Friday, April 27, 2007

beautiful disaster

Noran is in Bali right now for a company trip. You may not see it, and you can't smell it... but I reek with jealousy. It's been a whole year and 2 months since my trip there with Kusa and his family. I SO WANNA GO AGAIN!

Anyhoot. Assignments are ALL DONE! It feels like a HUGE burden has been lifted off my back when I emailed my lecturer that Bio assignment on this morning. But of course, with three exams next week, especially that back-to-back papers on Thursday, it's hardly time for any celebration.

I should start studying now. But hey, Mira is not Mira when there's no procrastination involved.

But of course that's stupid. I should hate procrastination. Procrastination is eevviiilllll. And to be honest, I don't think I did a lot of procrastinating this semester. Hmm. yeay for me!


Saturday, April 21, 2007

all i really want

I've been crazy busy these couple of weeks. Assignments, quizzes, presentations... But all is fine now.

It's funny how I always say that I have loads of things to do towards the end of a semester, and yet I rarely find myself staying up till the wee hours in the morning finishing up something, and I actually have some free time to, say, listen to my brand new mp3 player, courtesy of Ikin. She bought me this during her trip to Tokyo a couple of months back, and dang it, I LOVE IT. This is my golden, Gorgeous beat. I wubb u, Ikin!

And of course, to listen to a cool gadget like that, one needs a cool pair of headphones to go with it. And naturally, the color has to match. Clicky to see my clips, all thanks to Bad!

Don't get me wrong, college is still kinda hectic. I probably would be doing all those sleepless nights stuff if not for the extension my Biology lecturer gave us for our final assignment. And there's also the final quiz for Sales Management this Thursday, Human Resource Management final exam on the next Monday, and Statistics and Biology finals on the following Thursday. And those two papers are back-to-back. I tell ya, that sucks BIG TIME.

And after that? Two weeks of Kusa-less days and nights.

My Sayang will be leaving for Brisbane on the first of May [which falls on my exam week. blergh~] for his Subway training. Yup, my Baby is opening up a Subway franchise. Only after he comes back from his training will he be able to find a location, so watch this space!

What will I be up to? Cat-sitting [if it doesn't scare me hehe] and maybe an outing or ten with Lyana. And I have been neglecting my room these couple of weeks, so yeah... definitely need to do something about that.

Well. This is it, for now. Suddenly I saw the light... to begin doing my Bio assignment. It's not that hard, I suppose. But writing 3,000 words on genetically-manufactured crops is hardly my idea of fun.

Till later, all. Ciao~

Saturday, April 14, 2007

happy birthday, Ma.

If my mommy is still around, she would be turning 59 today.

I can't sleep. It's probably due to the fact that I am thinking too much about college; three assignments due by the end of next week, none is done. I'm doing badly in my Sales Management class... I don't want to elaborate now. I'm thinking about Mama too. Nothing bad, nothing sad... I just think too much when I'm supposed to be snoring and sleeping and dreaming and hugging my Sayang.

So what does a girl do? Blog about something worthless! Was tagged by Saddique [twice!], so here it is.

TAG #1: 4 Things You Won't Leave Behind

Okay, so this tag is actually kinda vague. Won't leave behind when I'm going out? Won't leave behind when I wanna go to the toilet [don't make any smartass remark, Diqque... I don't leave my toiletries in the bathroom]? Won't leave behind when I go travel? What? So I decided to answer this tag by assuming that the 4 things are the things I hold on to most dearly in my life. Well, 4 of them, at least.

+ my optimism and sense of humor [because the world is fucked up, and we all could use a little positive thinking once in a while]
+ my Sayang [well I need love!]
+ my friends and family
+ my handbag [which contains my keys, makeup pouch, wallet, handphone, organizer etc. Yes I'm a cheat.]

TAG #2: 6 Weird Things About Yourself

I pondered a while if I want to do this, so I finally decided, "Why the hell not?" Some things here I reveal for the first time, some I made up. haha no la.

+ Ikin knows this; when i eat peanuts, chips, cookies, almost anything accountable, I eat them in even numbers. I don't know why, but this started since I don't remember when. I do not wish to dwell further into this!
+ I sometimes read the ending of a book first before I decide whether to read them from the beginning or not to read at all. No, they don't provide any good clues about the story, but it's practically habit. I don't remember the last time I do that though.
+ I am lousy when it comes to playing games, whatever type it may be. That's why I always tell my Sayang to get me puzzle games on his PSP, DS Lite, etc... they're the only thing I'm good at.
+ I have 6 lesung pipit at the corners of my mouth, 3 on each side. They're not really weird, but I rarely meet people with lesung pipit right at the corner of the mouth, and even more rare is to have 6 of them! By the way, anyone knows what lesung pipit is in English? Help me out!
+ I am not an anti-social, but sometimes the best way for me to chill is to lock myself inside my room, and just hang out alone. Sometimes I read, sometimes I write, sometimes I daydream, mostly I just sleep. haha.
+ I can't take really spicy food, but I LOVE EATING THEM. Tomyam or my dad's sambal tempoyak, for example... I need gallons of water by my side whenever I eat them. I'll drink in between spoonfuls, and my nose will be all runny and red... but I just can't get enough of it.

So. There you go. I'm tagging the Freaks, and my college friends, and anyone who's reading this. Including you, Arnie. And Nana. I'd tag Ikin and my Baby too, but Saddique beat me to it.

Why am I not sleepy yet?!

Saturday, April 07, 2007


Nothing makes you smile secretly inside your heart [and head] like when the CEO of a hip and urban television station calls you "Miss Thang". haha.

Miss Padma's Effective Listening class held a seminar themed "From the Textbook to the Real World", that is conducted to help students of what to expect once we start working. I missed the first speaker, which was Dr. Steven Baptist, the hottest lecturer in the whole wide world. haha. I joke. But it really was a pity not to hear his part of the seminar on diversity in the workplace... Everyone who were there told me of how good it was.

Next was a Mr. Charles Kingsley, an Admission person from some other higer learning institution. His speech on ethical issues was presented in a manner that... well, I just couldn't wait for it to be over. Yes, it was a bore. But there were substance in his presentation though... but nothing that I couldn't find on my own.

Ahmad Izham Omar did one on moving up the ladder [corporate, of course]. His was presented in a refreshing view... I really enjoyed his. Well admittedly, he is someone I really admire, ever since the days of Positive Tone, before the buy-over by EMI. And yeah, he called me Miss Thang. I have NO idea why, and he apologized for it afterwards, to which I replied "Oh don't be, I took it as a compliment." haha ohmygod I don't know why... but when I faced him my heart was beating so fast, I SWEAR i was thisclose to becoming a starstruck fan. Of a CEO.

I'm so duh sometimes.

There were 2 other speeches that I had to forgo since I was rushing to get to my Babe's place. And now we're kinda rushing to go out with his mom, and then off to KLIA to pick up his baby sister. She's coming home from a homestay visit in Japan. I reek with envy.

Ok laters ciao hugsandkisses everyone!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

the color of the night

I woke up on Thursday morning feeling a lot like shite. Went to the 22 hours clinic near my home the night before as my flu worsened... The doctor gave me THREE different kinds of flu medications to be taken twice daily. My blood pressure was really low as apparently, I did not get enough oxygen.

So yeah... I felt like shit. I just didn't feel like going to college, and for a few moments, I couldn't care less with the fact that I have a prom to go to that night. And yes, it lasted only a few moments... because I immediately realized that I've been looking forward to the prom/dance/ball/etc since the idea was first uttered, so I thought there's no way I'm letting my flu get in the way. If it were to get worse, all I have to do is call my Sayang and ask him to pick me up. So off I went.

And true to my gut feelings, it all went well. Well... in my book, at least. I had a grand time... despite the fact that I was a last-minute replacement model for the fashion show at the beginning of the event. Pairing up with Jack definitely made things a lot easier and yeah... fun. There were also other equally whacky people on the runway... Byron, Hadi, Jon, Hani, Dahlia... and also Chemmy, though I'm not sure if she's crazy as them.

There were other performances too... But insya Allah I'll get to the details later. It's 4 a.m in the morning... I should be getting some sleep. But I managed to upload up to 50 photos from the prom... I'll upload the others soon enough. You guys can check it out here.

But one thing is for sure... at the end of the night, I felt a whole damn better than I did in the morning.

Definitely one of the best nights in my entire college life.