmm.

so anyways, Kusa picked me up and we went to his place after that. while inside the house, we heard incessant purring, so we went out to find where it was coming from. and there we saw them, two little kittens, inside the drain with their mother watching from above. my Boo decided not to do anything about it as we didn't want to upset their mother, but a few hours later, rain was pouring out so badly, and the purring grew and grew. my sayang, the kittens rescuer went out, took the kittens out from the drain, and placed them and their mother inside a box.

they're still outside, and the kittens are SO adorable! we have yet to come up with a name for them, and we're still unsure whether the mother would be taking them away soon, but i hope they'll stay. :)

oh well. i'm off now. am going out again later, despite my assignments. sigh. cheerio~

and by the way, tapai when eaten with vanilla ice-cream, is surprisingly delish.


Monday, February 20, 2006


do you have a friend who you owe RM50 to, and when you explained that you couldn't pay her back for at least another month, she said "fuck off lah"? or when you say thank you to her as she is paying for your drink, you get the answer "whateverrrr~"? i mean... "fuck off lah"? what kind of answer is that?

i do. i'd like to mention her name, but i don't want people to go borrow money from her and not pay her, thinking "oh mira didn't have to pay so why should i?" ok that's stupid, but you know who you are, and i'd like to say that you are one crazy biatch. but your answers sure beats the formality of "oh nevermind, i know how tight you are with money these days" or "ala don't mention it". instead of 5 seconds of awkwardness, with you last night, i had 30 seconds of "huh? what the hell?" twice.

told ya i'd put this up on my blog :P

went out with Zura and Animz for our first weekly jogging session. OH. MY. GOD. it was the best brisk walk i've had in recent years, and definitely the most tiring, coz, well... the last time i did any form of proper exercise was back in my UiTM days. and even back then, i did not spend an hour and 20 minutes at one go. tapi best. look forward to our next session... but i'm SO glad it's a week away!

oh well. i'm gonna go freshen up now. will probably go out for dinner later. jogging la konon. gaya hidup sihat la sangat. pastu kuar gi dinner... the hell? haha.

ciao all~

Saturday, February 18, 2006

coolness gayness.

hey all. things has been slow for the past two weeks, especially last week. i had another fever-flu-sore throat-cough episode, which ended by last friday, Alhamdulillah. when i first had my sore throat, i actually though to myself "oh no, not again!" honestly, i did. turns out that this time, it'll be much worse. worse than any of the recent flu i ever had. my sore throat lasted for three days, which resulted in my lost of appetite, and hence, my lost of weight. which is good considering that i really need to lose my post-bali weight, but bad coz i was hungry for days, but i can hardly swallow. ugh. and then, on friday i had an eye infection, which according to the doctor, is related to my flu and fever, and whatever allergy i am having. so it was one bad thing after another, for one whole week.

so now i'm trying to condition myself to find out what exactly i am allergic to. my babe is trying not to smoke around me as much, and i will try to remember what i eat every time, so the next time i get sick i get to single out one food item as the probable culprit. but then again, it could be anything. sigh.

but the next week, which was this week, started well. i had no class on monday, and Zura was bored after a bad experience at the customs sale in putrajaya, so we (plus Noran) went out to Sunway Pyramid in search of a black bag for Zura. she needed a bag big enough for her organizer and files, which isn't really much of a problem, but as it turns out, it is quite a task. Azzura and i went out again on thursday, this time with Animz to Midvalley, continuing our Quest for the Black Bag, and this time we had loads of options, but none of it are black. there were this really cool bags in red and brown we found at Dorothy Perkins, and one in coffee brown at the House of Leather... or something. i tried my best as a good friend to keep her grounded, reminding her ever so often that it's black she's looking for, but i am thankful i am not her. coz that red bag in DP is freaking cun. so is the brown one in House of Leather. hehe. and again, we left midvalley without accomplishing our Quest, but i did buy three pairs of really cun earrings for RM10.

Valentine's also came and went without much hoopla. went out for dinner with my boo Kusa and Ikin, and after that we went to Kusa's place to watch Crash. i'm telling you guys now, GO WATCH CRASH. it's one of the best movies i've seen in recent.. uhh.. months. and since we didn't really celebrate it, and Kusa thought Valentine's Day is stupid, he came up with the solution that we should have our own Day of Love on the 27th of April. why April? and why 27th? no one really knew. not even my babe. but one thing is for sure... i'm gonna hold you on that sayang. 27th April, okay? hehehe. muahs yayank~

and now i am at my baby's place. was watching him watch the game between Manchester United and Liverpool while eating pizza, but then i got bored, so i came online. so here's hoping that next week would start productively, with a jogging date with Azzura, Animz, and possibly Noran. and whoever else wants to join. hope that somehow we could make it into a weekly affair.

hope that the rest of your weekend would be a fun-filled affair. cheerio!

Saturday, February 11, 2006


well, i just realized today that Kusa and i took lousy pictures during our Jakarta-Bali trip. there's great pictures of us though, but not much on the scenery, the beach, etc. the more reason to go back to Bali, i guess. :P

so please check it out here. more will be added soon, depending on how long it'll take for Alia to transfer her pictures.

much love, and ciao~

Friday, February 03, 2006


i'm baaaaaaaaccckkk~

i just got back from Jakarta last night. the whole trip had been awesome. Bali was awesome. i can't stop having this awesome feeling inside me. as i told Ikin last night during our YM bitching session, it's probably because i've been wanting to go to Bali and i just can't get over the fact that i finally did, but i believe it's the whole experience. when Kusa told me about his trip last year [which incidentally was also around the Lunar Year as it was this year... i hope it's a yearly ritual so i can go again next year!], he didn't say it was going to be like this! there's soooo many faces of Bali... the surfers' paradise in Kuta, the market-style souvenir shops in Seminyak and Kuta, the arts centre in Ubud, the volcano in Kintamani... I HAVE TO GO AGAIN! 3 days was not enough!

it was the best birthday gift and celebration i've had so far, that's for sure. :) all thanks to the ever-so-generous Auntie and Uncle.

but then again, i threw up the night of my birthday. there we were, in this fine dining restaurant, and i started feeling queazy and a little dizzy. at first i thought because of my hunger... i haven't ate anything proper, tho i ate a bunch of stuff during the afternoon. as it turns out, my first day of eating balinese dishes plus the breakfast we had in jakarta caught my tummy by surprise, and so the puke. i didn't get to enjoy my lobster that night, though i did take a few spoonful of the sinfully delicious chocolate mud cake thingy...

but the next day i ate 4 meals including 2 rice dishes for brunch and dinner like there's no tomorrow. yup, my diet took a holiday. but there is not even a single regret in me. yes, i think i gained all the weight i lost last year, but if i were to repeat going to Bali for the first time again, i probably will do the same. what's a few more months of dieting in comparison to a great birthday gift to Bali? Ikin would beg to differ, and so would many other people, but i don't care! muahahahah~

heh. :D

but it rained a bit in Bali. and the timing was almost too perfect. we were going up the mountains to see the volcano, and 5 minutes before we were about to see anything, it got foggy and rain drizzled down. in the end, when we got up, what we could see was really thick clouds, and no volcano.

oh well. enough about Bali. it was awesome but there's no place like home! i've yet to go back home as we were to tired to travel anymore last night. will probably go out later anyways, so maybe i'll be home by tonight. can't wait to see Irdina! and i miss the freaks! well, i don't get to see them as much as i would love to in any case, but at least when i'm in KL in nearer to them gurls. and Fareen and Ikin of course. and somehow, even college.

oh fuck i have an assignment due on Thursday.

so later all, and thanks for reading my blog. i'll be putting up pictures soon and i'll let you know when i do. have a great weekend!