Friday, November 30, 2007

spending my lunch hour blogging away

Hello all~

In case you people wonder, work has been great. But as much as I enjoy doing my job, I really don't feel like typing details of what I've been doing, and what I'll be up to. Not now anyways hehe.

I observed something interesting about Malaysians yesterday on my way to work. I had the notion that Putra LRT users are much more civilized than KTM Komuter's when it comes to getting on the train in a proper and orderly manner even during rush hours, due to the fact that there's always a few pakciks making sure that everyone stands in line. Komuter, on the other hand, gets passengers that would push people around and probably go, "Line up? What's that?" should any poor soul ask about queuing. Well, that may sound a little prejudicial, but I'm merely saying things based on what I've seen, and I have nothing against any Komuter or LRT users. And I guess, we learn by watching others behave, so if there's no one to make sure we stand in line, then we won't.

So anyways, I was at the LRT station in KL Sentral thinking, "This is cool. There's a lot of people, but no one's pushing." Trains were so full, that three passed me by before I could get to be among the first in line, and wait for my turn. Then immediately after the third, an empty train came, I assume to specifically pick people up from KL Sentral. And literally, all hell broke lose and lines were no longer visible! The train didn't even completely stop yet! Seriously. It's like, the sight of an empty train brought these people closer to the edge of the terminal like moths to flames!

And so I came to a conclusion: Malaysians are Malaysians. No matter from which part of the country you are, common courtesy only works if you get something in return, or there's no one to stop you from being assholes.

And maybe, that includes me.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

cinematic razor sharp

I am now at my Sayang's shop, wasting my time, and his electricity. haha. The shop is closing in about 20 minutes, then they'll do their closing, and after that we're off to have supper. My poor Baby is tired of eating sandwich everyday. It's free (well sorta) and although people - especially me - have said that they wouldn't mind eating something everyday without having to pay, but after a month one gets bored. Believe me, you'll get bored.

This week has been good to me, with two great news. (1) Insya Allah I'll be graduating next month after four years of studying. I'm not entitled for any class honours, as I've said in a previous post, because I am in the final semester and they are not able to calculate the final semester's grade into the CGPA as my final exam will only end a few days before the ceremony. So basically, I'm in it solely for the formality. I can choose not to participate, but come on, how often would I be getting this chance? But of course, it all depends if I can come up with the money by the 20th. Wish me luck.

And (2), I'll be starting my internship next week. Remember a few post ago, where I mentioned something about an interview the next day? Well scrap that. That interview sucked. You can't blame the interviewer [who's also the managing Director of the company] for wanting someone who knows a lot about PR and the business, because it is a tough TOUGH business to go into. But then again, a part of me felt sad for not being given the opportunity. I was applying for an internship, obviously because I want to learn. There's a few other things also that I find a bit sucky about the whole thing, but oh well, bygones. So a friend from another company YM-ed me, and asked me if I'dbe interested to work in her workplace. Went for an interview, and a few days later they called and I got the job.

It's a small company, and I'm not sure what exactly I'll be learning as they expect me to do a few things and not just one. And that's an advantage; I'd be able to learn not just one thing and thus I'd be able to choose what I want to do later as a career. So yeah, it's cool :)

I'm off. Gotta talk crap with my girlfriend for a while before we head home.

And if you're as blur as a stone, my girlfriend is Ikin.