Tuesday, December 21, 2010

So very nervous about tomorrow's interview. I'm telling myself not to be, because some things that makes me nervous in the first place (such as the lack of experience) is beyond my control, but that kinda made the whole thing worse.

This is my third interview since I first job-hunted, though the first one doesn't count coz it was with a headhunter firm looking for customer service reps for their clients which I declined. Midnight shifts are not very appealing. But anyways, I don't know what to expect for tomorrow's interview. I'm just hoping to be able to keep my act together and not make any major screw-ups or slip-ups *fingers crossed*.

Truth be told, getting the job and acing the interview is a long shot, and believe me I'm not exaggerating. I just hope to be able to make an impression deep enough to at least have them consider me to be part of their team.