Tuesday, February 26, 2008

tagged by ikin. fun.

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I love spicy food, but I can't really stand the heat.
I always ask for extra chili, and you can bet that I love any Malay dish with the word sambal in it. When eating out at TGIF or Uno or anything similar, Tabasco sauce is a must. So is a glass of plain water. Well, a jugful is more like it.

I also love the taste of petai, but I hate eating it on its own!
I like it as it adds additional taste. It's not like I hate petai because of the smell my body would emit [and we all know how gross that can be], but I just hate the taste of the veggie.

My Sayang and I have NO IDEA the exact date we got together.
Seriously. We know that it's sometime at the end of May, or early June 2001, but we just can't pinpoint the exact date. So we did the next best thing: celebrate on the 31st of May.

I can't stand the taste of chocolate combined with lemon or lime, though separately, I can't live without them.
Hmm. Another one on food. I wonder what that says?

I fidget. A lot.
Nothing new here.

I haven't bought my own phone since the Nokia 3310 model back in 2002.
Thanks to My Baby's hand-me-downs whee~

I am accident-prone.
Occasionally, I get bumps and bruises that I just can't remember where they come from.

The seven people I'm tagging are:
(Noran, Adik, Along, buat kat supcendawan k? hehe)

That's all. I kind of had to really think about them, so that sucked. haha.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Ikin, you spoke too soon about the whole positive blessed thing. It's not your fault, it's not mine. It's hers... she's the one who got me into this mess from the very beginning, and she can't be found.

I do hope I'm wrong. For my sake, for everyone's involved sake, and especially for her sake. Coz if it's true, if indeed she did what I heard she did, oh she is going to get a piece of my mind.

I thought she would be able to help me out... We know each other's situation. I don't fucking care about why she's doing this. All the thoughts that went on my mind earlier on, about how could someone I consider a friend do this to me and leave me with not even a clue of what I'm supposed to be doing. Seriously, I realize now that it's not worth my time. But damn it, have the decency to be honorable about it. So she has problems, and yeah she should be thinking of herself first before anyone else's well-being. I'm with her in that. But leaving things behind unannounced and not picking up phone calls... that's fucking low.

Like I said, I could be wrong and I PRAY that I am wrong.

But until she apologizes to me, nothing is stopping me from being pissed about it.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


So I was doing the questionnaire that Ikin tagged me to do, and then I got to question number 20, and it said "Do you make up your own word?" My answer of course was YES... and then I thought, hey... this is WAY too familiar. Checked my blog for a little bit under the tag 'random stuff', and sure enough I answered the same questionnaire on December 24th last year. haha.

So if you're curious, read it here.

On another note, things are happening that made me question a lot of things, and though I have made my decision of what my next course of action will be, the necessary measures to implement it has yet to be taken. But I'm getting there. Thanks to my Babe, Ikin, Lyana, Azzura, Animz, and a few other people for lending me an ear, a shoulder, and a little spot in your heart for me. I feel so blessed.

I am so blessed.

Okay I should be writing a longer post, I know. And I will! hehe :D

Friday, February 08, 2008

thank yous

To Noran, Azzura, Animz and Along:
I know I've mentioned this in my previous post, but thank you so very much for a wonderful pre-birthday lunch. Thanks for being there for me... and the presents too! You guys are my rock!
And I am really really grateful that you guys are willing to sacrifice some time in helping me out with my wedding. Anim, I know my preparation freaks you out a little bit, but you know that I - well, we actually - are more than happy to help you with yours.

To my sisters and Baba [although you guys won't be reading this probably]:
I'm not much of a Victoria's Station fan, but that you for a great dinner! The cake filled me up so bad, but who cares?! haha. Thanks Kak Hani for those lovely shoes. The thought that in 5 months I will no longer be staying at our home, actually makes me sad... though I know that you guys are rejoicing that I won't be asking for money anymore! And the length you guys would go for July... well that goes without saying...

To Lyana, Michael, Johan, Ko Ko and Chan:
hahahaha honestly, I saw the surprise coming from MILES away! I wasn't sure of course, so it wasn't a complete failure. I didn't know that caramel cheesecake tastes so good! And thanks for the perfume Lyana... the reason why it reminds me of you is not only because you bought it for me, but because the smell is so you!

To Ikin, Adik, Nana, Arnie, Alia:
Your birthday wishes means so much to me, even though you guys couldn't be there with me. I do wish that you guys were though... *sad face* hehe.

Last, but of course, never ever the least... My Sayang:
Dinner at PJ Hilton was great, the books are a great addition to my little library. I don't know how to say this without being all mushed yup, but here goes: I love you lah. You're so annoying it's endearing, and I don't know anyone else who can love another person by being jahat. Not jahat in its truest sense of course, but... oh well you know what I mean.


haih. I heard a saying once, that true friends not are not the ones who stay with you during your tough times, but those who would also share your good times with you. I can't be sure where I read it, or who wrote it... and I definitely can't that the saying is valid haha. But think about it: If your friends doesn't even share your happiness, what's the guarantee that they would stick with you when you're down and under?