Sunday, December 24, 2006


Yes yes, I should be updating my blog.

I've been waiting for Azzura to email me the photos of Anim's engagement, but it's been days and no pictures of a pretty lady in blue made way into my gmail. I wanted to make this whole dramatic post about her, and the fact that she didn't tell us - let alone invite us! - to her engagement on the 10th of December. And to think that Azzura knew about it and didn't say a thing! Not even during Nurul's wedding, coz yeah... she knew since then! I felt like I was stabbed when I found out :(

Well. Not really. Dramatic ni. haha.

What happened was, me, Azzura and Noran were at Anjung, this makan place near my home to have our dinner and supper [yes, we stayed that long]. We were waiting for Animz on the false pretext that Azzura wanted to show us pictures of her duduk belakang friend at the office [long story; no time to explain]. And doing so requires a laptop coz it's in her thumbdrive, and Animz had the laptop. When Animz finally came, and sat down, and turned on her laptop, we three were made to close our eyes, and I knew immediately something was up. Or she wanted to give us presents. But it wasn't anyone's birthday. So we waited. Until she told us to open up our eyes. And we did.

Appeared on the screen was a nicely made bed, with what seemed to be satin bedsheet. Now, in the Malay culture, a picture of a nicely made bed with satin bedsheet can only mean two things: an engagement, or a wedding. And I heard Noran said "aaa awak tunang ke Anim?" I think I was in denial for a good 10 seconds, coz I thought, hey... Animz would have invited me! And Noran! The freaks!

Boy was I wrong.

And a few seconds after that, a picture of a lovely looking Animz in a pretty blue baju kurung, and bunned-up hair. And I said, with all the sarcastic energy I could gather up in 3 seconds: SOMEBODY GOT ENGAGED! Which was met with laughter from the girls, but dang it Animz! And you too, Zura!

Me and Noran was more shocked at the engagement rather than feeling angry about them not telling us, but it was fun when they both said sorry and asking us not to do the same when we get engaged, insya Allah. And yeah, I actually do understand that Anim's decision to be engaged was not planned [under 2 weeks of preparation!], and even Azzura didn't know the date of the engagement, thus she too was not there. But still... it was fun. hehe.

Congratulations, Animz dearie. After all you've been through, you deserve this.

And if anyone I am close to decides to pull this kind of stunt hoping that I won't be upset, then you got another thing coming right at ya, buddy.

Pictures will be up soonest I get them. *sneers at Zura*

More news soon. Right now, I have a boyfriend whom I could I use a little cuddle from.

Ciao, all~

Thursday, December 14, 2006

nuts over toffee

Last Monday was the 2nd annual commencement ceremony of the ADP Department of SEGi College, and it was, I think, pretty much a blast. There were of course a few things that can be worked on, but attendance was good, and we were ahead of schedule. Of course, there was this little incident where there were not enough certificates up on stage for the graduates, but Nurul handled the situation like a pro [who was a little freaked!]. And the was also the alumni members of Upper Iowa University who - I'm not exaggerating - graced the event. I hope when I graduate next year, they'd come again.

That is, if I do graduate next year. oooo pray for me!

And then there was my final exam papers on Tuesday and Wednesday. I fucked my Business Law paper, but I think I did kinda well for Writing for Media. But whatever... I'm on a month long holiday! whee~

... though I have to spend it working. Where else can I get money for the dance next year?

Better log out now. Am now using Ikin's uber-cool laptop at Starbucks, KL Central. Anna [Ikin's bro's gf] makes the best iced chocolate ever! Yummy~


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

OMG! major update ahead!

Has it really been that long since my last post?

I'm not sure if I have enough time to do a lengthy post, but here's an update nevertheless. Accompanied by a few pictures. And you all know that when it comes to me, pictures are very hard to come by. hehe.

And let's start it off with Nurul's wedding to a very lucky Fikri.

I love this picture! Taken from Azzura :)

The wedding was held at Nurul's home in Kajang on the 25th November, and of course, with a Bollywood theme. I've never been to a Malay wedding that plays solely Hindi songs before! She was gorgeous, I have to say, and I am so happy that she is happy. Her pelamin or dais was simple, but nevertheless beautiful. And i can't stress this enough... she was GORGEOUS!

2 freaksters down, 8 more to go... I wonder who's next?

The very next day was Reena's and Apip's wedding.

She was one of the girls who i used to hang out with, and one of my Backroom/Movement partners. And that's how she and Apip met, to be honest. All thanks to Yanti and her supermobile! haha. Anyways, we weren't especially close to each other... but she is one of the people who colored my life back in 2000. They hooked up just 3 months before my Babe and I, but no, that does not mean that wedding bells are ringing just yet for us. :P

Goodness... I honestly miss those days.

More pictures from the weddings can be seen here, but there's not many from Reena's.

And moving on...

On Monday, Alia suddenly had some sort of urge to bake. Yup, bake. So I came over and we made some lover-ly lemon and peach muffins, and fruit truffles.

Don't judge muffins by their... uhh... look?

Admittedly, they don't look like much. In fact, they're actually burnt. But they were delish, nevertheless. Alia wasn't too happy about it, but she munch on them like nobody's business anyways. But kudos to both of us for somewhat successfully made our first muffins EVER! yeay~

So that's all for now. Oh, and just for the heck of it, here's a couple of pictures of my little angels/devils/loves of my life.

Amir Haziq, Megat Andhar, Puteri Nur Irdina [believe it or not, she's the naughtiest of them all!]

Faidhi Ilham - bundle of joy!

And that is all... for now. :)